On the late afternoon of Christmas Day, soon after we left our paternal Lola’s house in Calumpang, Marikina City, I with my wife, Tina, our son, Gabby and my brother JC went to Eastwood Mall…

Gabby asked for a grande cup of Chocolate frappuccino and a slice of Oreo Cheesecake from Starbucks.  He finished the entire decadent while I shared the Banoffee Pie (one of my favorites!) with Tina.  I also enjoyed Dark Cherry Mocha frap and she had a hot grande cup of Toffee Nut.

Then after several weeks of caffeine indulgence, finally I got my 2010 Starbucks Coffee Planner. 😀  It’s probably one of the most expensive planners but one cannot purchase it directly; and can only be redeemed via a completed promo sticker card. 

Each Starbucks Planner Promo Card requires interested patrons to collect 8 stickers (at 1 sticker per cup of any size) of Holiday blends (Toffee Nut, Peppermint Mocha and Dark Cherry Mocha) and another 8 stickers (or cups) from the usual Starbucks beverages.

I’ve been religiously using the planners from Starbucks for 3 years now and found it so functional to jot down schedules, appointments, small notes and whatnot. I am the type of guy who needs to write down important things in order to avoid missing them.  Are we the same who need a pen and paper most of the time ?  FYI, I sometimes suffer from selective amnesia, that’s why, LOL! 😀

One of the unique features of  the 2010 edtion is its coffee bean shaped marker which I wish to keep and hope would not be lost throughout the year.

For the 2010 planner, the collector can choose from 3 cover designs  –coffee beans, coffee blender and coffee roaster which I like best. 

The planner also comes with different discount coupons with specified dates. 

Now that I’ve claimed mine, I’m just glad to have another partner (other than Tina,LOL!)  that can aid me to be more organized.

Come to think of it, I have no plans yet for January 08… Hmmm… do you have any clue what’s worth anticipating with the eighth day of the first month of the year?  Abangan! 😀

Who does not want to plan for wonderful travels and awesome dining pleasures all throughout the year?  

😀 What are your biggest plans for next year ?

😀 Can you keep schedules efficiently or do you also need someone or something to put everything properly ?

19 thoughts on “PLANS AND PLANNERS

  1. Congrats for having the planner.. planners won’t do me nay good. I am suffering from OCD kaya I never need a planner.. my mind is like a big planner.. hehe.. plano lang ng plano at organize ng organize.. but in case I miss something I put it on my draft blog.. since I am always online naman 🙂

    1. hi mommy pehpot, i bet you had a fun Christmas with your kids, especially you have your newborn Sati! Congratz for having her and here’s wishing that fun and blessings may be carried onto 2010! 😀

      1. it was fun indeed, kaya lang si Sati naging bola haha. pasa pasa ang mga kaptid ko.. first baby girl kase in the family.. my mom now has 5 boys apo and Sati is the only girl

  2. i’m missing starbucks now. wala kasi sa province nun. i also got my planner already and will be getting my 2nd one. i just need 1 more sticker to complete it. i hope to fill up all the pages of the planner para ma-sulit naman yung pag-inum ko ng kape (lol)

    hmmmm january 8?…. start ng sherlock holmes, alvin & the chipmunks.. sinulog ba yun?… i have no plans yet this 2010 though im hoping to be able to visit bohol and vigan next year.

    1. seems like a big deal to have a sbux planner eh? hehehe… ang saya kasi parang petty little something. but seriously, it’s damn good useful for me, dyanie. musta pasko?

  3. Don’t have any big plans for next year, actually, except to finish college. I’ve got to get out of there, ASAP.

    January 8? I’m also thinking of Sherlock Holmes, LOL.

    1. hey wilfred, welcome back here. all the best on your remaining days in college. just keep the faith and soon you’re done with it and im sure you’ll miss it as you join the work force, LOL. 😀

      just swing back here on january 8th to know the ‘big’ event haha 😀

  4. Buti pa dyan may libreng planner ang starbucks, sa US walang ganyan, even here in Japan. I remember 2 yrs ago when we were in the Philippines I had like 4 stickers na ng starbucks kaya binigay ko na lang sa niece ko bago kami umuwi pero di rin napuno hehehe (walang pambili, mahal daw LOL). But I collected starbucks coffe mugs from Hawaii, maybe sometime I’ll post that sa blog ko hehehe. Happy New Year Doc!

    1. hi sardz! how was your christmas there in japan? alam nyo naman dito sa pinas, hilig natin sa promo!!! go post something about sbux, sigurado ko comedy naman ito! hehe.. i’ll visit your site soon. 😀

  5. I like the bean shaped marker so much that i even thought if i can remove it from the planner. i was able to get two the coffee beans and the coffee roaster. i will most likely use the coffee roaster.

    i have a separate planner for traveling but i still plot it here.

  6. A planner is really useful especially for someone who is forgetful as I’am pero the one from Starbucks is MAHAL! Ang daming coffee. Haha! I enjoy reading your blog lalo na sa reviews mo for the different restos here in the metro. Napalakad kami ng malayo (from Quiapo to Ongpin) para lang mapuntahan ung Mr. Ube. worthit naman. Next stop is Estero. Keep it coming Doc Gelo! About sa January 8, Advance Happy Anniversary Doc Gelo and Tina! 🙂

    1. welcome here and thank you for following my humble site. i really appreciate receiving comments from readers. what I made to document my family’s little adventures turned out to be a fun-filled way to de-stress me daily. and thanks for the early greetings! tina and i were amazed you know about ‘our date’. salamat! 🙂 have a prosperous and blessed 2010, shinjuro23!

  7. every year i try to fill up those promo cards for a chance to get a planner. and every year i don’t get to fill them up. 😦 good for you for filling em up and getting the planner. 🙂

    i used to have a planner back in college and law school but i keep on losing them. so i switched to an electronic planner (Palm Pilot) but i keep on forgetting to update it. Now what I do is write my to-do list in a Post-it and stick it on our ref or microwave. like i’ll make a message ‘clean me’ in our ref or microwave to remind me to clean them. Kaya ang house naman panay post-its! LoL

    1. hey it’s just now that i’ve known you went to law school, ingrid. good for you! 😀
      post-its are great, but will pile up to our clutter so i keep a planner instead.

    1. hello march! how are you and your batch? musta na? super galing mo, you remember ‘our date’ 😀 thank you for visiting my site and may we all have more blessings this New Year! cheers, march! 😀

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