😀 How different was your Christmas dinner ?

The day before Christmas, Tina, Gabby and I went home again.  We visited my parents’ place in Pasig City.  Since we’re living in Quezon City for 3 or 4 years now, I certainly missed putting up our old Christmas tree. Its ornaments and decors, particularly the memories that come with each, are even older than our five-year-old son. 😀  Seeing it again made me miss more our late Lolo Meliton and Lola Idang, our maternal grandparents who have been happier for years now in God’s embrace. I miss them specially during occasions like this.

We also miss our mom who’s in UAE for work.  She just can’t put down her job for a ton of reasons.  My 3 brothers, our dad and I definitely felt her absence; spending our very first holiday (in my 33 years of existence) without her. 😦  We just settled with a phone call and a few webcam chats with her. 

Tina, Gabby and I also went to my maternal aunt’s house in Karangalan Village, also in Pasig which was flooded by typhoon Ondoy last September. Thankfully, they’ve fully recovered without a trace of the incident.   

Like our late Lola, our Ate Bunso (my mom’s one and only sister) would always packed her cooked yummies in microwavables for us to bring home and this year was no exception. We had her leche flan, gelatin and fruit salad as our ‘major’ loots. 😀 She also prepared Dinuguan and Menudo with pickles or what we call, Luto sa Pickles that Tina served for our dinner back home.

Unintentionally, Tina and I literally did not spend even an effort except for frying our ham for our Noche Buena this year. Since we got 2 sweet hams (1kg each of Purefoods Fiesta Ham and another kg of King Sue Ham), 2 bottles of red wine and a small quezo de bola which were all gifts to us by Tina’s employer and a Reverend-family friend, we decided to just buy 10 pieces of brick-oven-baked pandesal to celebrate our Lord’s birthday. 😀 

So while the rest of the world were eating in upscale restaurants or at home, enjoying their expensive Christmas feast, Tina, Gabby and I were all happy to have our own Noche Buena with only, believe it or not,  PhP 50-cash-out, LOL! 😀   

Tina and I sipped a little of red wine, Gabby had his bottle of yakult!  Solved! 😀 

We’re truly grateful for all the blessings – big and small.

How was your Noche Buena?  I hope you had fun too.

Regardless of what you had on the spread, or wherever you spent it, I wish you have enjoyed it with your love ones and kept the meaning of Christmas in our hearts. 😀  Happy Holidays!



  1. awww. that’s sweet! 😀 doesn’t really matter how grand the Noche Buena is.. as long as you spend it with the most important people in your life.. it’s PRICELESS 😀

    Merry Christmas 😀

  2. whether its a simple or over-the-top menu for Noche Buena, Christmas is not complete without the love from family and friends.

    we didn’t get to eat Noche Buena. We were too tired to wait for 12 midnight to eat Noche Buena and slept around 8 pm. We had a family hug in bed na lang around midnight.

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