After we gave up drinking Coke and other sodas for weeks now, I noticed we’ve lessen our chips  chichiria  intake too.  But in between meals and when we need something to chew, other than chocolates, we’ve been into some cookies and popcorn latelty that’s hard to put down. 😀  

I know oatmeal is healthy and I even tried them once but I’m so not into it until my family and I found these in the grocery shelf few weeks ago…

Now, Gabby, Tina & I can enjoy oatmeal anytime without the hassle of preparing them in a bowl and just munching it in delicious flavors! 😀  Have you tried these oatmel cookies from Quaker oats ?  A pack of 6 with 3 cookies in a pack only costs less than PhP 60.  We considered it as an alternative to Gabby’s baon to school which are usually crackers or chocolate chip cookies.   

Another good munch is popcorn! Do you also like popcorn? 😀  We’re so into popcorn these days; we like ’em for merienda and for quick bites 😀

Have you tried Chicago Popcorn?  We’re so glad to spot its store in Shangri la mall few weeks ago; good thing they’ve put another branch other than their SM Mall of Asia’s. 

We’ve sampled both cheese and caramel flavors and we like them both but not as good as the other brand.  Although, I personally like its tin can packaging that comes with a discount when brought for refill. A large tin can of Chicago Popcorn combination costs around PhP 190 and the refill with the can is only at PhP 130.

What about Chef Tony’s ?

Comparing the 2 popcorn we like, CT’s has bigger pops and more flavors to choose from.  I like their Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds very much and so their Mochachino while Tina and Gabby like Cheddar. 😀

Chef Tony’s Dark Chocolate Popcorn with Honey Roasted Almonds (in whole nuts!) : My favorite! but it’s a bit pricey at PhP 210 per large tub. 😦

Tina and Gabby go for Chef Tony’s Cheddar popcorn; large tub costs less than PhP 200.

What’s your favorite munch ?

14 thoughts on “MUNCH

    1. these quacker oat meal cookies are surprisingly affordable!
      pareho tayo ni tina, dyanie. we all favor chef tony’s over the others.
      and it should be a challenge to chicago popcorn to be at par with their competitors.

  1. i’ve tried quaker oats too and i always buy the raisin cookies. haven’t tried chicago popcorn. like chef tony too especially parmasan cheese flavor. hmmm i what i love to munch???? anything i see on the table (edible of course) hahahah.

  2. gusto din nila rico yang quaker oats cookies

    ako naman, these past few months, i’m addicted to lays sour cream and barbeque! not good for the body! grabe!

  3. oatmeal cookies are yummy! i personally like granola bars and pistachio nuts (if there’s budget) Peewee and John like chichirya like Chippy, nachos, cheese balls and the like. But I can’t say no to Original Pringles if i see them at the grocery.

    we like chef tony’s too the original flavor. 🙂

    this post is making want to munch munch munch!

    1. we also like to munch pistachio; my wife’s relatives abroad usually send more than a kilo of those yummy nuts via balikbayan boxes… we are with you in liking chippy, nachos, cheese balls and pringles. with pringles, we love original and sour and cream flavors.

  4. We always have those Quaker Oats cookies in stock too, though I’m not a big fan of hard crunchy cookies. I like my cookies soft, much like my wife’s award-winning soft-baked cookies. So I usually air out those cookies hours before eating them.
    Speaking of favorite store-bought cookies, my favorites are Milanos (from Pepperidge Farm, milk chocolate please), then Keebler’s Soft-Baked Cookies, and then Chips Ahoy Soft Baked Chunky Cookies!

  5. I can never say NO to popcorn! Weird though, I only like Chef Tony’s, Holy Kettle Corn (original), Goldilocks Caramel popcorn and Kettle Korn (sweet & salty Twister). I tried Chicago Popcorn– it’s okay, but then prolly since I’m not into cheese popcorn, didn;t enjoy it that much.. I don;t like the popcorn bought in moviehouses din kasi and the microwavable ones 😛

    Hehe, I must agree– my faves from Chef Tony’s are the ROASTED ALMOND MOCHACCINO and DARK CHOCO w/ ALMONDS. sooooo yummy!!! 😀 I might the LIGHT flavor though. I saw in their Multiply site that they have special Xmas flavors– Choco, Vanilla, Cafe Latte and Espresso! Can’t wait to try Cafe Latte and Espresso since I’m a coffee lover too!!! 😀

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