Clockwise :  Aussie Fries PhP 150+, Cordon Bleu PhP 230+, Choco Mud Slice PhP 120+, Pan-Grilled Dory with Lobster Sauce PhP 320+, Pasta Carbonara (Rigatoni) PhP 280+,  Pumpkin Soup PhP 90+.

A couple of weeks ago, Rob, our friend of 16 years came home for his break from an overseas work and invited us to see him in Shangri la Mall.

Rob via phone call : …”Gusto nyo Secret Recipe, para maiba naman?”

docgelo : “Rob, we’re already here.  Sure, we’ll meet you near Wrap Shop, 5th level..”

Then Tina, Gabby, Rob and I sat in Secret Recipe. Their gay waiter, A came and handed us the menu.  Few minutes later :

Waiter A :  “Sir, Maam, are you ready to order? “

docgelo : “…later…..”

After few chat with family and a friend, waiter A came over to our table again…

Waiter A :  “Sir, try nyo yung  NZ Stewed Lamb with Rice…”

docgelo (politely) : “No… “  (note to self  : Sorry, but I don’t feel like eating lamb today, actually I like lamb less) 

Waiter A : “OK po iyon, iyon ang bestseller namin.. try nyo yung lamb…” 

docgelo (quietly to himself) :  ….ayoko ko nga ng lamb eh!!!

docgelo (to waiter A) :  Can you make MEE GORENG a little less spicy ?

Waiter A :  HINDI PO!

docgelo (to himself) :  “why not? what happened to ‘customers are always right?”  

Tina and I always consider our 5-year-old son, Gabby at all times, so I would have wanted this Asian noodle dish to be less spicy but the waiter declined my order. Why, oh why?  

docgelo to waiter A :  “Sige, I’ll just have Pan-Grilled Dory with Lobster Sauce.”

Waiter A (for the ANNOYING SECOND TIME) :  “Sir, try nyo yung LAMB…”

docgelo (still controlling his temper) : “No, I’ll have Pan Dory and Pumpkin Soup.  Thank you…” 

Tina :  “I’ll have Cordon Bleu and for Gabby,  a slice of Choco Mud Cake…”

Rob ordered Pasta Carbonara, Fresh Watermelon Shake, and Aussie Fries.

My wife and I are always happy to see our friends, not only because they usually treat us to lunch or dinner almost every 3 months but that’s what we really are; believe it or not, we just value our friendship.:D  Our excitement to see Rob that day went down to ground zero because we were ALL irked with that Secret Recipe experience.  

I usually post raves more than rant with regards to our dining pleasures except for this. I just cannot let this pass and would like to be honest at all times on my blog.

Let me state that the absence of service charge on the bill (of PhP 1,405 VAT inclusive) should never ever be equated to POOR SERVICE that we don’t deserve.  Courtesy and friendliness mean wait staff may only suggest something from the menu but should NEVER INSIST their opinion on ordering food and they should not say NO to a client’s request (say of making a dish less spicy or salty etc) UNLESS it isn’t possible. 

I didn’t even recall that waiter saying THANK YOU to us.  It lessens my appetite when I encounter obnoxious people!  And for that moment, forgive me but that waiter A of Secret Recipe Shangri-la branch was so successful in getting into my and my wife’s nerves!  Besides, there’s NOTHING REALLY SPECIAL about the food we ordered which I even thought were overpriced!  I would not shell out PhP 1,405 for a meal that’s not satisfying!  SERVICE WAS WORST, ambiance wasn’t inviting; and foods were mediocre.  Now, WHERE’S THEIR secret recipe?

Do you think we left a tip for waiter A ?  pun intended, LOL! 😀



13 thoughts on “LATE LUNCH : LESS AMAZING

  1. servers are to suggest, pero wag naman mamilit! naku, naalala ko tuloy yung isang saleslady noon sa department store, she was insisting that i get the large size of a dress…eh ok na yung medium. ayun, di ko na binili! he! he!

  2. Sometimes, no matter how great the company is, kapag pangit yung food and service, nakakawala ng appetite. Sa sobrang kakapilit nya to order the lamb makes me think na baka malapit na mag-spoil kaya gusto ipaubos.

    1. it’s true, rico. we all dine out to enjoy not only the food but ambiance and service too; it should be an entire experience.
      …i just spoke with my sis-in-law yesterday and unsurprisingly, she had the same experience with secret recipe in shangri-la. she had their unsatisfying version of cordon bleu but prior to ordering, the waiter also insisted on their lamb! either you’re correct on your comment about about, which is highly possible or they want their customers to eat their “bestseller-kuno” which is priced at PhP 400+.
      …she also endorses not to try this resto’s branch; serves them right! 🙂

  3. i feel sad about your family’s not so good dining experience at Secret Recipe. buti na lang the time we dined at their Global City branch everything went smooth.

    1. at least your lucky with that branch, elna.
      we’re definitely not going back to any of their branches; there’s a ton of wonderful food places out there that render better everything!

  4. talagang may “gay” waiter? haha! tama, customer service para sakin ang #1. masarap nga food, poor CS naman, wala din dba? doc, bigla kong natawa habang nagbabasa dito. “ayoko ko nga ng lamb eh!!!” panalo! haha!

  5. hay, i thought you are a saint doc gelo. 🙂 marunong ka rin palang magalit ng konti 🙂

    im with you that having good service should be on top of the restaurant’s priorities aside from the quality of the food they serve. nakaka turn off bumalik if the service sucks.

    we have tried Secret Recipes before pero sa Taguig (Right beside Zhu chinese resto) okay naman service nila and we always go there for dessert after eating at Zhu (another resto that i’d like to recommend)

    I have a similar experience when waiters get pushy. Tinatarayan ko at pinapatawag ko yung manager if i get biatch-y . ha ha ha They should take a hint if you dont like what they are suggesting to you unless otherwise asked.

    1. me? a saint? hahaha! 😀 you made me laugh, ingrid!
      … i also read in one of my reader’s comments that secret recipe in the fort is quite OK; but there’s inconsistency in there service and everything in their shangri la branch. we’re so not going back there to dine.

  6. Dear Docgelo

    Good Day and Greetings from Secret Recipe!

    We thank you for your visit at Secret Recipe Shangri-La and taking time to write this review as well. We sincerely apologize for the unfortunate experience you’ve had with one of our staff. We also thank you for your valued comments & suggestions, rest assured that we will be looking into this matter for immediate actions. Again, our sincerest apologies and More power to your blog!

    Secret Recipe Philippines

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