Unapparently, I am stressed these days.  And God forbid, I guess the hassles will be carried on until the first few weeks of 2010.  I worry a lot and am anxious of most things concerning work, finances and domestic problems indirectly involving Tina and Gabby.  Who doesn’t have problems, anyway?  My greatest consolations and things to be grateful to God are having a sickness-free family and their support & much of love that like batteries–keeps me going! 😀  

I have to write it down to make it at least tangible, so as to remind myself of what to do and how to cope with life’s daily challenges.

Here’s my prescription to myself : 

Do you think you need one too? 

Not so long ago, I took a chance in an interview in a healthcare company and I can still recall vividly the question of the HRD manager which I honestly answered :

“What do you do when you’re stressed ?”

I told her in a heartbeat : “There are 3 things I do when I’m stressed, first I pray, second I try to pause and remember how my son giggles or laughs, and third I indulge -in food and blogging. Then when I’m collected I begin to think critically and analyze what needs to be done.”

I may sound too preachy when in fact I’m not-so-religious, but I really turn to Him when I’m troubled.

Sometimes, which I think should be done always, I even thank the Lord for problems; I believe He will not challenge us if we cannot bear it. Do we think the same?

What about you?  How do you cope up with stress?

God bless all of us this holiday and the coming New Year! 😀

Have a worry-free Christmas, above and beyond our toxicities! 😀

10 thoughts on “I PRESCRIBE

  1. Ganda naman ng message niyo ngayong holiday season, Doc Gelo. Very creative pa ang pagkagawa.

    Merry Christmas to you and to your loved ones!

  2. How do I cope up with stress? I usually take a long, tiring walk in the boondocks and try to think of nothing but what I see at the moment. It does not work all the time LOL.

  3. smile is the best way to relieve stress! and it is contagious pa [i mean smiling ha]!

    like you although i am not that “religious”, i find that praying is a great way to calm myself. 🙂

  4. We get lots of stress living in a big city whether it’s in Manila or New York. What I usually do is just go to a quiet area where I work, close my eyes, take a deep breath and say a little prayer. Let’s all hope 2010 will bring less stress for all of us. Merry Christmas to you and family!

  5. Stress eats us up, but when i am stressed, God relieves me. I always turn to Him in prayers too, especially when I feel so down.

    Thanks for the heads up. Worry less.

  6. I SING!
    I don’t want to sound like I have this holier-than-thou attitude going on, and I may not know the latest hottest RnB, ballad, or Korean pop song, but I really do sing praise songs all the time. When we went home down North a few weeks ago, I drove for hours listening/singing to praise songs.
    There’s something relaxing, uplifting, …uhm… basta, it just gives me great pleasure to sing praises to the Big Guy even when things aren’t going well.

  7. i cope stress by (1)praying, (2) eating – which is not good, (3)cook/watch food channel or (4) take a walk. 🙂 God wont give us trials that we can’t face and solve. I see them as learning experiences. My Christian Living told us that God gives us problems or trials because He wants us to get closer to Him. And I try to see the brighter side of the problem. this makes stress bearable.

    on a lighter note, hand writing mo ito doc gelo? in fairness “readable” sya ha unlike most doctors i know parang hieroglyphics.LoL

    Merry Christmas to you, Ms. Tina and cute-y Gabby. 🙂

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