😀 How far would you go for your child (or your love one) to stand out in a crowd ?

After I sourced the materials from where else but Ylaya Street in Divisoria, Manila amidst the traffic and thick volume of shoppers beating the holiday rush, my wife Tina began her part.  She hand-sewn a Santa Claus’ hat from scratch.


Our 5-year-old son, Gabby attended his preschool’s Christmas Party in this hat, which was painstakingly-made with so much love by his mom.  😀 He and the rest of his batchmates joined an all-white-in-a-Santa-hat-themed party yesterday, 18 December 2009, 09-11AM  in Shakey’s Pizza, Tomas Morato in Quezon City.  It was the signal of the start of their 2-week-holiday break before their classes resume again come January 4th next year.

Can you spot our kid?

Tina and I didn’t want Gabby to just wear like what the others will be wearing so we exerted a little effort for our son’s look to be more “porma  a bit edgy.  Honestly, the lunatics in us were hoping that there’ll be an award  a prize for the cutest attendee just like when Gabby won similar title during their school’s Halloween Party this year, but yesterday was none. 😦

Actually, I brought the materials to a nearby seamstress and paid PhP 80 for labor of sewing but when I showed the hat to Tina, she was disappointed with how it was done (cliche “you get what you paid for” applies) and decided she’ll do it herself.

Before I went to Manila to buy red and white satin for Tina to use for the hat, we strolled Rustan’s and Crossing’s department stores inside Shangri la mall and bought his white cropped pants and some holiday trinkets which Tina had to accesorized Gabby’s look. 😀

We got his Hotwheels sneakers from Landmark in TriNoma and made him wear a pair of knee-socks (remember local basketball player, Samboy Lim?) in red and white stripes and his cheap black bow tie all from SM department store.  Glad to see his legs looked like candy canes of an elf!  😀  Can you imagine we spent more than a week going through malls in Mandaluyong and Quezon Cities to as far as Divisoria just for our son’s 2-hour-occasion?

While Gabby and his schoolmates were having fun with the games and tunes of Nobody and Jai-Ho ringing over our ears, my wife and I had 2 orders of Shakey’s Super Platter (passing on their Bunch of Lunch) which has a soup, a side salad, a piece of fried chicken, a pair of mojo potatoes, 2 slices of thick crust Hawaiian pizza and an oatmeal cookie for dessert.  We had a pitcher of house iced tea to share. 😀  We were satiated over the brunch but we favor dishes from another pizza bistro place.  

Gabby didn’t win in any of the games neither he bought home a prize except for a bar of VanHouten Fruit and Nut chocolate (yes, sugar load again!) but we’re happy to exposed him in an event made specially for kids of his age. 

Can’t wait to join their educational field trip this January 15th and to attend their declamation contest on February (FYI : Gabby won 3rd place this year with his poem FOR  MY  COUNTRY out of 51 students). With our son’s activities, I feel I’m a kid again! 😀

😀 How was your pre-Christmas parties?

16 thoughts on “HOLIDAY STYLE

  1. dapat ata may prize si Gabby for his creative outfit. 🙂 I like his striped knee high socks.

    Again, hats off to Ms. Tina for her creativity(ala Martha Stewart). Iba talga pag parent na ano? gagawin lahat para sa anak. Hinde kc ako artsy fartsy but my mom and sister Issa are so i’ll have to ask them to make something for Peewee. LoL

    both my relatives and friends have foregone the Pre-Christmas parties but we are fully booked from Christmas day til January 3. heheheh iniisip ko pa lang napapagod na ako at the same time excited.

    naku pag pumasok ata si Peewee sa school magiging stage mother ako. gusto ko din mag stand sa crowd sya by wearing unusual clothes or in shocking colors. 🙂

    1. i know tina’s flattered, ingrid. thanks! 😀
      i guess there’ll be no harm when you become stage-mom to peewee soon; bet you’ll enjoy every minute of it 😀

  2. First, let me great you and yours a blessed Christmas and healthy New Year, Doc!
    Second, Tina is so creative! I love the way she accessorized Santa’s hat! and adding Gabby’s name is a nice touch … I bet that will become an heirloom!
    Lastly, that solo picture of Gabby is excellent enough to turn it into Christmas cards, or calendar, mugs, etc … nice shot, nice smile with those missing teeth … nice memories!


  3. He looks to cute with his outfit, i wish i could be as creative as your wife, yes, she should join our Creative Swap. We’ll let you know of details once it pushes back through next year, the host is kinda busy being preggy, haha!

  4. Gabby actually stands out in a sea of red Santa hats – he’s adorable as always Doc! Hats off to you and your wife – pun intended – for moving heaven and earth to make your son’s party attendance more memorable for him.

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