😀 What’s the BIGGEST box you received as gift ?   Have you received a gift box that weighs 25 kg ?

It felt like Christmas came more than a week earlier to my family.  I got 2 wonderful boxes as presents from our relatives and remittances in USD from my parents and in-laws. 😀 

Last Monday, 14 December 2009, on my way home from an appointment in Makati, I received a text from my wife, Tina that a box with my name was delivered at our door steps; it came from her aunt who works in London.  The generous sender happens to be one of those few clients who received prescriptions from me.  She was in town perhaps for the holiday break and was too sweet to give me this 3kg box of sweets! 😀

As usual, our son, Gabby was more than excited than me to open the package!  The box has 400 grams of  Toblerone, and 2 assortments of chocolates in reusable tub and carton pack; they’re called Celebrations and Nestle Quality Street, all purchased from UK.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise to end my very tiring day! 🙂 

Of course, I’ve been sharing it with who else but Tina and Gabby. 😀  Those mini bites of maltesers, snickers and truffles are my favorites (other than the local chocnut, hehe).

Another box of chocolates called Nestle Quality Street packed in recyclable carton box was included in the box.  I was amazed that even the colored outer wrappers can be reused for compost where they’ll decompose and be use to grow plants.  What a greener way of getting rid of them after enjoying the goodies. 😀

We haven’t sampled all of them until now.  It has Toffee Deluxe, Milk Choc Block, Toffee Finger, Orange Creme, Orange Chocolate Crunch, The Green Triangle, The Purple One, Vanilla Fudge, Toffee Penny, Coconut Eclair, Caramel Swirl and Strawberry Delight. Whew!  So many chocolates, so little time, LOL 😀

Then the second box we got this week was unbelievable! 

It was an early Christmas present from my in-laws in San Leandro, California. They sent USD for Tina to purchase this at an appliance store in a mall.

If the first box weighted 3kg, the next one tipped the scale at grossly 25 kg!!!

It was a perfect gift to replace the ‘jurassic’ one. 

We cannot thank them enough for everything…I am just lucky to have good relationship with my in-laws and I’m keeping it that way. What about you? 😀

We don’t get washing machines as gifts every yuletide season. 😀  Now, that makes it one of unforgettable tangible gifts we received; and we’re hopeful for more blessings to come, THANK YOU! 

Life is so much easier with this twin tub!

27 thoughts on “BOXES OF SURPRISES

  1. wow chocolates!!! sugar overload! like you excite din ako when opening balikbayan boxes. i think its a pinoy thing na kahit small items lang they remember love ones back home. we once received a boxful of bath towels each one has a name for everyone from my lola up to the househelp. when i was younger, i used to sniff the balikbayan box and say i smelled America/Europe. ha ha ha

    It so nice for relatives to think of giving you the washing machine. Its really a life/hand saver. happy weekend!

    1. hi ingrid. those weren’t even balikbayan boxes yet; they were sent locally i thinnk our BB from relatives abroad will be sent on the first quarter next year. now that’s indeed exciting, right?! 😀 and i know you undertsand so well how valuable a washing machine is to a family! have a great weekend too! 😀

  2. Christmas season always increases the thoughtfulness in all of us. And your family certainly is on the top chain of your in-law’s gift list to get such a very generous and really needed gift.

  3. oh my! super daming chocolates! heaven yan for me! if i were the one who received that, i would be jumping for joy like a kid! 🙂

    i don’t really remember receiving super big gifts when i was a kid. ang mga kids pa naman, the bigger the gift, the better. diba?

    1. who doesn’t want chocolates, kg? sarap di ba?! siguro those people born with lactose intolerance or someone who developed an aversion towards anything dairy are the only ones who dare not eat such yummies. can you imagine a world without chocolates? 😀

      …gifts are really for kids and kid-at-hearts! 🙂

  4. Wow! What great gifts you got! We bought a ton of chocoltaes too from our recent trip to Subic last weekend. Hirap pigilan hindi bumili lalo na at pasko.

  5. I love chocolates, you’re so lucky. I dunno when i will get a boxful of chocolates again but i once was gifted with one big pack full of choco goodies and i loved it to bits. Even if i don’t get chocs this christmas, i can always buy, haha! Chocolates, here i come!

  6. wow thos mini bites of chocolates look sooo yummy!! and mini maltesers?! i love maltesers and it’s my 1st time to see those minis!

    merry xmas!

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