Do you go to tiangge ?

Have you been to Divisoria, Greenhills or any shopping bazaars lately ?  How’s your experience ?

I have been to Divisoria recently and one can’t imagine how thick the volume of shoppers there! If you’re familiar with the place, jeepneys from Recto Avenue would not go further than Reina Regente and Abad Santos Streets because stalls already populate the rest of Recto Avenue from that end point.  Had it not for my son’s school event needs that can only be sourced in Divisoria cheaply, I wouldn’t have flickered a muscle to go there at this time of the year. Thanks anyway to the existence of LRT line 2 that runs from Santolan, Pasig to Recto Avenue in 20 minutes for only less than PhP 20.

We’ve also been to Greenhills lately and the scene was almost the same. Traffic was chaotic. Shoppers were strolling with seemingly tireless feet. 

08 December 2009,  Tuesday– After our hearty lunch at Emerald Garden and enjoying our own educational tour at Museo Pambata , which are both located in Roxas Boulevard, Manila, my wife Tina with our son, Gabby and I went to World Bazaar at World Trade Center out of curiosity. 😀

Entrance fees to World Bazaar that ended today 16 December, were affordable at PhP 30 each.  We didn’t pay a cent because we  got 3 free tickets inserted at one of the pages of Sunday’s Manila Bulletin a couple of weeks ago.

Like any usual tiangge –that of World Trade Center’s, which was partly supported by local TV station, ABS-CBN and its artist with stalls in the bazaar, was packed with shoppers who were all busy hunting for good buys and loots! 😀

When Gabby spotted one of  Kapamilya stalls, he requested us to buy him a toy from one of his favorite kiddie shows before, Super Inggo.  How can you say no to that boy with sweetest smile? 😀

Tina, who’s usually not fond of shopping (Oh yes! I am so blessed to have a wife who’s not much bili-mo-ko  into shopping), spotted this simple Korea-made-nylon zippered bag with newspaper print in brown hue. She was hesitant at first to buy it but everything ended with me paying for it. No worries for it’s a best buy at PhP 250. However,  our superpowers and talents on haggling were not put to use; we failed to convince the saleslady to give it at even lower rate. 😦

Tina has been using it on her duty for few days  now and it has passed its one week line!

Sulit na din! 😀  

Admittedly, good buys for me are purchases with quality and are reasonably priced; things that were scrutinized first by employees paid to do QC (quality control) before being sold at stores.  In short, I like buying things mostly from established shops and malls.

Back in my High School and College days when my parents were paying for my shopping spree, I was so brand conscious!  It was so funny recalling those times when I used to be like a ‘walking billboard’ 😀  There was one instance when my would-be-sister-in-law then first joined us in our family Christmas shopping during the late 90s, she was surprised that my parents spent PhP 10K +  for my branded pair of jeans and shirt alone!  However, when I started working and after I got my first salary years ago, I learned to value hard-earned money, big time!  Since then, I have known the art of how to control unnecessary spending (but haven’t mastered it fully(?)  🙂 

Controlling expenses is quite difficult in seasons like Christmas when almost everyone expects to receive something;  urging most of us to shop and even haggle at tiangges to stretch the budget to its fullest and to delay the thinning of the wallets. 😀

What I know about bargaining is that buyer should start haggling at half of the original price.  Do you also do the same?  What are your tips on shopping ? Do you shop weeks in advance or do you also enjoy the holiday rush? 

Things have changed greatly for me and my family.  We value our priorities before buying anything.

What’s your take on shopping during holidays?

Do you think we can spend Christmas without shopping?  After all, what’s important is we remember the REASON for the season. 😀



  1. to answer your question, i worship tiangges! he! he!

    i live and depend on tiangges! i don’t shop in expensive stores or malls, for i feel it is not worth my money. even when abroad [and especially here in the philippines], you’ll find me not in the upscale malls but in markets [even wet markets], tiangges, and flea shops! i always want to have value for my money. suki din ako ng divisoria! he! he!

    1. wow, we have here a tiangge worshiper in you, kg! 😀
      i also like going to divisoria and greenhills, in fact we have stores there that we frequent but the traffic and the volume of people particularly during this time of the year make me think twice of buying stuff there. but i believe manila isn’t complete without divisoria! or make that statement for the entire country for that matter! hehe

  2. if only Divisoria is at my doorstep (i live in the commonwealth area) i’ll be there every day. we also go to Greenhills but why pay 500 if you can get it at 200 in Divisoria dba?

    on making the best of my money, im barat. i go as low as 40 percent of the price and walk away with 3 items for the price of one. i learned that when we went to HK. i scout first before buying anything, if i see something similar to other stalls, i tell the sales person that the other stalls are selling it to me at a lower price then tell them that i’ll buy to the store who gives me a lower price.

    im not personally fond of giving gifts during the holidays. i’d rather give quality time to family and friends over meals than spend some thing that they throw out after a couple of months or so.

    1. give me high five, ingrid for being shoppers of divisoria and greenhills. my family and i are such a mall-rats and we have no problems of going to those tiyangges either. gabby for once, had been to divisoria and quiapo too before. but we usually go there without him because you know how hard to struggle across traffic and people there unlike in greenhills where almost everywhere is airconditioned at least. we prioritize gabby’s comfort of course.
      … i agree with you in saying it’s better to spend time with family, friends and relatives on special occasions like Christmas and whatnot rather than giving tangible gifts which sometimes may not be useful for them.
      thanks for frequenting this site and happy holidays! may our new year be more fruitful! more wonderful posts to come! 😀

  3. We love bazaars. Last year, most of our gifts are from bazaars (NOEL Christmas Bazaar at WTC). This year, around 80 percent of the gifts we bought were from Divi, Dapitan Arcade, and a few bazaars that we were able to go to.
    Starting January, we set out saving for a Christmas fund. Let’s say we need Php20k for Christmas. We divide that into 12 months so we save around Php1600 per month. That way, we don’t strain our finances every December and we can shop all we want.

  4. we went to the World Bazaar too but was not so impressed with the stuffs, it’s like Greenhills and 168 all in all…but i do love shopping! weee! as early as now I am excited for next year’s clearance sale, hehehe…

    anyway, for me christmas is the time to shop friends and relatives 🙂

    1. like you, elna, we’re also not impressed with most stuffs there. noticed tina and gabby only bought one stuff each and i got none but mcdonald’s burger and fries for quick bites. they should’ve showcased more fascinating good buys. 😀

  5. I miss going to tiangge. Ang tagal na nung last time. Ang ganda nung bag, want to try it heehee. Months ago may nakita akong Pinay using a bag with Choc Nut prints. Nice. Or siguro kapwa Pinoy din ang nakakaappreciate, to the extent na napapalingon talaga.

    1. wala bang bazaars dyan sa uae but souk? tama ba, souk ang tawag sa markets, witsandnuts?
      i think i’ve seen that chocnut (and there’s chippy) printed bag/s from one of the blogs i follow. medyo mahal yun e, kasi handpainted but craftmanship was worth its price. ayaw ni misis pag mahal, allergic kaya sya sa presyong more than P1K, hehe.. i’m her complete opposite, LOL! 😀

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