I have been quiet about this but truth of the matter is, we have decided to finally part ways.

I have thought about this a thousand times,

and even tried to save and reconnect the thing between us.

A relationship becomes futile when one is unhappy.

We’ve enjoyed our togetherness but everything has its end.

Parting is truly a sweet sorrow.

But we all have to move on.

Although it’s so difficult,

we all have to make decisions.

We only wish for strength to withstand temptations.

My wife, Tina, with our son Gabby and I have ended our love affair with…

and other softdrinks, soda, whatever you call them; regular, diet or even zero!  

It has been two weeks and counting… 😀

And you ?


34 thoughts on “IT’S OVER!

    1. oh yes, dyanie! we gave up drinking softdrinks more than 2 weeks already. lugi na nga ang tindahan katabi ng house namin kasi di na kami bumibili ng coke, hehehe..

  1. Haha, I knew it. Even before scrolling down, I thought you were parting with a yummy. Initial thought was pork. I am not much of a softdrinks fan. But I wish to part ways with chocolates. When is that going to happen? Heehee.

    1. hi witsandnuts, no we have no powers yet to give up eating pork or red meat although we try to eat everything in moderation especially at home. i don’t think we’re giving up chocoaltes, not ever probably, LOL 😀 like ice cream and cakes, chocolates make our world go round, LOL 😀

  2. It’s difficult getting rid of nasty addictions but hats off to you guys for successfully battling 2 weeks (and counting) without soda. I’m bad, I just brought 2 big bottles of Coke Zero from a grocery store.

    1. hello dennis. it’s true that it takes efforts to get rid a habit. i wouldn’t say drinking coke is a bad habit but avoiding it for a couple of weeks now isn’t that hard for us. 😀
      perhaps i will drink it again if coca-cola bottling phils invite me to a bloggers’ event hehehe 😀 enjoy your coke zero, sayang naman e! 😀

  3. I gave it up years ago, during college. Nagka-ulcer kasi ako from drinking it everyday at every meal, tapos I was living alone in our unit in Manila. I was literally on the floor crying from the pain. I thought I was going to die.

    About two years ago, I started taking a sip again, but I always (try) to drink lots of water after.

    We’ve also given up instant juices a long time ago. We’d rather have freshly made juices like oranges (kapag sale sa Shopwise), dalandan (if available, cheap too), or calamansi.

    1. wow, we’re following your lead, rico. i cannot disagree with you that freshest juices are far better than any soda or powdered drinks. we also like calamansi, dalandan, orange fruit juices, and of course my personal favorite and so with gabby is riped mango juice and shakes while tina prefers it green.

  4. i should show this to one of my friends who drinks nothing (as in no water or juice or milk…maybe coffee sometimes but nothing else) but coke! congrats! you crossed your two week line!!

    1. hi doc mitzi. one of my cousins used to drink coke as if there’s no tomorrow; probably similar to your friend. and you absolutely know of course, one of the consequences -her end point : she developed DM type II. 😦

  5. Hehehe sabi na nga ba, there’s something to do with the food or drinks yun intro mo ng parting ways na yan e hehehhe. Congrats Doc!! Sana makayanan nyo yan hehehe, soda is really addicting. I sometimes drink soda maybe once a week mahirap yun bigla but I used to drink that everyday kasi may tindahan kami nun, grabe adik ko dyan hehehe. But right now, I’m addicted not with food/drinks anymore but with facebook, grabe! Remember I read your blog about restaurant city, and now I’m addicted with it, ikaw may kasalanan nito huhuhu (sinisis ka pa hehehe) but thanks Doc I’m enjoying it right now.

    1. missy, i can’t blame you if you’re addicted to fb. kami din! bonding moment nga namin yun sa bahay di ba? now that we have our own laptops ( i got a new red dell laptop 2 days ago which is given by my mom) enjoying fb has never been better! we’re tired of resto city, we’re into farmville and fishworld for several months now. ayoko muna magstart ng ibang applications. pero madaming naka -cafe world. try nyo din 😀

  6. And so I thought, it has nothing to do with a broken relationship, hehe!! anyway, for the past months hindi na din ako nag soda kasi bawal sa school hehe, but just a few weeks ago napabili ako sa grocery hehe!

    Christmas na christmas na dito sa blog mo ah, may snow haha!!

    1. atty homer, welcome back here! glad to know you’ve also avoided drinking soda. again, there’s nothing wrong with it; problem is if everything is done excessively. thanks for dropping by here. 😀

  7. Good for you, doc! I admit, however, that I still need a diet cola fix every now and then. 😦 Coffee, on the other hand, I’ve learned to live without; I’m surviving just fine on milk tea. 😀

    1. at least it’s diet coke, midge. but i and my wife are not ready yet to surrender coffee. i can’t imagine a morning without it 😀 we’re also starbucks fanatics 🙂

  8. i used to have a love affair with the red can too. but i had GDM so we parted ways also. but i see him occasionally. 🙂

    1. hi ingrid. i’m sure with your doc-hubby you have the best health guardian beside you always. i’m the opposite, haha! i seldon practice what i preach only when it comes to diet. bad ‘no?! on the defensive side, tina and i don’t smoke and rarely rarely drink. …here’s hoping that giving up sodas probably will give us additional days of existence…have a great week ahead! 😀

  9. Hey doc! love your new blog background! Pretty soon, we’ll be getting those white stuff here in the US!
    Congrats on giving up sodas…freshly squeezed fruit juice is the way to go!

    1. hi there ms. nance. i like your holiday template too! thanks for swinging by. happy birthday to your 18-year-old son! i have to swing again to your site to see snowy post of new york soon. happy holiday!

  10. I’ve stopped drinking soda years ago.. around 5 years ago, I guess.. last time I had it was when I was in 2nd yr. college and until now, i never craved for it 🙂 congrats docgelo!

  11. Congratulations!

    Did you experience any withdrawal symptoms? I have a friend who’s a Coke Light addict and whenever he fails to drink even 1 can of Coke Light in a day, he experiences migraine.

    I’m not a bog fan of soda. I can go without a sip of soda for months on end. But I can’t live without chocolates! 😀

  12. I was ready to offer you a few words of symphathy for what I thought was a broken relatioship…until I scrolled down and found out it was worse than what I thought! LOL. Talagang parting with sweet is truly sorrow (with apology to you and Shakespeare for the liberty of rearranging the words)LOL.

  13. matagal nako nagtry mag goodbye sa coke, but i’m failing. well, actually, weekends lang naman ako nagcocoke [and when i’m travelling], but i’m aiming for zero consumption! kelan kaya yun? 😉

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