Did Do you believe in Santa Claus ?

We bumped into him in Shangri la mall last Sunday and our son, Gabby took the chance of having a photo-op with him.  It was the first time he saw Santa in the flesh!  The red clad old man even gave him 2 pieces of candies. 😀  Perhaps he really knows that our son has always been naughty  nice. 😀  He is super nice!

Back in the late 80s, we used to hang old knee socks at our capiz-windows a day prior to Christmas thinking that all our wishes to Santa Claus will be granted.  I even wondered how Santa does the gift-giving despite our lack of chimney and a fire place, LOL 😀  Everything was seemed to be magical until my brothers, cousins and I saw our grandmother putting in packs of  sliced cheese and some candies into our socks which apparently any kid would not wish over toys. 😀

How did you discover the myth legend about Santa?

How do you explain Santa’s being to your kids?

In as much as we want Gabby to believe in flying reindeers and Santa’s existence, he has a mind of his own now and somehow knows how fantasy differs from what’s real. Still, he gets excited with the cheers that the holiday brings.


18 thoughts on “HO HO HO

  1. I remember putting up stockings in the living room window of our family’s first home in Pandacan. Later, when we moved to Muntinlupa, we put the stockings up near the gate. :p

  2. I used to hang an old socks too at our window and I always get “dalandan” and small candies and I asked myself alam ba ni Santa na may dalandan dito? hehehe, when I found out that Santa is not true, naku denial princess ako nun kasi gusto ko pa rin magsabit ng socks at makakuha ng gifts hehehe kahit dalandan lang LOL

  3. i had a red-white striped socks that i also used to hang in our front door, then when i wake up in the morning of christmas day it’ll be full of candies and there is also a one peso coin (yung malaking jose rizal, lol) under my pillow. my father used to tell me stories like santa stepped on him while trying to put the coin under my pillow, but my siblings were the ones who ruined my belief on santa when they convinced me that santa is american and he will never visit the philippines for it was too far for his reindeers to travel. lmao.

  4. nung mga bata kami, may Santa’s socks din kami sa sala tapos sabi ni mama isulat daw namin sa papel yung mga wishes namin. after mga ilaw araw, nakita namin si mama sa madaling araw na naglalagay ng gifts! haha! dun namin nalaman na si mama pala ay si “santa” hehe 😉

  5. No, I did not. Even as a kid. How I wished that I believed at some point para naenjoy ko heehee. We were oriented kase too early that Santa Claus is not real. I mean, the santa clauses going around. Kung kelan ako naging adult, saka ako nagpapapicture ng kasama si Santa. =)

  6. When I was younger, I also had the same thoughts about getting gifts from Santa through stockings hanging on the wall. I was almost convinced until I saw my mom slipping something. No matter what, it still made my Christmas Day. I’m sure Gabby will have happy memories of his Christmases.

  7. We used to hang big old socks by the window every Christmas eve too! Until I saw my dad putting candies on our socks one night. After that, hindi na namin ginawa.

  8. I never had the luxury of believing in Santa Claus when I was a kid. I must have missed a lot of fun during Christmas time in Pinas when I was growing up….but those where the happiest Christmases in my life.

    1. “I must have missed a lot of fun during Christmas time in Pinas when I was growing up”
      –you bet, bert! 😀 but as you’ve said, important thing is the fact that you have been enjoying all your christmases! 😀

  9. Tsk,tsk… Doc… you are a very bad boy… Santa is not a myth… actually like your son I have met him a few days ago. It is a long travel from Spain and I am sure he don’t like people who does not believe in him.

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