With our fast paced lifestyle, it’s not surprising that everything is done in an instant. For most people who regard time as gold, it’s essential that everything should be completed in a press of a button or even in a wink. 

And filling the tummy isn’t an exception.  Aren’t you thankful that we have fastfoods, instant coffee, instant noodles, instant whatever? 😀

Few hours after our lunch last Sunday, our son, Gabby was enjoying his favorites – a slice of pizza and a few pieces of soft buttered garlic sticks while my wife, Tina and I found a food stall at the basement of Shangri la mall that offers cheap skewered fish balls, shrimp balls, chicken balls, crab sticks and many more for only PhP 29 – 32+ per stick; we added PhP 10 for each cup of noodles + soup and voila, we enjoyed a delicious SHABU SHABU in an instant! 😀 

Although admittedly it’s not-that-healthy, one cannot deny the fact that it can be very satisfying! We only spent PhP 120 or so to taste and experience instant happiness with the family! 😀

What’s your take on instant food? Are you the type of person who can never live without a microwave oven? hahaha! 😀 What instant things other than food do you enjoy?


Chef Choy’s Shabu-Shabu Xpress, Ground level, Shangri la Mall, EDSA Mandaluyong City.


18 thoughts on “IN AN INSTANT

  1. I have to admit instant food is a lifesaver for me. When my son says he’s hungry and there’s no food ready I have to whip up something fast. Our favorite are fried foods – nuggets, hotdogs, corned beef – anything you can cook in an instant. Yes, it’s not healthy but it’s better than going hungry. XD

  2. docgelo, mukhang masarap ito ah 🙂

    anyways, my answer to your questions: yes i can live without a microwave. whoah! LoL we only use our microwave for two purposes only: reheat ulam and popcorn. when i was still single i used to eat a lot of instant foods because people in our house are always on-the-go. Anything canned I ate, insta-noodles and microwaveable dishes. but when everyone started to get heavy and sick, my mom lessened them in our grocery list and more healthy stuff. Everything should be done in moderation diba? Now being a parent myself, I shy away from instant foods for my own family. If I can cook it from scratch why not diba? But if we really have to eat instant foods we pair it with something healthy on the side. That’s my 2cents on the matter. 🙂

  3. As much as possible, and for health reasons too, we try to avoid instant food. I’ve had enough of instant food during my five years in college. But as you said, life gets pretty demanding, and when there’s no way to squeeze in a couple of hours dining, instant food it is.
    My guilty pleasure is easy-cook seafood Yakisoba noodles. Just add hot water, drain, add seasoning, and I have a great-tasting snack.

  4. hi doc gelo. Last weekend I saw those cutesy shrimpballs/fishballs at the Fresh Rustans supermarket. 🙂 Was tempted to buy pero sama ng tingin sa akin ni John e. LoL

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