It took us more than an hour to build and spruce up our 6-feet-Christmas tree with  medium-sized balls in different shades of purple and a few in aqua and navy blues. We used the old decors and kept it simple but nonetheless, it made our home more cheerful and ready for the holidays. 😀 

Then my wife, Tina with our son Gabby and I spent another hour in arranging the contents of these boxes under our tree; after I brought them down from the upper part of one of our wardrobes, so carefully, piece by piece.

That  volume of boxes is only half of the collection of my dad-in-law who stays in Ca with the rest of my wife’s immediate family. The tags of the price per box and warning  signs for its lead coated wires are still there (FYI, lead if ingested will lead to poisoning and eventually to anemia).

After we’ve put up our tree, we’ve raised a village under it!

Don’t you find these ceramic pieces fascinating ? 😀  Look at those snowy roof. Don’t you just wish for a white Christmas? 😀

I like the attention given to those intricate details …

and that wonderful craftmanship and colorful use of pallettes made it really special 😀

The facade of this church  appears so inviting!

and look, there’s a castle too!  😀

The structures are amazingly beautiful when put together side by side…

A community isn’t complete without its people.  So meet the happy villagers under our tree! 😀 

Love is apparently in the air …even with just figurines! 😀

Everyone is joyful when it’s Christmas!  Even chirping of birds makes anyone happy 😀

I have seen and touched a ball of snow several years ago in Fresno and Sequoia National Parks (or was it in Yosemite?) and an episode of  hail  in Auckland, New Zealand.  I wish one day that I’ll get a chance to  bring my family to a real snowy place and together we’ll create a snow man 😀  The kid-in-me strikes again! 😀

Have you experienced a white Christmas?  How does snow man making feels like ?

Who would not appreciate the harmony and melodies from an orchestra or whenever a band plays, moreso if a choir serenades us with Christamas carols ?

Christmas is really for kids and kid-at-hearts ! 😀

Of course Christmas won’t be complete without those reindeers and the white-bearded-old-stout-man clad in red! 😀

Ho Ho Ho Ho !  Have you been naughty or nice ? 😀

When dusk falls,  it’s high time for the entire village to glow!  🙂   So let there be (fiberoptic) lights !

We’re done with our tree and the village with its people were already nicely put underneath. 

We haven’t started shopping yet;  afraid if there’ll be an extra budget for it!  ha ha!

However grand we plan and prepare for our celebrations this holiday, always bear in mind that decors and other material things are irrelevant to the ‘reason for the season’ 😀 

The biggest question is,  are you ready for CHRISTmas?

May all of us be happier with our families this coming Christmas and beyond!  God bless. 😀


35 thoughts on “A VILLAGE IN OUR HOME

  1. ang galing! para mini COD christmas show ito sa cubao docgelo! 🙂 Does it have sound also or lights lang?
    how i wish i can display my “babasagin”. Ang toddler is in his throwing mode kasi kaya displays are kept hidden from his tiny hands.

    1. hey ingrid, glad you liked it 😀 they don’t have sounds; just fiberoptic lights.
      …btw, that old ‘cod’ christmas show (that i guess most of us grew up with) has been operating in greenhills and now being done similarly in marikina city. although we have to see it yet.

    1. go ahead, ingrid. you have the license to splurge, lol. 😀 seriously, we’re on the same boat of considering domestic budget first before spending into not-so-important ones. anyway, my wife loves gourdo’s too and we’ve seen similar village figurines at their gateway branch. im sure trinoma’s and the fort’s have them too. 😀

  2. It’s nice! I was tempted to get something like this from SM Megamall 2 Decembers ago. I even took pix. =) Maybe I should get one the next time I’m there. There’s scarcity of Christmas decors in the UAE.

    1. thanks, witsandnuts. we just spent our sunday afternoon at megamall after hearing mass and we’ve seen similar figurines there although mostly on a smaller scale and they have lots of movements whereas what we got at home only have lights and i think, are heavier… i’m not surprised to know that there’s less christmas decors available in your place; although it’s an open city, majority are still non-christians, right?

    1. hello there, dennis. those pieces are really nice and i think it’s worth sharing here so i did a post on them. they remain to be my dad-in-law’s collections; and because they’re in san leandro, california already, the figurines are left with us. 😀
      i wonder to whom he’ll passed it on (not-too-)soon…hmmm 😀

  3. ang ganda mng castle!! aaww nakaka touch naman yung boy and girl na magkahawak ang kamay! ako din gusto ko white Christmas tapos kasama family! pero parang di ata namin kakayanin ang lamig haha! 😛

  4. i love those village. It seems their alive with how they were arranged. Sarap talagang mag lagay ng christmas decor with the family. it’s really a bonding time together.

    it’s true that the true essence of this celebration is Christ who came here for all of us.

  5. Ang ganda naman nyan!!! The other day nga I was thinking of building a Christmas Village using Lego. Hay, I miss my family and too bad I won’t be spending Christmas with them. Iba talaga kapag kasama ang family tuwing Pasko and Bagong Taon.

    1. hello b’ley, thanks for inviting me to be your fb buddy too! 😀 last year there was a legoland christmas village exhibit in bonifacio high street; it looked amazing! 😀

      …true that christmas is more meaningful when spent with family but if that won’t be possible, like in my case it’s the first holiday that my mom is (in uae for work) away from us, things will be a bit different and surely we’ll be missing her; we’ll just settle in greeting her via ym and webcam perhaps.

  6. You just reminded me it is about time to decorate the outside of my home with lights and to put up a Christmas tree inside. It is getting to be a tough job the last few years for this old body LOL. If it were not for my grandchildren, I would not even bother.

    I think this year and the years thereafter, I will celebrate Christmas by making a difference in the life of a single, out-of-luck individual in Pinas, even for a day. I still remember the three pesos that a kindly distant cousin slipped in my pocket one Christmas Eve. Unbeknownst to him, he made my bleak Christmas that year (I was still in high school then), a merry, merry one. It’s payback time! Hindi na sa kanya, I already paid him back many times over and he did not even know I owed him something LOL.

    1. christmas is just around the corner, bert! go and decorate your home. 😀
      and for the reason of doing so, i should say your a dutiful lolo. hats off to you!
      …can i volunteer to be your beneficiary of that ‘three pesos’ this christmas? 🙂
      with that kind gesture, it’ll be given back to you in a thousand fold. may your tribe multiply, bert!

  7. Those figurines are nice but where’s the Xmas tree? Did I miss that? Sa mervyn’s pala binili ng Dad-in/law mo mga yun hehe mukhang collection nga. So did you use transformer para sa mga lights? Gusto ko rin ngang magsend sa mga kapatid ko ng mga Xmas decor pero iba kasi voltage eh so I never sent one.

    1. hey there missy, i failed to click my cam on our tree. napagod na kasi kami ni tina at gabby after we put up everything. yes, 11O volts nga yang mga yan, i forgot to mention. may transformer dito sa bahay (tipong autobots at decepticons, LOL) and we have differnt socket/plug for those 110-volt-lights sa xmas village. 😀

  8. decor envy! my mom thinks such things are pricey and they are. however, i’ve secretly longed for one of those to be under our tree. this is why i watched the 3-D version of christmas carol which is the next best thing to having one in our home. lalo na ngayon ‘di p’wede ‘coz of my pet puppy Lancaster (www.lillancaster.weebly.com)

    1. hi flf 😀 these figurines are really pricey and again, had it not been a collection of my dad-in-law, we probably postpone owning a set. they’re really beautiful though. 😀
      …i already stumbled across your blog for your pet doggie. talaga naman, may sariling site si lancaster! 😀

  9. I always wanted a mini village in my home! My Grandma has a mini village and I love going over for Christmas to look at it! I love going to the stores too, to see what kind of villages they have. Maybe someday I can buy my own, but in the meantime I have a lot of fun making my own decorations. It makes everything in my house unique, and something no one else has. For example, I’ve made a “card door runner” that hangs on the interior door in the front hall. Think of it as a table runner but it’s for the door, hangs, and has pockets to hold cards, candy canes, etc. I’ve also made my own wreaths from materials around the house, and a few ornaments for the tree.

  10. doc, i went christmas decor shopping last thursday and dinatnan ako ng brother ko na nakatigtig sa christmas miniature village! sabi nya… bibili ka? actually gusto ko! kaya lang we have a makulit nephew at home at yari i’m sure dadami ang pieces in no time! but still, i want a village at our home too 🙂 pero it looks like an expensive purchase eh…

    we did christmas decorating last weekend (actually just me, the siblings gave moral support, hehe) and i will be posting in blog sana tonight, if i get the time to do so.

    sana you can show us the a pic of the whole village. saan mo to nilagay? sa living room nyo?

    1. anne, you missed out reading from the post that we arranged the christmas village under our tree. 😀 i peek into your blog and saw few things of your ornaments. nice!

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