My wife, Tina, our son, Gabby and I are just like most Pinoys who love eating and eating in between meals. 😀  Whenever at home, particularly during weekends, we usually have morning light meal few hours after breakfast or more likely before lunch. Same thing goes in the afternoon; a snack is always perfect as a prelude to dinner. 😀  But unlike others, we oftenly skip midnight snacks for the fear of taxing our pancreas too much that might lead to its rupture during sleep; now that’s another topic.

Merienda or midday meal is one of Spain’s legacies to Pinoys that I am thankful for, aren’t you also? 😀

Here are some of the yummies we enjoy during merienda. 

Are you a popcorn-person?  Have you tried Chef Tony’s?  What flavor/s do you like?

I don’t know about you, but Gabby and I just love it when Tina fries fish balls and serves it hot off the pan with vinegar+soy sauce+onions!  😀  We prefer only fish balls cooked at home rather than those sold in streets.  And you?

Other than chips ahoy, oreo, or the locally made m.y.san buttercookies, lady fingers or broas (I love broas!), prima and marie (which reminds me of my childhood), I and my family also enjoy munching these cookies…


Try it, make sure it’s Double Fudge Sugar-Free! They’re heavenly delicious in each bite! 😀

Sometimes, we have fruits during snack time and nothing compares to sweet and plump bunch of lanzones which happens to be in season until now.  Do you like lanzones too?

I usually grab two large orders of  Khaleb Shawarma for Tina and me as our merienda before we go grocery shopping.


We also like dimsum! Among our favorites are shrimp cheong fan and shrimp dumpling a.k.a. hakao!


And who would say no to pizza for merienda ?

or to either venti of frappucino, iced macchiato or any hot blends from Starbucks Coffee and pastries or a slice of cake perhaps…

Our latest to-go purchase was done just yesterday afternoon, soon after Tina and Gabby tagged along with me as I went to my dentist in Marikina, we spotted a carinderia that sells freshly cooked rice cakes…

Nevermind if it’s cheaply priced at PhP 25 per bibingka and at PhP 20 per order of puto-bumbong;  regardless whether these two are far from Ferino’s or Via Mare’s or even from Kamayan’s, what was important yesterday was the fact that we enjoyed our first bites at these Holiday season favorites. 😀 If only we have muscovado, everything could have been almost perfect with Anchor butter and those coconut shavings.  

Tastes, smells and feels like Christmas already! 😀  Aren’t you excited ?

Well, we are!  Both for Christmas and enjoying another satisfying snack! 😀

What’s your usual merienda?


32 thoughts on “WHAT’S FOR MERIENDA?

  1. i like the local foods!

    yung fishball gusto ko sya from the kalye, sorry doc 🙂 i’m sure magagalit ka kasi hindi hygenic. and i love the christmas bibingka and puto bumbong! i agree with you on via mare’s bibingka and puto bumbong. alam mo i even recommended that to a co-league na bumibisita from singapore. he had this wrapped in foil para pasalubong sa wife nya 🙂

    1. lam mo anne, before even pork barbecue from anywhere kinakain ko, fish balls too. but since the day that one person i know became positive of hepatitis A, afraid!!! natakot ako and swore i will try HARDER to practice what i preach. but i can’t deny the fact that masarap and street foods though i haven’t tried those betamax, one-day-old chick etc for merienda 😀
      …happy weekend, anne!

  2. i love Chef Tony’s Parmesan and Cheddar flavors! and I love local kakanin too like Bibingka and Puto-Bumbong, and or normal days, meryenda is Banana-Q, carioca or simply the guilt-free Marty’s 🙂

    1. glad to know you also like chef tony’s popcorn, january. and we share the same favorites like rice cakes and banana-cue, also i like turon with langka, hmmm, i’m craving now 😀

  3. yay! chef tony popcorn! the kids looove it! yung caramel lang ok na. hmm streetfoods! saraap din! fishballs, squidballs, kwek-kwek and isaw! pero bumibili lang kami sa kakilala namin. speaking of bibingka, kakakain lang namin ng bibingkinitan, yung sa SM hehe. miss ko na ang mga puto bungbong sa labas ng simbahan! 🙂

      1. masarap pala bibingkinitan? i see their stalls often sa malls e! kaso i’m not so fond of bibingka.. i like the malagkit version better, the one like biko 🙂

  4. hmmmm merienda??? no specific actually. kung anong maisip kong kainin. minsan with rice pa hahaha. streetfood yes especially isaw, ice cream, dougnuts, cakes (cheesecake, junk food. pero hindi mawawala ang kape sa merienda.

  5. merienda…. where do i begin? ha ha ha
    yes to Chef Tony’s popcorn!
    homemade ones: i cook an over-the-top bananaQ (the secret is the muscovado sugar), fishballs (don’t eat the ones on the streets anymore since i was 7), cakes, cookies, cassava, boiled camote or mais smothered with lotsa butter and pancakes.

    store bought: Lay’s baked chips, Auntie Anne’s preztels, cakes, cookies and ice cream

    if there’s nothing sweet in our house (which is next to never) i nibble on veggies like carrots or cucumbers and fruits like bananas and watermelons.
    the pinoy merienda im missing are the balitaw and the binatog(?) the mais with grated coconut and sugar.

    1. i like your ‘lotsa butter’ phrase, ingrid! 😀 anyfood food becomes instantly delicious (but fatty) when buttered, LOL 😀

      gabby likes auntie anne’s pretzels too; i like their pretzel with almond; plain if we’ll order chocolate dip. but tina finds it too pricey already.

      good to know you’re into veggies too. nothing’s wrong with not-too-frequent-junkies like potato chips; other than lay’s we also like pringles sour and cream and plain, or the local ones -v-cut and potato chips. basta everything is in moderation; we don’t eat it on a daily basis naman e. minsan nga we last a week without junk foods 😀

      you mean, palitaw? it reminds me of my late lola who used to make palitaw the best especially for media noche. kasabihan nila yun na to make everything “light and easy” for the coming new year, there should be palitaw in the spread. 😀

      enjoy your weekend, ingrid. thanks for frequenting this blog! i am also religious reader of your site. 😀

  6. Ang daming pagkain ah!
    For some weird (unsanitary) reason, mas masarap yung fishballs, chicken balls, etc., sa street. 🙂
    The usual merienda here at the office is banana-q and turon.

    1. looks like street-sold-fish balls win over the many choices of merienda! 😀
      …we also like banana cue and turon (with langka and lots of caramelized sugar, please!)

  7. It seems to me that people eat all day long… I was amazed when I moved to Manila that at whatever hour of the day… I saw a lot of people eating…

    I must confess…it all looks very tempting !
    I just hope that you guys do some exercise to burn all the calories ! :-0

    1. hey sidney, eating is i guess, the national past time of pinoys, LOL 😀
      …do belgians eat less than we do ? i think so! LOL.
      and we have our own ways of burning calories 🙂

  8. 1) i’m addicted to popcorn.. but I only eat Chef Tony’s (roasted almond mochaccino & dark choco with almonds– the best!), Holy Kettle Corn/ Kettle Korn sweet and salty, and Goldilocks Caramel popcorn! I’ve tried Chicago Popcorn Shops’ chicago mix and it’s good though I’m not a big fan of cheese popcorn (and the bbq/ butter/ etc. sold in the moviehouse).

    2) fishballs! love it although what i like is the sauce sold in the streets.. haha kaso scary so i try to stay away. I love the squid balls sold in Odd Balls too.. the sauce makes it even better!

    3) cookies– Presto peanut butter creams, HiRo, Oreo, Hansel mocha and Nissin butter coconut!!

    4) pizza… who doesn’t love it anyway! LOL!

    5) I’m a big fan of kakanin.. my top picks are AMber’s pichi-pichi, buko tarts from Rowena’s or AMira’s in Tagaytay, Budbud Kabog/ Tita Lyn’s flavored suman (or suman w/ latik), puto bumbong (oh Xmas!!), biko, Dolor’s sapin-sapin, Buddy’s budin (cassava cake) and ube halaya! And other Pinoy merienda too– guinataang halo-halo, banana/ camote-q.

    6) chips– OIshi spicy prawn crackers, Moby caramel puffs, Doritos smokin’ bbq, Ruffles cheddar & cheese, banana chips!!

    7) cakes and sweets from Goldilocks, Starbucks, Red Ribbon and the likes!!

    Now this made me hungry.. 😀

    1. hello there, u8mypinkcookies! thanks for that well-said comment. really appreciate it!

      and i cannot disagree with you with those yummies for merienda! these foods define our cravings for simple yet satisfying goodies! 😀

  9. I use to munch on anything sweet/calorific that I see on my local grocery/bakery/patisserie but since having my recent annual physical and finding out about some borderline test results, I’ve abruptly shifted to healthy fruits and nuts for my “merienda”. I just don’t know how long I can keep myself disciplined ha ha ha!

  10. alam mo doc. i had hepatitis A na rin when i was in elementary school. kasi nga i’m a delinquent kid :S ang gusto ko kinakain yung bawal! as long as hindi naman nalalaman ni mama, GO lang ako! hay… hindi pa din ako nadala… so far, i have been safe! hahaha! thank God for that.

    i still vote for fishball sa kalye and banana que, too!

    1. as you may know, hepatitis A is transmitted fecal-oral route meaning someone infected with this virus can easily shed it off. prevention of course, is focused on avoiding ingestion of improperly prepared and cooked foods. sarap din kasi ang mga samalamig sa kalye, yung sago’t gulaman, pati syempre fish balls at bbq, bananacue. but once infected, ayun, we suffer the consequences. it’s tempting yes, but we should try to avoid. ayan naglecture na naman ako, 😀

  11. i love this post. i love merienda. i recommend the mango-flavored suman i bought at Noel’s Bazaar last Sunday. Sorry I forgot the brand, but I didn’t know that suman has various flavors until that visit. I remember our lanzones to be coming from an auntie of ours who’s a native of Zambales.

  12. I love everything in your blog. I miss Filipino food a lot. But I recently tried reconnecting with old Filipino favorites by making my own homemade treats, like bibingka for example.

  13. those fish balls look so good! i’ve been craving them lately. it’s times like these that i wish i lived back home in the philippines. what’s your recipe for them?

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