When my wife, Tina simply celebrated her 33rd birthday last Monday, with me and who else but our cute and smart son, Gabby in  Gateway Mall, we watched Bella turned 18 in their movie.

Incidentally, the night before watching New Moon in Gateway Cineplex, we got a chance to view Twilight on cable.  Excuse me, but I find these movies too cheesy; or maybe it’s just me.  However, I prefer the sequel rather than the initial film. With New Moon, I enjoyed the intense fight scenes between humogous warewolves and those too-pale-for-comfort vampires.  I also liked the parts when vampire Edward met Marcus, Caius and Aro who happens to be the governors of the vampire world in that so-called Volturi council chamber.  Those digitally enhanced scenes were done nicely.

My wife and I almost enjoyed the entire movie if not for the loud oooohs and aaahhhs from oggling youngsters whenever ripped torso of Taylor Lautner who played the wolf Jacob Black comes out on screen.  We certainly understand that a movie house is a public place and everyone is entitled to their own reactions.  But those female teenagers  who occupied an entire row in front of us were still geared in white uniforms complete with bar pins and IDs.  We don’t think their nursing school authorities  neither their parents will be proud seeing and hearing their kids oggling!  Little we expect, that we’ll be entertained not only by the movie itself but by its audience too! 😀

Have you seen New Moon?  How did you find it?


17 thoughts on “BAGONG BUWAN

  1. I like the movie (New Moon), it’s better than 2012! Whew!

    Unlike the werewolf fans in Gateway Cineplex, the audience in Reading Cinemas, Elizabeth, SA were so attentive and well-behaved.

    …can’t wait to see the Eclipse (or the Breaking Dawn?). Summit Entertainment should release the movie as soon as possible, otherwise, Robert Pattinson and the other vampire casts would noticeably look older (physically) in the succeeding films.

    1. hey doc rj, welcome back here! 😀 so how much does a movie ticket costs there in south australia?

      …sorry for being clueless of twilight saga as i don’t read its books but if there will be another next of its series, like harry potter, ron and hermione, bella and edward won’t look like their parts if their casted still as high schoolers.

  2. i agree with you. I find new moon better than the first one. The abs of Jacob really struck me (hahaha) and i was disappointed with the body of edward. Oh, what was your reactio when you saw edward and bella (turned vampire, both in white) while running in the woods? hahaha really laughed on that scene. their so gay hahahah.

    i love the movie that the book too.

    1. hi upto6only. …so it’s a common thing for ladies to swoon over jacob’s abs? kidding 😀
      true that although new moon is better than twilight which is more of a talkie film, there are few ridiculous scenes in new moon too, or it’s just me? 🙂

  3. i watched new moon on its 1st day at 1st screening pa haha. i liked new moon too than twilight. kasabay namin halos mga bagets kaya tilian din nung nag topless si jacob at lumabas ang “tropang abs” haha! 😛

    1. wow, dyanie, you’re not too much of a twilight fan, are you? LOL! 1st day, wow!!! i can’t blame you for being excited. …tropang abs? it’s new to me. ako din tropang abs – tropang ABStain from diet , hehehe!
      …have a great week ahead, dyanie. 😀

  4. im with you here docgelo. i dont get all the fuss of the whole twilight franchise. its too teeny bopper for my taste (but this doesnt mean i have a better taste than the majority). i have browsed all of the books but stopped reading after 3-4 chapters — too high school. I guess I’m a purist when it comes to vampires aka Bram Stoker’s Dracula. On the other hand, my hubby loves twilight the movie (i should emphasize this ’cause he finds the books are high school-ish too) and likes the new take on the vampire. he can’t wait to see new moon (if only someone would babysit Peewee). and yes i like all the CGI on the movie ang galing’noh?

    BTW, are you guys Team Edward or Team Jacob? LoL 🙂

    1. i like bram stoker’s dracula! it starred keannu reeves and gary oldman right? what about vampire lestat? or interview with the vampire and queen of the damned? i found these vampire films more entertaining and less of being mushy 😀 edward or team jacob? i leave those to the ladies. team tina and gabby ako! 😀
      i’m sure team john and peewee ka? am i right or am i right? LOL 🙂

  5. We’re not that into the Twilight series. We have the books, found it really dragging and boring, and have very little interest in the film.
    Wifey’s siter and cousin on the other hand are begging us to take them. I told them I wouldn’t pay Php200 for each of them for a film just so they can watch young semi-naked boys. Sabi ko punta na lang kami Ruins and buy the dibidi. 🙂

  6. I enjoyed reading the comments to this post. I am yet to write my movie review. Though I’m a fan, I always try to be objective with my reviews. Eclipse (Book 3) is my most fave among the saga.

  7. i was gonna avoid this post, but i couldn’t resist commenting so I had to read it one way or another. did you know that I watched twilight in the cinema and left the place halfway? now you do. i think the movie is just for fans of the book and the stars in it. my friend informed me that repertory philippines is currently performing their version of sweeny todd for ticket prices P200, 500 and 700. It’s on till December 13. I hope Gab will be admitted if you’re interested to see it.

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