Happy Birthday to my beautiful and caring wife, Tina!  I and Gabby love you so much! 😀  No words can describe how thankful I am for your understanding and endearing love for me and Gabby.  I know we’re going through bumps and humps but together and with God’s grace, we can smilingly pull it through. 🙂  I love you so, ‘ney!  😀



22 thoughts on “MY WIFEY’S DAY!

  1. Wow ang sweet naman hehe happy birthday to Tina! I wish makatagal pa siya sayo hehe joke lang, I should say ang swerte naman niya sayo (sipsip ko hehe). I can’t wait to see your photos 😉

  2. Happy Birthday Tina! Where did you celebrate it? Nako aabangan ko na yung next food post mo..masarap ulit yun for sure! Wala bang tira? Hehe.

    1. thanks, justine. my wife wanted her birthday on a low-key so we only had a simple early dinner at gateway and watched the movie of, ugh, vampires and wolves just for curiosity after seeing its primer on cable the night before.

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