Usually, most special gifts don’t come in huge boxes and colorful bows but intangible things.

Last Friday, I came home dead tired from work;  thankfully, what put the widest smile on my face and saved my day was this present : 

Our 5-year-old son, Gabby ranked 6th in his 30 student-Kindergarten class.  😀  My wife and I are having PPS! (read : Proud Parent Syndrome!) 😀

We’re so glad that he made it this second quarter to the list.  I attribute Gabby’s achievement to Tina’s efforts of guiding him on his academics.  His remarkable class rank reminds me that I should also give more quality time tutoring him on his school assignments.  I also sit with him and help him do his homeworks but not as usual as his mom.  We’re not pressuring him though, but we know he can exert more because his interest in learning is so apparent in attending school and even in participating in those so-called extra-curricular activities.  He also behaves well in and out of his classroom.

If you must know, preschoolers now study the concepts of  greater than and less than and  addition and subtraction in Math;  personal hygiene and body parts as well as parts and functions of a seed, a plant and its flower, so with number of legs of insects in Science. In Language, they’re done with the use of has and have, pronouns- he, she, it, verbs /action words; plural and singular nouns and more!   In Reading, they’ve studied community helpers and their jobs;   and Gabby now knows how to read short sentences. 🙂

During my preschool year (I was then accelerated from Nursery to Grade 1 after passing an exam), I know little of those topics but I ranked 5th of my Nursery class. Basic Computer subject during my time was taught in High School but with Gabby’s generation, they’ll soon be having Computer and Filipino subjects as early as next month!

Our son enjoys watching Asian Food Channel (other than his favorites -Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network) and he dreams of becoming a chef one day.  And (defensively,) we didn’t spoon-fed him of what he should be like in the future because as young parents, we believe that we’re only here to guide him all through out his journey. 😀  Perhaps what influenced him to wish to work in a kitchen someday are the things we do best – eating and enjoying every gastronomic adventure!  He isn’t a chef yet but our little foodie has already developed his own preference to some delights that never fail to please his palate 🙂

He may not have ranked first in their class but he is and he’ll be our Number One!

Congratulations, anak!  Keep it up! 😀

Always remember you’re our greatest gift from the Lord and we’ll be forever grateful to Him 🙂

25 thoughts on “THEIR SIXTH; OUR FIRST

  1. agree! kahit super tired na tyo tapos ganyan makikita mo, worth it ang lahat dba? ako naman, sis ko, top 4 ngayong quarter kaya sabi ko treat ko sya as a reward. 🙂

    congrats gabby! 🙂 congrats doc! congrats tina! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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