One of the perks of being a father that I enjoy the most is having kiddie moments with my own child.  I’m such a kid-at-heart, so dealing with my preschooler son’s cravings isn’t a big deal especially if it concerns his appetite for ice cream….

Can you imagine a world without ice cream? 😦

We may have different views about it but you will surely agree that this is too hard to resist…


Share a luxurious Haagen-Dazs FONDUE created from molten DARK chocolate sauce combined with an assortment of mini scoops, fresh seasonal fruits and patisserie… 

Pieces of chocolate chip cookies, wafer sticks, marshmallows or a heavenly soft pastry….

Selection of fresh tropical fruits : perfectly thin slices of bananas, apples and strawberries…

  • Every Haagen-Dazs Fondue comes with :
    • four mini scoops of Macadamia nut,
    • four mini scoops of Strawberry,
    • three mini scoops of Cookies and Cream
    • three mini scoops of Choc Choc chip

The extra regular scoop of Hazelnut Chocolate isn’t part of the Fondue but an extra order, PhP 150+.

My wife, Tina, our son, Gabby and I met up with my youngest brother, JC at SM-Mall of Asia last Sunday (after hearing mass and eating breakfast at Greenbelt, we mall-hopped to MOA!) afternoon and experienced this elegant taste bud-stimuli. 😀

My wife’s guilty pleasure was also apparent on her serving plate…

I personally prefer dark chocolates over other variants and because this Fondue comes with dark chocolate sauce, it makes the experience more  sinfully delicious!

Every dip   dunk is like a piece of heaven! 😀

Go ahead, feast your eyes… Haagen-Dazs is such an irresistible temptation. Each layer of  velvety creamiest ice cream comes with layer of taste, sensation and pleasure…

Our son, Gabby can make himself a good endorser, don’t you think so?

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that we enjoyed this finest ice cream creation without spending a cent…

I still believe in the saying, “The best things in life are FREE!” …

Forgive me, I am only sharing these GCs with my family; I know you also agree in the saying, “Family First Policy!”

Don’t worry, I’ll let you peek again at our next Haagen-Dazs intensely rich experience. 😀

Haagen-Dazs is truly a pleasure in its purest form!  Go ahead, inspire your senses…

If indulgence is a crime, then my family and I are guilty as charged! 😀

PS : We got the GCs from here  😀

And will you agree with me that HD Fondue in the Philippines is better than HD Hong Kong’s? view here 


HAAGEN-DAZS. 2/F 203-204A  SM MALL OF ASIA, PASAY CITY / Tel No : (63-2) 556-1111


40 thoughts on “MERRY SPOONFULS

    1. hey, ingrid! that haagen-dazs fondue is available at most of its branches. but i suggest better call first to confirm. they gave us their call card; hope it’ll be useful for you:

      haagen-dazs branches :
      sm megamall atrium, 2nd level tel # (63-2) 638-2971.
      edsa shangri-la plaza, L2 edsa shangri-la plaza mall, tel # (63-2) 634-8108.
      glorietta, ayala center, tel # (63-2) 752-7299.
      greenbelt 3 unit 113-d ground floor, g3, tel # (63-2) 757-7570.
      sm mall of asia, pasay city; 2nd level main mall, tel# (63-2) 556-2143.
      ground floor eastwood walk, eastwood city, libis qc, tel # (63-2) 687-1839.
      rockwell, powerplant mall, makati, tel# (63-2) 899-3274.
      greenhills shopping center, san juan tel# (63-2) 721-0111.
      alabang, corte de las palmas, ayala alabang, tel # (63-2) 687-1839.

      and that i did for the love of haagen-dazs and because i value my readers, naks! 😀
      thanks, ingrid 😮

    1. hi upto6only! my family and i also like DQ but for now, since we have GCs to splurge, we can’t thank haagen-dazs enough and we so love their ice cream! 😀

  1. so this is what I miss when I leave the blogging world for several weeks – tempting pics of ice cream! And Haagen Dazs at that. I always indulge myself in this brand of ice cream (as well as Baskin and Robbins) when I’m feeling low. Saw your other post too doc Gelo. You’re so lucky to get these for free! ice cream and fondue can never go wrong 😀
    790 pesos sounds like a steal for that much ice cream 🙂

    1. go to the nearest haagen-dazs store whenever possible, anne.
      (i enumerated all their branches and contact details in one of my replies above).
      i surely recommend those haagen-dazs creations and flavors we’ve sampled, sarap! 😀

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