“Congratulations and Mabuhay to Manny Pacquiao! You made us all proud!” – Hon. US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney on a local TV news comment about the boxer’s win against Puerto Rican, Miguel Cotto. 

Few hours before she made that statement in Greenbelt, Makati City where she was reported to watched  Pacman’s another record-breaking success yesterday, Sunday, 15 November, we had a wonderful time of casually meeting the Ambassador and this was our starstruck moment with her… 

gabby with US ambassador kristie kenney

My wife, Tina and our 5-year-old son, Gabby and I heard mass at Sto. Niño de Paz Chapel in Greenbelt Park in Makati yesterday morning. After the Holy Mass, we headed straight to Starbucks Coffee in Greenbelt 3 to eat breakfast. 

While sipping our drinks and munching on Starbucks yummies, Tina immediately spotted the Honorable Ambassador who came to coffee shop and  just like any common individual and very unlikely of other local celebrities and politicians, she went to queue for her order. 

It was already our second time to see her up close;  the first was few weeks ago at HAAGEN-DAZS BRANCH OPENING in Robinson’s Place, Manila where I was fortunately invited to cover the event for my blog.  She was fully guarded then as expected but still, I managed to get good photos of her during the ceremonial ribbon cutting for that new store.  Seeing her again in person, barely unguarded proved to us that she’s one of those down-to-earth diplomatic representatives. 

While she was waiting for her turn at the counter, I didn’t waste time of greeting her and asked if I can take a photo of her with my son.  In a heartbeat, she smiled and politely obliged to my humble request.  I was quietly jumping for joy when she even bent her knees and put her hands over my son’s shoulder for the shot. 😮 

Tina, who was seated at our table and I were really starstruck!  Had Gabby knew her contributions to our country beyond politics, my son probably had smiled better wider than he did.  

After I clicked the cam, I thanked the Ambassador and shook her hand with utmost gratitude. 😀   The moment was really awesome!

To Hon. Ambassador Kristie Kenney, thank you so much for such remarkable gesture.  For some it may be petty, but for us, Gabby’s simple photo-op with you was really one for the blog  books.  Maraming Salamat po! 


The poinsettias are now in bloom….docgeloand the race to get those 2010 STARBUCKS PLANNERS (in 3 cover-choices) via promo stickers is on!starbucks promo stickersThis year, a promo card with 17 completed stickers :   9 cups of any Holiday flavors (Toffee Nut, Dark Cherry Mocha, Peppermint Mocha) and  8 cups of any Starbucks Coffee blends entitles anyone to a coveted Starbucks Coffee 2010 planner. 

I like those Toffee Nut and Dark Cherry Mocha offered during holiday and Caramel Macchiato, Java Chip and other blends at any time of the day! My wife keeps her loyalty to her favorites :  White Choco Mocha frappuccino and Dark Mocha, twice blended please! 😀

FYI, I had the 2008 and (Tina and I had the) 2009 planners which were very useful (until now and for the remaining days of the year) to me jotting down notes and scheds etc. 

Not only that the promo card and red cups are present but Christmas goodies from the same coffee shop we love like…starbucks coffee's gingerbreadSTARBUCKS COFFEE’S GINGERBREAD COOKIE, PhP 50+.   I am far from being partial to ginger and anything baked with it but surprisingly, my palate likes this pastry so much. It was Gabby’s order turned out to be eaten by a cookie monster (ehem!) 😀

turkey sandwichsausage roll

I had Starbucks’ Turkey Sandwich, PhP 130+,    while Tina’s choice was Starbucks’ Sausage roll, PhP 75+ for breakfast.

We had a long but fun day and I’ll share it with you bit by bit. 

It was indeed another wonderful Sunday morning for us. What a way to start a new week! 😀

gabby in greenbelt, makati city

It’s already official –that NO amount of typhoons can ever stop Pinoys in celebrating Christmas!

docgelo's gabby

Got to find time to put up our X-mas tree soon… 😀

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Just awhile ago, I wathced the Sunday edition of TV Patrol when I saw Ambassador Kenney being interviewed wearing the same red Pacquiao shirt – that interview must have been in Greenbelt as well! I truly admire her for her approachability. And who would think Gabby and the Ambassador would be wearing red shirts on Pacquiao’s victorious day?

    1. that interview on tv was done in greenbelt 3 where we saw her last sunday.
      Ambassador Kenney is really approachable; one won’t feel intimidated with her and she’s like a friend to every Pinoy. 😀

  2. So where did you watch the Pacquiao-Cotto fight?

    Ganda ng mga Poinsettia noh? I was in Greenbelt too! Sayang hindi ko kayo nakita. Eh di sana nagpapicture din kayo sa akin. Hahaha!

    Have a good week!

    1. hey b’ley! we actually watched the fight only on tv after a day of mall-hopping from greenbelt to mall of asia last sunday. 😀

      for sure we’ll pose with you if we’ve seen each other at makati last sunday, LOL! celebrity ka din kaya (lalo na sa blogosphere!) 🙂

  3. Oh I miss starbucks! The closest starbucks store we have is 2hour drive from here but we have few selections on base (since we work in US base they offer selected drinks only) so I can still drink my fav mocha frapuccino. I admire the kindness and accomodating American ambassador, and you’re lucky to see her twice. So did you watch Pacman’s fight? 😉 It was a good fight, Pacquiao tiniris si Cotto hehehe

    1. hi missy! medyo deprived kayo pala dyan sa japan -US-base with other blends of starbucks. those christmas flavors are anticipated every holidays. 😀

      pacquiao is the greatest world (pinoy) boxer of all time, i guess.
      and your pacman and aling dionisia jokes made gasping for air laughing!

  4. We noticed the blooming poinsettias too when we were in GB last week for dinner with friends. Really spectacular. I thought they we fakes, until I touched them.

  5. From everything I read about US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenny, she is one-of-a- kind high ranking government official any country can be proud of.

    1. hi bert! with due respect to the other US Ambassadors to the Philippines, it is only the Honorable Kristie Kenney whom we considered the most socially active beyond her diplotic duties. i follow her blog and i know how dedicated she is to her (job) life here in the country.

    1. that photo of my son with the ambassador is really to be treasured, witsandnuts!
      it’s an amazing gesture of Hon. Kenney to literally stoop down for a pose without me asking her; she’s that humble and approachable. 😀 i am all praises for her!

  6. I’ve never met her personally, but everyone says Ambassador Kenney is really such a lovely person. You’re lucky to have met her!

    As for this year’s Holiday goodies at Starbucks, that turkey sandwich looks good!

    BTW, doc: why don’t you and your family come over to Heavenly Chocolates one of these days? The next Chocolate Appreciation workshop is set for either next month or January. 😀

    1. hello midge! Ambassador Kristie Kenney is indeed lovely up close; she’s so adorable and more than a public figure. she radiates with goodness inside out.

      you’ve to try that turkey sandwich; the mustard goes well with it and coffee of course.

      i’ll try to surf about that heavenly chocolates. sounds delish!

  7. i love ambassador kenney too 🙂 soooo down to earth! people person sya no doubt about it.

    doc, are you aware that your post has a RED theme? with the exception of the sandwiches, all photos are with red in it 🙂

    1. we share the same admiration for the ambassador, anne. tina and i like her to!

      …i didn’t intentionally post pictures with RED as a theme. you’re one keen observer! 😮

  8. hey doc, that was indeed an awesome way to start the week. i heard so many nice things about ms kenney and she looks really friendly in your photo. have a nice week too. 🙂

  9. hello docgelo! Dapat atang gawin syang Honorary Pinoy. 🙂 I was flipping channels last weekend and saw her at Wowowee. Kakatuwa sya.
    Speaking of Starbucks, what else did you try? Any dessert? Try the Creme Brulee Cheesecake, its to die for! 🙂

    1. hey ingrid, glad to know you’re back! i hope you’re health is A-OK now. i’ll visit your site later. anyway, i so agree with you that US Ambassador Kenney can pass as an Honorary Pinoy. with her efforts especially after the typhoon wrath, and her programs on kids and education and anything beyond her diplomatic duties, it’s really apparent she’s really pinoy-at-heart.
      … about starbucks, we’ve tried the choclate crepe cake but not yet that creme brulee cheesecake. at least there still something to lookforward on our next visit. you know how my family and i are so starbucks addicts! 😀

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