One lazy afternoon more than a week ago, I brought my wife, Tina and our 5-year-old son Gabby to Gateway Mall to have an early dinner in a restaurant that isn’t new to our palates. 

While  waiting for our order, Gabby became too busy with the crayons provided by the waitress clad in neck tie and apron while Tina and I were preoccupied doing nothing. 😀

I and my wife usually oblige whenever a wait staff of a restaurant asks us to fill out a comment card to evaluate the food, ambiance, their service and whatnot to help them with the improvement.  But since there was no one in that restaurant had asked me to do so, I just kept the comment card and brought it home. 

Here are my comments on that particular eat-out :

  • Our goal is to give you the best!
  • You’re here for : DINNER
  • How often do you dine with us ?  once in a while
  • Please rank each of the following on a scale from 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent)
  • The LOBBY :
  • Were the lobby staff friendly and did they welcome you to the restaurant ? 3
  • Were you seated in a timely, efficient manner ? 4
  • The SERVER :
  • Was the server attentive and there when you needed him/her ? 4
  • Was your server knowledgeable and able to answer your questions about our food and beverages?  5
  • How was the pacing of your meal ?  4
  • The FOOD :
  • How’s the taste of your food ? 3
  • Please rank your visit on the value for money. 3
  • Would you recommend this restaurant to a close friend or relative ? 4
  • What did you like most about your visit ?  I like the fact that you’re friendly to family with kid/s. 
  • What do you want us to improve on?   Overall taste; it should always exceed our expectations.
  • Whether you give us a very good rating or not, we assure you that we will do our best iin giving you nothing but the best. Thank you very much and enjoy your meal.

After 15 minutes of waiting, what we favored from the menu were served with a smile 😀

seafood caesar saladSEAFOOD CAESAR SUPREME, regular PhP 395+ (large PhP 445+).  Traditional Caesar salad topped with fried calamari and grilled shrimps, crabmeat and parmesan cheese.  I so love its ingredients but I wished they could have added more dressing into it. I didn’t ask for more but should I?

supreme samplerSUPREME SAMPLER, regular PhP 395 (large PhP 595 +).  A combination of Buffalo wings, Sta Fe spring rolls, mozzarella sticks and onion rings.   My wife likes the spicy hot Buffalo wings which are served with celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing. This platter also has deep fried onion rings coated with seasoned mix, served with ranch dressing which I personally like.  Another inclusive in the plate are mozzarella sticks which are Gabby’s favorite.

Since this wasn’t our first time to dine there and already have tried other yummies from their other branches, I was no longer surprised that the wait staff knows every ingredient there is in Sta Fe spring roll when I asked her about it. That is really impressive in a server. 😀 I usually ask them of their bestsellers and I just hate it when someone doesn’t know anything about the food they offer and gives you nothing but blank stares. 😮 But this restaurant’s people are really exceptional; well-trained.

However, the three of us didn’t  like that Sta Fe spring rolls at all, sorry. They are stir-fried long stem bean sprouts, cilantro, chicken strips, Monterey Jack cheese, wrapped and dip fried till golden.  Perhaps it’s only us that we found every single ingredient incompatible in that roll; or we’re only partial to the Pinoy version of wrapped and fried bean sprouts deliciously dipped in vinegar! 😀

supreme sampler plateIMG_5167

We made sure Gabby enjoys that dinner by having his other favorite; what else but pizza!

pizza samplerPIZZA SAMPLER, regular PhP 375+ (large PhP 475+).  My son has been biased with QUATTRO FORMAGGI or four cheese pizza but there was none on their menu, so we had the sampler instead, which is a combination of 2 to 4 pizza flavors of your choice.  For Gabby, we ordered MARGHERITA in half serving, with mozzarella and parmesan in fresh tomato sauce, less the basil leaves and the other half we tried FRUTTE DE MARE topped with shrimps, calamari,  mussels, bell pepper rings and onions. We like any pizza that’s stone-baked, so we give this Pizza Sampler our two-thumbs-up! 😀
pizza sampler 2

You might think we finished all these plates, WRONG! We have huge appetite but we’re too full for all of these yummies. We had the left-overs to-go and reheated as our breakfast the next morning but nothing was left in the plate of our dessert..

mississipi mud pieMISSISSIPI MUD PIE, PhP 155+. The plating and the mud pie itself are enticingly divine!

IMG_5178IMG_5154IMG_5184tina & gabby 

So can you perfectly guess where we dined last week ?


8 thoughts on “ANYTHING GOES AT…


    love their seafood caesar salad, mozzarella sticks, d seafood linguine! 🙂 my sister loves the hamburgoo or the bacon cheeseburger!

  2. BURGOO!

    I recognized the plates and of course the flip chart paper on the table top along with crayons. Dun pa nga sinusulat ng waiter yung name nya eh. Haha! 😀

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