Other than great-tasting food, enticing ambiance, impeccable service, location and figures on the menu, my wife and I always look for family-friendliness in any food place.

IMG_5195Because we love our Kindergarten son, Gabby so dearly, he’s our topmost priority of course, particularly in choosing a place where we can chow down;  either in a  turo-turo, a fastfood joint or a restaurant in hotels or somewhere, there should always be something for Gabby to munch and/or to keep him busy.  


Before heading to the Century Corned Tuna Bloggers’ Cook Off at The Stock Market where I was invited to be one of the foodie-judges, we had our late lunch at TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL in Bonifacio High Street last Saturday.  It was our first time to eat there and you know our expectations.

We’re really really ready to grab a bite at something for it was past one in the afternoon already.  As we’re quickly ushered in to our table; we immediately browsed the menu and we’re offered dried peanuts as appetizers while waiting.  Luckily, not too long after we ordered, the cowboy and cowgirl wait staffs of Texas Roadhouse Grill brought to our table these…

IMG_5211WILD CHEESE FRITTERS, PhP 200 but we got it for FREE because we have a coupon stapled at their flyer valid until 15 November. KIDS also EAT FREE every weekend at Texas Roadhouse Grill but since we availed of this promo already; we only got one freebie.  No worries, for cheese sticks are one of Gabby’s favorites.  It’s a bunch of fried mozzarella sticks in marinara sauce.  It’s a really good starter! 😀

While Gabby was enjoying his wild cheese fritters, Tina had this…sweet soy marlinSWEET SOY MARLIN, PhP 385+.  It’s a great serving of grilled Blue Marlin drizzled with melted garlic butter, served with Texas rice and fresh veggies.  I, of course tasted what’s on Tina’s  plate and like her, I was amazed at how they grilled the fish into almost perfection!  It was so flavorful I almost forgot it wasn’t my plate, LOL 🙂 One thing that I like best with most restaurants is when they serve freshly blanched veggies that they cut and sliced themselves.  I am so partial to those who try to avoid using instant corn and carrots that are readily available at most supermarkets. 🙂

It was definitely a late lunch for us without red meat because I also chose seafood to pig-out.shrimp and salmon skewersSHRIMP and SALMON SKEWERS, PhP 420+ .  Three skewers of juicy shrimp and salmon, grilled and seasoned with Roadhouse herbs and spices. Served on a bed of Texas rice and fresh veggies.  The cowboy-server was so compelling that their dishes are best served with sauteed mushrooms, so I requested an add-on; but little that I know it’ll cost me PhP 95+, a  price that’s equivalent to 3 cans of button mushrooms already!  Ayos lang,  it really complemented my plate well. 

If you’re a frequent reader of my posts, you know by now that I do love almost anything with shrimps. I like it buttered, steamed and yes, grilled.  This plate of shrimps and salmons + veggies and lemon butter sauce was my HAPPINESS last weekend! It may be pricey yes, but a sure treat to someone who likes seafood so much.


Of course, a better way to cap a nice meal is to have a sweet ending.

Gabby’s choice for our dessert-to-share :   cowboy chocolate cakeCOWBOY CHOCOLATE CAKE, PhP 220+. This is described in their menu as the most decadent chocolate cake in the West. Rich, moist chocolate cake; you’d ask for more! It’s topped with vanilla-flavored ice cream coated with melted chocolate. It was so heavenly! (that my wife told me its price sky-rocketted to 7th heavens! She meant was there are some who offered almost the same kind of dessert for less)  😀  Good thing about this was the fact that Gabby liked it.

The place is cozy; we like the  tavern look made up of wooden planks and swaying doors to the kitchen and toilets. One side of the resto has the bar where one can enjoy a good drink while watching a nice play at their flat screen TV. 

The wait staffs clad in plaid long-sleeved shirts with scarves and in boots were commendable for being courteous and smiley.

We dined there at Texas Roadhouse Grill with other families who were also enjoying their weekend.  It’s enough proof that it’s a good place not only to hang out with friends but a venue where wholesome family fun can be enjoyed. 😮


TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL, Bldg 1 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  Tel # (63-2) 856-1547 / 856-2499.  Other branch at Ruby Road, El Pueblo Real de Manila, Ortigas, Pasig City. Tel # (63-2) 635-6715.  


15 thoughts on “MORE THAN A GRILL PLACE

  1. we were supposed to eat there last week kaso nag back out mga kasama ko kasi ang layo ng fort samin haha!

    apir sa shrinp lovers!!! yey!!! 🙂

    doc, bigla kong nagutom! imagine, 3am na haha!

  2. ‘TEXAS Roadhouse Grill’… plus the words ‘cowboy’ and ‘cowgirl’ that you’ve mentioned in the intro, I was expecting na mga T-bone steak, or porterhouse with mashed potatoes ang in-order niyo, Doc.

    I am really curious about the taste of their turmeric-coloured ‘Texas rice’. Is it really inspired from Texas, USA or specially created ‘yon ng chef nila dahil maki-kanin talaga ang mga Filipinos. American po ba ang may-ari?

    1. they have chops and steaks of course, doc rj, but we felt like eating seafoods last saturday and we definitely enjoyed it. 😮
      …got no idea if the owner/s is/are foreigners or pinoy/s… i’ll ask about it on our next visit.

    1. hello alphasensei, welcome to my blog! thanks for the visit. you’re welcome to frequent my site. salamat for those kind words about my family; our son’s really adorable!

  3. kakagutom na naman, I love seafood! The blue marlin looks good and yummy. I’m curious with the attire of the servers, did you take a picture of them? hehehe I’m imagining they’re look like Woody and his partner (forgot her name)of Toys Story hahaha. I haven’t been to the The Fort, I should visit that once we visit Pinas uli.

    1. hey missy! glad to have you here again. i am definitely recommending you try to stroll and dine at any resto at boni high street and serendra in fort global city, taguig on your next vacation here. i am sure you’ll like there! para syang patterned sa mga malls sa auckland, new zealand na open space, with so many greens suggesting everyone to be eco-friendly… and yes, servers at texas roadhouse grill look like woody and his partner at toy story! la akong picture nila e, hiya pa ako at di ko pa kaya i-ask sila magpose for my cam… 😀

  4. i noticed you did not make mention about those beef steaks. maybe, you didn’t try them. lucky you! they are horrible!! done at medium rare, they are tough & very rubbery. what more if well done. lucky for me their 10oz steaks are just the size of a 4oz. or else i would have broken my arm & jaw muscles chewing on them. my big mistake was trusting their hostess’ recommendation. what a way to dupe customers.

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