If you must know, my family and I have been eating CENTURY TUNA for decades now. Personally, it’s one of those canned goods I like on my sandwich, or as simple as rice toppings and appreciate it more on some dishes. I like my Century tuna flakes or chunks in brine, oil, water, hot and spicy and their flavored variants of Mechado, Bicol Express and the like. So when this brand came out with their newest innovation, adding to their line of products a few weeks back, I was one of those many who became so curious of how it’s going to taste like.

I love corned beef particularly a local brand and Century tuna a lot like I love eating; and I honestly never thought that these two can make a great fusion and can transform any instant dining into a healthier experience and a little more edgy until they introduced CENTURY CORNED TUNA

Saturday, 07 November ’09  – I went with my wife, Tina and our 5-year-old son, Gabby to THE STOCK MARKET (the restaurant, not the stock market we all know! It’s called as such because it’s where Del Monte showcases its stock of products from salad dressings to fruit juices etc.) at Bonifacio High Street in Fort, Global City in Taguig City for the CENTURY CORNED TUNA BLOGGERS’ COOK OFF.


We were served with these plates and a choice of iced tea or lemonade…IMG_5261The sandwich and the pasta was made better with what else but Century Corned Tuna.  🙂

So did I cook? Did I participate in the ala Iron-Chef-Bloggers’ Cook Off? 6I was fortunate to be invited via e-mail last week as one of the (self-proclaimed) foodies and food bloggers to this event (Yes, this blog remains to be about my family and our adventures beyond dining!).  My participation was upgraded to the next level when I was asked (via e-mail again) if I can sit as one of the…ehem,  judges.  😮 Who says doctors &/or educators can’t be best food tasters  critics ? We also have our own discriminating palates, LOL!  😀  Needless to say, I obliged. 

7The contest was lively hosted by celebrities JM Rodriguez and QTV QUICKFIRE Chef-Mom Rosebud Benitez (my family is a fan of her cooking show).  

Here are the ingredients that the bloggers had to include, but not necessarily all, as they were tasked to prepare an appetizer and an entree per team.


While the food bloggers in Team A and Team B were busy preparing for their dishes… 


my name was called by the hosts as one of the GAME participants!  C’mmon, can you spot me ?  😮 


While I was busy guessing the condiment as we taste it blind-folded, our adorable son, Gabby was busy too posing for the cam 😀  Isn’t he the cutest 5-year-old kid?  You cannot agree less and I cannot blame genetics, hahaha!  😮


My fellow foodie-bloggers made sure that their pasta was cooked al dente!  I’m no chef but I follow my own rule of  no-cooking-beyond-ten-minutes to make it pasta-perfect!  It usually works.


While waiting for their contest-entries, my co-judge, Ariel was so generous to take our pic with the 2009 Century Tuna Superbod Model Winners…(papasa na din ba kaming Tuna models? hehehe 😮 )

with 2009 century tuna superbod winners 

On with the judging thing… Team A and their starter…


Team A’s appetizer was canape made of soft white bread topped with Century Corned Tuna on slices of tomato with asparagus.  Their main dish was…20Fusilli in olive oil highlighted by the main ingredient plus tomatoes and parmesan.  

On the other table was Team B with their starter…


It was a salsa made of….pears! and pita tortilla with Century Corned Tuna filling ala quesadilla… and their entree was the bomb itself!  


Tagliatelle in olive oil topped with the main ingredient, asparagus and chopped almonds.  Believe it or not,  it was delicious!  Now, can you guess who won?

gabby with chef rosebud benitez and jm rodriguez 

Judging was damn easy; given a set of criteria and my own gastronomic instincts, I believe I was fair enough for the two teams.   It was a unanimous decision actually. And it was fun doing it 😀

They’ve proved that they’re not only good on food blogging but knows culinary as well.  And they did their best dishes with Century Corned Tuna!

There was a dinner buffet after the contest but we beg off as my family and I were still full. After I was given a token of  box of 6 cans of Century Tuna Bangus Fillet Spanish-Style Gourmet, I thanked the people who invited me and politely exit to Timezone and Starbucks. 😀


Sarap itong Century Bangus fillet! Try it too! I’ve never enjoyed bangus like this before. 😀

 Have you tried CENTURY CORNED TUNA already ?  Grocery shelves are running out of stocks. 


Thank you to the management of Century Corned Tuna and all the people behind this event particularly Mr. Christopher Santos (not my relative)  for inviting me here. Salamat ! 😀


  1. Century Tuna is one of our comfort food; be it a sandwich spread, paired with steamed rice, or a pasta thing – this canned good can never go wrong with anything 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen them here in the states yet…but when I do, I will surely try it.
    Gabby is really a looker!…nice looking boy! syempre may pinagmanahan, ganda ng nanay! joking lang po! 😉

    1. ha ha ha, ms. nance, you made my sunday morning with your comment 😀
      …anyway, i’m sure you’ll find a century tuna can in any variant there in new york.

  3. I’m not kidding. I just had century tuna for brunch a few hours ago. My bro cooked his version for me. congrats to you for being part of that fun event. That tagliatelle looks very delicious. And those models look out-of-this-world with their perfect bodies.

  4. wow! cant be a judge here, i might end up looking for prizes for all the participants. but i heard there’s a shortage of tuna in the coming years as featured in Time magazine.

  5. Nice meeting you and your family Doc Gelo, esp. your cute son. Am glad naging unanimous ang decision ng judges. We were so happy with winning. And we really enjoyed the event!

  6. Hello Sir! 🙂

    I’m new to these events for bloggers. It was really nice being a part of it. Btw, I’m one of the contestants from game 2 yesterday. 😉


  7. Thanks for making us win! Hehe. And yes, I will say it, our pasta was really really good. I’m actually off to the supermarket now to buy ingredients that I’m missing so I can recreate the dish here at home! (btw, may I borrow the pics of our pasta and quesadillas? credits for sure).

    1. the 2 teams prepared wonderful dishes but like any contest, there should only be one winner and your team deserved it. congratulations! thanks for visiting my blog. i’ll email you the pics as requested 😀

  8. Wow, from blogging to judging, what’s next now Doc?
    I see Centura Tuna products in the Fil-Am grocery that I go to. I should be checking for it next time – Corned Tuna sounds like a delicious quick answer to my hunger pangs whenever I go home late.

    1. hello dennis, how’s the weather there in NY? i was just as lucky as those foodie-bloggers who were invited to this event…. go try century tuna corned beef and that bangus fillet; they’re really delish!

  9. i like century tuna coz it is Century Tuna. BUT you guys should try the competitor brand, San Marino corned tuna. IMHO, it tastes way better than century. more corned beef taste and appearance. it is always out of stock.

    1. hey leica, thanks for dropping by again. i haven’t tried that brand yet, been loyal to century ever since. i’ll try it whenever possible and will compare it as well. but that century bangus fillet -spanish style gourmet was so good that my wife and i decided to include it as one of our essentials in our grocery cart.

      1. ooh ill definitely include century bangus spanish style in my grocery list this weekend. hehe. have u tried the century bangus in tausi? i heard it’s also good 🙂 dont get me wrong docgelo ha, but i love century tuna, yun lang sa corned tuna eh im leaning towards san marino talaga. dun lang talaga. hehe. more power doc & regards to ur wife n son! ❤

  10. You can never seem to go wrong with Century Tuna: it’s so versatile! It’s one of my favorite mix-ins for macaroni salad and it’s great for making breakfast omelets.

    Now, I must try making that tagliatelle with tuna at home!

    1. you said it well, midge. century tuna is one the best local canned goods. try that bangus fillet and corned tuna; i know you can dish out a plate or two with those yummies 😮

  11. Hi Doc Gelo,

    I frequent your blog and it was good to finally meet you, although briefly and hurriedly, last Saturday during the cook-off event. We were so thrilled with the win!!! I was just so loud *blush* but I super enjoyed the team spirit during the competition –winning was icing on the cake.

    I was really proud with the finish product made by Team B.


    Between Bites

    1. hey jane, congratulations to you and to your team. your appetizer and that pasta were really done greatly. bravo for the win! the other team of bloggers exerted efforts and is remarkable as well. i guess what’s more important was the time spent for foodies to have fun. hope to meet you all again on the next bloggers’ events. 😀

      i also follow your between bites blog but now it’s officially on my sidebar. 😀

      cheers! 😀

  12. Hello Doc,
    My favorite Century Tuna is Bicol Express. Masarap talaga siya. And I’m glad Century is expanding its line of flavors. Gabby looks guwapo–manang mana sa daddy at mommy niya. Btw, your lovely wife–kahawig ni Valerie Concepcion 😉
    Iba ka talaga Doc, pag nagkwento ka ay parang andun na rin kami. Thanks ha?

    1. hey dennis! i also like bicol express. pareho pala tayong spice boys 😀 thanks for your nice words. my wife usually gets those “celebrity-look-a-like” comments even from her students and friends. minsan asunta da rossi, angel aquino and yes, valerie concepcion according to you and others. thanks, we take it as compliment 😀

  13. Wow! Sarap naman ng buhay! 😀

    I love Century Tuna. Since I live alone and seldom cook, punung-puno ng Century Tuna ang pantry ko. LOL. Glad to see that you and your family had lots of fun in the event. More events to come! I-share mo ulit sa amin ha. 🙂

    1. b’ley! how’s bohol. uy, we share again our choice of tuna… -century! 😮
      yup, definitely there’s another event next week to post here. i was invited to an exclusive meeting with the man behind the best wine brand from the land down under.
      sing by here again next week for that post, thanks!

  14. With the (superficial and profundus) looks of Gabby, I can say that: Doc, you are qualified to become a Century Tuna model! Kaunting work out nalang. U

    Have you met Wyatt of Wyatt’s Kichen in this event Doc Gelo?

    Can’t wait to have some Century Corned Tuna from the Asian Shop nearby… Aabangan ko ‘yan dito.

    1. hey doc rj! sorry to disappoint you but i’m to lazy to go to the gym. yes, it’s shame to the two letters added to my surname nonetheless, i know how to control everything, hahaha.. kaya lang it’s apparent that i gain weight and more weight each days. ha! ha! ha!
      …still wish someday i get a chance to diminish my extra pounds though i’m far from being morbidly obese yet, LOL! ….anyway, go try those century tuna variants whenever you spot them in asian stores there in australia. thanks for dropping by! 😮

  15. Ang galing mo naman Doc, iba na talaga ang sikat! Congrats for being the judge and model of century tuna ;-), thanks for sharing, nakakatakam tuloy… sana matikman ko rin yang bago nilang flavor, bangus at corned tuna. Pag uwi ko dyan sa Pilipinas, bibili ako ng isang kahon niyan ipapaship ko dito sa Japan para sa amin lang at panalubong sa mga friends hehehe. Si Gabby sanay na sa pagpose sa cam manang-mana talaga sa Daddy hehehe. Si Ma’am Tina as usual blooming pa rin 😉 iba na talagang mag-alaga si Mister hehehe

    1. hey missy, how’s the weather there in your place? we had fun time there at century tuna bloggers’ cook off. hindi naman po ako sikat, malayong malayo. pinalad lang na mainvite to be a foodie-judge 😀 i’m definite that you’ll like that century corned tuna and our latest favorite – century bangus fillet -spanish style. we like it with calamansi, kanin na lang ang kulang! yum yum 🙂 …nga pala, wag mo ng i-maam si tina, para (kunyari) close-na-close na tayo (even sa virtual world lang muna) 😀 thanks for the visit here. stay safe there in japan!

  16. hi sir, im one of the bloggers who were part of team b. Is it okay to link you up in my blog? At the same time, okay lang po ba humingi ng copy ng pics and post it in my blog. pretty please. 🙂

    1. hello eRLyn, sure, i’ll appreciate if we officially become blog buddies! i’ll link your site too with mine. 😀 i’ll email you the pictures in no time. thanks!

  17. Tuna is really one of life’s easiest to use but best tasting and healthy foods on the planet. Tuna salad, Tuna sandwiches, or just on crackers, it all is just too good to be true! Cheers~

  18. i love century tuna, but i was trying to look for the new choice tuna fillet in olive oil,are they out on the market already? if so,which grocery stores?

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