Guess where my family and I spent our Thursday afternoon?haagen-dazs robinson's place

            The world’s best ice cream + priceless family bonding moment = absolute bliss !

I got an invitation to attend Haagen-Dazs branch Opening at Robinson’s Place Manila.  How can you resist such wonderful event ?  How can you say no to such luxurious indulgence ?

Haagen-Dazs continues to allow Pinoys to enjoy the world’s creamiest ice cream by opening a new branch at the ground floor of the Midtown Wing of Robinson’s Place Manila.  The set up of the new shop boasts not only of Italian designed furnitures, freezers and dipping cabinets but moreso of those remarkably delicious ice cream flavors.  robinson's place manila branch

The well-organized occasion started with a simple yet satisfying cocktail party by TGI Fridays…tgif + haagen-dazs

I only had a plate; kept my cravings in control and left more gastric space for those dense velvety ice cream!


They initially served Haagen-Dazs Dark Chocolate Orange cups. It’s a perfect sweet ending to a stimulating quick bites and a wonderful prelude to the program.

Unlike the other press launches, the event forego of  the usual fashion show and whatnot; it was made more special by having short three-act show by 3 gorgeous models.  The play was about 3 different women living in the same building with a common search for an inspiration.

A young, hip and edgy had been stuck with nothing to complete her lyrics for a song until she was totally inspired by a tub of Haagen-Dazs 😀


Then there was a damsel who got troubled by her boyfriend over the phone who eventually found solace in a tall glass of that irresistible delight 😀


Who would not agree that Haagen-Dazs is such a perfect partner to celebrate success of whatever magnitude?  This was also depicted in the last scene wherein a yuppie got her promotion at work.  She immediately called her friends to share her happiness expressed in cones and cups of  Haagen-Dazs ice cream. 😀


Any shop inauguration is never complete without that ceremonial ribbon-cutting.  And I don’t think there’s anyone more appropriate to to do such act but United States Ambassador to the Philippines, Hon. Kristie Kenney.

Ambassador Kenney

FYI, I follow her blog; check my sidebar on the right -I even commented on some of her previous posts. You could just imagine how thrilled we were to have attended this event with her. She’s so wonderful up close. She smiled and smiled sincerely. She simply radiated and represented effortlessly not only her country but everybody who loves ice cream!  We liked her most when she said that everyone she left at the embassy was so jealous of her attending Haagen-Dazs Opening . 😀

Haagen-Dazs Robinson's Place Manila Branch Opening

Ambassador Kenney was graciously assisted by Haagen-Dazs-Philippines General Manager, Ms. Tess Panganiban and Robinsons Land Corporation Business Unit General Manager, Mr. Cornelio Mapa.

Hon. Kristie Kenney at Haagen-Dazs Robinson's Place Manila

They also had that ceremonial scoop wearing those HD head caps and enjoyed Macadamia and Chocolate flavored yummies. 😀

Ambassador Kristie KenneyHaagen-Dazs + Hon. Kristie Kenney

When we were ushered back to the lobby, these great tempting treats were served generously…

my son gabby with Chocolate Temptation

Isn’t it apparent on Gabby’s smile that he’s so excited to try that plate?

CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION is one of Haagen-Dazs’ Christmas menu. It’ served with pretzel sticks on top of two butter cookies, layered with scoops of DARK CHOCOLATE ORANGE, MIDNIGHT COOKIES and CREAM, BELGIAN CHOCOLATE, CAPPUCCINO TRUFFLE and TIRAMISU, garnished with almond bits and cherries. 


That’s sinfully delicious. 😀

docgelobeauty + bestIMG_5127docgelo and gabby

Chocolate Christmas Spire

CHOCOLATE CHRISTMAS SPIRE : consists of scoops of BELGIAN CHOCOLATE and DARK CHOCOLATE ORANGE ICE CREAM, served on top of a layer of COOKIES and CREAM ice cream and warm BROWNIE CAKE. 😀

What a divine creation from Haagen-Dazs! Truly, impeccable…I, my wife and our kid just love it!  

tina & gabby with haagen-dazs chocolate christmas spire

Indeed, it was another glorious fun-filled family activity for us! We’re definitely coming back for more!!!

gabby + haagen-dazs robinson's place manilaIMG_5136IMG_5135gaaby + press kits

And did I already tell you that we went home with press kits + freebies too?

gabby and haagen-dazs

Haagen-Dazs is not only the world’s best ice cream;  it’s such an experience!

So what Haagen-Dazs ice cream flavor/s is/are your favorite/s ?

Thank you so much to Haagen-Dazs Philippines, particularly Robinsons Place Manila branch!

Maraming Salamat to Ms. Nadal, one of the nicest PR and events manager we’ve ever met for the invites.  I look forward for more to come, hehehe 😀 More Power to Haagen-Dazs!  God bless 😀

HAAGEN-DAZS Robinson’s Place Midtown Wing is open from 10AM to 9PM daily. 

Other Haagen-Dazs branches are located at SM Mall of Asia (5561111), SM Megamall Atrium (6382971), Shangri La (634-8108), Glorietta (7527299), Greenhills (721-0111), Alabang Town Center (809-2016), Power Plant Mall (899-3274), Greenbelt (757-7570) and Eastwood City (687-1839).

32 thoughts on “INSPIRE YOUR SENSES

  1. i like their campaign “DND slow melting” thing. slow melting = less ice cystals = less water = more creamy! HD is one of the foreign ice creams i like aside from Graeter’s and Ben and Jerry’s. Creamy and intense ang flavor. Docgelo, if you want the same quality of ice cream pero Pinoy made, try Sebastian’s especially Chocoholics Anonymous. Same creamy taste and packs full flavor, it can compete with HD. They have a branch in TriNoma (its in front of Celio 3rd flr ata)at SM the Block sa topmost flr near the cinemas. hope you try them 🙂 happy weekend

    1. hello, ingrid! nice to have you back here. we’ve been to auckland, new zealand and (I to)US before and luckily have tried good-tasting ice cream here and there, but nothing compares to haagen-dazs! it’s simply the greatest for our taste buds, hehehe.. such a luxurious indulgence! i’m no expert of course and am open to new food finds. we’ve seen that ice cream brand you mentioned several times over in malls and will also try it whenever possible. thanks!

  2. Wow you’re lucky to have been invited to such a nice opening party! To be honest hindi pa talaga ako nakatikim ng Haagen Dazs kasi medyo out of reach ng budget ko eh hehehe. Pero sabi nila (at ikaw na rin) na ito nga ang best ice cream sa buong mundo. The christmas spire ice cream looks fantastic!

    1. hi, dennis! lucky indeed, you bet! hahaha…
      haagen-dazs is pricey compared to other brands but its cost is sooo logical for the experience it can offer… dare yourself to taste the world’s best tasting ice cream! huge groceries have its little cups 😀 or you may try to include haagen-dazs as an EXTRA-SUPER TREAT to yourself particularly on great occasions 😀 after all, we deserve something REALLY SPECIAL even once in a while. 😀 just be careful, it can be HABIT-FORMING! 😀

  3. Doc Gelo! Super nice photos and super nice write-up!!! Thank you sooo much, I am so happy to hear that you had a great time. See you again soon!

  4. anu lasa ng orange ice cream? nakapag try na ko nun sa chocolates pero di pa sa ice cream. maganda na din pala ang rob place ano? last time ko ata nakapunta jan eh 2 yrs ago na. malayo kasi samin eh hehe 😉

    1. malayo din sa amin, dyanie ang robinson’s place but we cannot forgive ourselves if we had not attended this event, hehehe 😀 robinson’s place now is greatly improved and is currently still under renovation; it has great restaurants and food places including that newly opened Haagen-Dazs!

      how does that Haagen-Dazs dark chocolate orange ice cream tastes like ? I AM SO BIASED to say IT’S AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS because i personally like dark chocolates whether on bars or on ice cream, BUT IT IS! believe me, hehehe. I honestly didn’t expect a better fusion between zesty oranges and dark chocolates in ice cream but it certainly worked well! SARAPPPPP!!! Haagen-Dazs made it best! Slow-melting pa, because just like gelato, Haagen-Dazs ice cream has less air content making every ice cream pleasure last longer. 😀

  5. Lucky lucky lucky! That Christmas Chocolate Spire made me drool! The presentation was fantastic and I’m sure that it tastes fantastic too! I bet the dark chocolate + orange was delish. I’m a sucker for dark chocolates too. 🙂

    The last time I went to Robinson’s Place was around September. Maraming tao! But the newest wing was teeming with good shops. Of course, I bought my fave Yoh-gurt Froz there. 🙂

    1. hello there b’ley! how’s bohol? i bet you’re presently lounging on a beach cabana or something. enjoy and we’ll wait for your awesome posts.

      anyway, it’s true that chocolate christmas spire is more than a treat. those wonderful dark chocolate artful shavings complimented well those great-tasting scoops of Haagen-Dazs… you should try Haagen-Dazs chocolate orange ice cream; it’s one of the best flavors!

    1. hey lawstude, thanks for dropping by. welcome to my site 😀
      go treat yourself with a cup or two of ice cream, sarap di ba? especially if it’s HD.

  6. doc!!! bakit ka invited in this event? you are so lucky! ininggit mo na naman ako! this post made me crave for haaggen dazs 😦 and i’m trying to lose weight…

    i love the campaign slogan – “slow melting in progress” and the ad where gabby posed — “make someone melt”,… hay….

    both tina and gabby have big smiles on their faces ;-)… btw — what’s inside the loot bags?

    PS : forget my diet… i want to try the dark chocolate orange!!!

    1. try that dark chocolate orange, it’s super sarap, anne! 😀
      common, indulge in haagen-dazs!

      why was i invited? i was one of the lucky (food) bloggers who got invited.
      i’m so flattered to received another invite for tomorrow to sit as one of the 4 judges of century tuna bloggers’ cookfest at the stock market in boni high street. like this haagen-dazs event, i just received an email from the organizers. it’s so amazing. 😀

      what’s in the loot bags, err PRESS KITS? -a satin+thermos maroon bag good for anything hot or cold like those Haagen-Dazs tubs, a press release folder + CD, and hold your breath, GIFT CERTIFICATES from the generous people of Haagen-Dazs valid until 2010.. With how much amount, I’m not telling, hahaha.. basta you’ll get more envious, JOKE! but it’s enough to feed ten people of pints of HD! :D…

  7. Ice cream is one of my weaknesses – even in winter, I couldn’t resist stocking a flavor or two (usually chocolate & strawberry). Haagen Dazs is great tasting but depending on what usually comes on sale at my local grocery (buy one take one is common!) I also stock up on Ben & Jerry’s, Edy’s or Blue Bunny.

    The current US Ambassador to the Philippines is truly down-to-earth. Who would expect she’d take her time to go beyond diplomatic duties to open a new ice cream outlet? Like you, I do check her blog.

  8. Alam kong masarap ang mga ice cream flavours ng Haagen Dazs, pero mas hinahanap-hanap ko pa rin ang durian, ube at sweet corn flavours ng Filipino ice cream. Peace, Doc Gelo.

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