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IMG_4963It’s not our first time to dine at JOHN AND YOKO in Greenbelt 5, Makati City.  We’re also quite familiar with the other themed restaurants within its group of companies-  MR. KUROSAWA  Euro-Japanese in Eastwood Mall and SUMO SAM in Shangri la (and other) malls as we’ve tried them a few times already.

John and Yoko, Cosmopolitan Japanese almost appears (and tastes) like the other two mentioned food places which are all co-owned by the local celebrity, Marvin Agustin.  They all feature union of the East and the West from their modern ambiance to whatever is served on the plate.     

The last time my wife, Tina, our preschooler son, Gabby and I ate there was a few months back.  I took pictures of what we enjoyed but unfortunately, I cluelessly pressed something on our cam that deleted every photos I had.  It taught me a lesson, big time! 

Last Saturday, after few hours of trick or treating, Gabby was finally convinced  that we had to munch something as our late lunch before he continues with his Halloween event at Greenbelt.  Thankfully, he and his mom agreed on John and Yoko and I was too weak to resist. 😀 

It was our first time to try this dish last Saturday and we’re missing it already…   

2JAPAELLA, PhP 378+.   One of Spain’s well-loved dishes was twisted anew with generous slices of chicken teriyaki, bite sized chorizos, my favorite prawns topped with nori strips. These ingredients rest on the most flavorful rice I’ve tested. Japaella also won my wife’s discriminating taste; we’re one in saying that we’ll definitely have this again next time we visit John and Yoko. Did I tell you it comes in enormous serving that’s good for 3 pax?  But since it was just perfect for our appetite; I don’t think Tina and I would share it with other friend/s or relative/s, LOL 😀

Gabby ordered one of his staples…3EBI TEMPURA, PhP 368+ /5 pieces.  Our son nearly finished the entire plate!  He had 4 out 5 of those battered prawns. He must be so tired and hungry then or it must have been that delicious for him, or he just really favored it over other Japanese yummies on our table. But I know he also likes kani (crab).  He enjoys dipping them on tempura sauce.  As for my two-cents worth, it may not be the best tempura in town but heck, Gabby was satisfied so we like this too.

4IKA LINGUINI IN TOMATO CREAM SAUCE, PhP 228+.  This was my brother’s choice and because of its large serving, of course he had no choice but to share it with us. 😀  Crunchy fried squid served as toppings in creamy pasta; not bad…but where’s the tomato?

5CHISAU RICE, PhP 208+.  Tina ordered this bowl of rice+mushroom+chicken and nori strips. As she puts it, “Masarap naman.” but you know now that she likes my order better than this. 😀

6ICED TEA in BLUE (Dalandan), RED (Calamansi), GREEN (Lime), PhP 108+ each/refillable servings.  I like my glasses in BLUE and its flavor doesn’t disappoint.

FOOD : A bit pricey as expected of Japanese restaurant, but Japaella will keep us coming back. We also appreciate the use of (heavy) stone wares as plates and serving platters.

AMBIANCE :  Although we like its cozy, dim lights with black and white film of Akira Kurosawa being projected on one of its wall the last time we visited;  it’s a bothering thought that it can be so congested and a bit noisy during peak hours.    

SERVICE : Now, allow me to be extra serious with this.  I certainly profess that this resto, along with SUMO SAM and MR. KUROSAWA  ULTIMATELY NEEDS IMPROVEMENT when it comes to this department.  Their wait staffs, although clad in sexy black uniforms, should attend vigorous trainings on PUBLIC RELATIONS and HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT.  Read : THEY’RE NOT SERVICE ORIENTED as they don’t offer smiles and are far from being family friendly compared to other restaurants of the same cuisine.  

We waited for several minutes before they attended to our requests with no signs of being apologetic whatsoever.  

I controlled my temper during and after we dined but it doesn’t mean I won’t blog  do anything about it.

WE ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS and DESERVE nothing but THE BEST SERVICE THAT ONE CAN OFFER. Gaano ba kamahal ang ngiti ngayon?  What’s with their 8% service charge if they’re not on their best foot during work? 

Let me remind all the UNfriendly wait staffs of John and Yoko that other than the dishes on the menu, SERVICE COUNTS A LOT in restaurant business.

As I’ve stated on this free and unpaid advertisement for John and Yoko,  WE LIKE THEIR FOOD BUT PLEASE, they have TO IMPROVE SERVICE….They have to… It’s never too late for change before they lose customers who are supposed to BE VALUED.

Eating should always be a happy activity especially with family.  It shouldn’t be less interesting.

We will revisit this resto whenever possible not only to grab a spoonful of that Japaella again 😮  but particularly because  I am STILL optimistic that they’ll change for the better.  


————————— 😮

JOHN AND YOKO, 2F Space 205 Greenbelt5, Ayala Center, Makati City. For more of John and Yoko’s menu, click  here


27 thoughts on “EAT AND BE MERRY

  1. korek! even if the food is outstanding but if the service is bad, i doubt if you’ll have the drive to come back. di lang naman sila ang may masarap na foods di ba! next resto please… but of course, theres always a 2nd chance. after that wala na. hehe

  2. I agree with you on two things:

    1. The food at John and Yoko is good; not exactly super, but they do make the meanest Japaella. :D; and

    2. Their service needs a lot of improvement. I mean, I didn’t trek all the way to Makati to be snubbed by a bunch of sungit-queens!

    1. hello aLine. true, there’s no poster or anything that depicts john lennon and yoko ono in the resto except the east meets west concept. try mr. kurosawa in eastwood mall where illuminated posters are at the ceiling literally.

    1. we may have found john and yoko’s service lacking in friendliness and the works, but my wife and i like their japaella. although one of my blog buddies-midge considered it the meanest, i say to each his own. go try it and let me know if you’ll crave a second plate or not. thanks! 😀

  3. i’ve tried there too and yes their menu and sumo sam are the same. love their salad just forgot the name. I haven’t experienced the bad service though when we dined there its lunch hour.

    1. hello upto6only. i find john and yoko an upscale sumo sam; considering the similiarities on the menu, the former is much pricey than the latter perhaps because of the rent, location and other factors.

    1. hello, anne. i know your post about how you left your phone at J&Y and came back on your heels with the staff anticipating your return for your mobile. Good for you that most of them have been pleasant with you; but for 2x already at J&Y, several times at Sumo Sam and once in Mr. Kurosawa, staff we encountered were not as-friendly as you’ve described.
      as i’ve stated here, they badly need polishing. i’ll give them a visit but not soon, and again, i’d like to be positive to see improvement on their service.

  4. I am so interested with Japaella. That looks like a very clever fusion there. I’m also surprised that Yoko Ono gave her nod for their names to be used. Anyway what do I know about such legal stuff — nothing! LOL! I so agree with your concern about pleasantries being served with the food by attendants because Secret Recipes Megamall branch just lost my visits after going there thrice and getting that strange feeling of coldness. Customers can notice it on their faces. I can’t believe that the food made me reach a 3rd visit. The food is that good. But I’ll just transfer patronage sa ibang branches where waiters and managers smile at you for visiting them.

    1. hi flf! i guess all diners are worthy of at least a smile and a welcoming gesture from servers/wait staffs. it makes dining experience pleasurable of course.

      try john and yoko, and let me know of your experience -their service and how japaella scores on your taste buds. 😀

  5. There’s never an excuse for bad service. Even if Japaella (love that name!) is great tasting, the bitter aftertaste of a horrendous service will linger far longer. They don’t deserve any tip – or in my case, I leave a centavo on the table to prove a point.

    1. actually that’s what we did. we didn’t left a cent as tip. we’ll give them another try perhaps next year and we’ll do the same if there’ll be no changes.

  6. We’re supposed to dine out with friends this Saturday, and I was about to recommend John and Yoko after reading about Japaella, but I’m now having second thoughts. Great service is a must. Hindi ba’t kasama ng mahal na pagkain ang magandang serbisyo?
    I (We) pay premium (plus tips) for good service. And if a restaurant doesn’t give us at least that, we’ll gladly take our business elsewhere. And with the great number of new restaurants sprouting every month, John and Yoko will surely find their customers on their competitor’s.

    1. good point rico, but then again, who knows staff of john and yoko have improved after a day or two, hahaha.. i wish! i still recommend you try it (especially japaella) and see/taste for your self. 😀

  7. The Japaella looks interesting to try but the bad service…hmmm yeah you’re right they should improve that or else hihina sila hehehe, pag si doc pa naman ang nagrecommend di ko talaga pupuntahan hehehe. Kakadisappoint naman kung walang pictures ni John and Yoko e name pa naman ng resto nila yun.

    1. hello missy. hindi naman, my two-cents worth may differ from others’. 😀
      try it whenever you come home for vacation. your taste buds must know if it’s really a perfect fusion of east and west; after all, you’ve lived in both worlds 😀

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