Guess where we had fun the whole day today?


The queue was apparently looooong but heck, we were there to wait for our son to be registered and got his coupons for the participating high-end shops’ Halloween goodies.  

We woke up at around 6AM without electricity and less rain but with strong winds.  It was typhoon signal # 3 in Metro Manila since yesterday because Santi a.k.a. Mirinae had slammed via Quezon Province en route to Batangas thus hitting the capital and nearby provinces.  Thankfully, it weakened into a tropical storm this afternoon and allowed the streets to be dry and the sun to show up.  

Like Christmas, Halloween is much anticipated fun-filled event especially by kids like our own.  Come hell, or high waters, it should be celebrated 😀

Honestly, our 5-year-old son, Gabby initially wanted to wear his dream this Halloween. So weeks ago, his mom, Tina and I bought him a toque, an apron and a napkin as accessory for he wishes to be a chef someday.  But when Tina got him a face paint kit from Market, Market 2 days ago,  we decided for Gabby to wear his last year’s costume to his preschool party which was held yesterday morning, and to TRICK or TREATING today at a mall…  

IMG_4956Grooming -hair and face-paint, by my lovely wife, Tina…   


My youngest brother who reported to his work this morning somewhere in Makati texted me that it’s safe to go to Greenbelt 5 for there was no traffic and sky was getting clearer. So we didn’t waste time and headed off to G5.



We saw Mr. Edu Manzano at House of Obagi with someone who chose not to be photographed.  We really appreciated his efforts of posing for our son for few sec and even told Gabby, “You look good!” 3x!!!  – Now, I know Mr. Manzano’s sooo honest! 😀

At  GREYONE SOCIAL  :   Ninjas alike!5

At  ZARA :  When Gabby approached their counter and handed in the coupon in exchange for their Halloween treats, the people of Zara were all smile at him.  They admired him and his costume so much. We like Zara and we love their staff at G5 even more! 😀 


At HIVE : This furniture and interiors store’s staffs were also welcoming. Thank you for being kind to kids! May your sales double up in the coming days…


At  YOH-GURT FROZ FRO-YO :  The yogurt that tops our favorites was one of the sponsors 😀 910

We became excited when we saw Pepper Lunch’s banner at G5.  It’s high time for PL to sizzle it their way to Makati.  I wish they’ll have Quezon City branch too.  We’ve tried Pepper Lunch a few times already (and did some posts here) in Powerplant and Shangri la malls.  Incidentally, we also passed by a shop that also features PL owner’s (Chuvaness) shirt line Heather Miss Grey.


At CROCS : Gabby smiled when he saw clones of the slippers he’s wearing 😀  …We also asked Gabby to pose near Rolex watch store that became a news item when it was robbed few days ago. It’s business as usual as if nothing happened.


Then at half hour past one in the afternoon, we ate lunch at John and Yoko (I’ll post it soon).  After we chow down, we went to Glorietta to buy some supplies. 

at greenbelt 5 halloween 2009IMG_5002

No tricks, just treats… trick or treat 2009

Sure, anyone can afford all these but not HAPPINESS that came with it. 😀 

Gabby’s SMILES and OUR FAMILY BONDING MOMENTS are simply priceless.

PS : Did I tell you that Gabby won the CUTEST KINDERGARTEN PUPIL award (note : not the scariest) in their preschool’s halloween party yesterday?  I cannot blame them; our son is really adorable 😀


Did you go trick or treating too? 😀  Happy Halloween!

32 thoughts on “TRICK OR TREATING 2009

  1. ang cute ni gabby!!! gusto ko yung pic nya yung sa may rolex! buti pa kayo nakapag trick or treat! kami di nakalabas ng bahay! supeeeer lakas ng ulan and hangin dito sa south! tapos walang kuryente at tubig pa. buti nalang nagkaron na kaninang 9pm.

    wow dumayo pa kayo sa GB ah. wala ba sa trinoma? dba mas malapit kayo dun? hehe 😉

    1. thanks, dyanie. sorry to know you’ve experienced heavy rain, water interruption and power failure (too)… anyway, we’ve been frequenting glorietta and greenbelt for the longest time; we like it there. timezone branches in those malls have been gabby’s favorites.

      yup, we’re presently living in QC so we’re quite near triNoma 😀

  2. what a nice and happy Halloween memories! Don’t you just wish you can bottle all these? Tina is quite an artist! she did an outstanding job on the make up.

    1. hello ms. nance! this blog is heartily dedicated to our son and as you’ve commented before, it would be a great for gabby to read his growing years on-line 😀
      tina says thank you for appreciating her efforts on gabby’s face paint. she enjoyed doing it while i’m on the queue at the registration.
      have a great week ahead!

    1. flf, i smiled when i read your comment. 😀 you’re such a keen observer, hehe. good thing that gabby kept his grin the whole time he’s trick or treating. it was nice that the paint on his face is hypoallergenic at such bargain price of PhP 100. 😀

  3. aww so cute.. buti pa kayo.. naku I have so many plans for this Halloween kaso wala naman sasakyan (no thanks to Ondoy) and since we can’t go anywhere for trick or treat, I planned a Halloween party here (nyahaha, para lang ma expereince ng mga bata) and we’ll be trick or treating just here sa street namin and hopefully may magbigya kahit isang lollipop (hehe) and if in case wala, I already prepared a bucket full of candies for them 🙂

    1. thanks, dongho! gabby really got loads of loots from greenbelt. luckily, florsheim gave kids drawstring bags to put all those goodies in…freak or fright? R18 ata yun, not for kids, hahaha…

  4. Your wife must have been a make-up artist in previous life – he he! Gabby surely look adorable for trick or treat. Too many sweet treats there, I’m sure your son knows he has to brush his teeth.

    1. actually, dennis, she’s a late bloomer. she only started doing her make up when we began dating (she’ll kill me for this!). perhaps, it her innate recessive trait; or i’m guessing that every ladies has that potential.
      …don’t worry. although gabby lost his upper front teeth more than a year ago, he surely knows his dental hygiene every after meals. 😀

    1. i don’t recall when did this western tradition was adapted in pinas. like you, i grew up with no trick or treating but with only few info about ‘pangagaluwa’ – a native practice by lolos and lolas in provinces. all i know now is trick or treating’s fun every halloween, both for kids and for the kid at heart 😀

    1. thanks, my wife’s smiling now 😀
      …regarding edu’s companion, i’m not telling hahaha; wala kasi syang make-up that time, so camera shy (?) 😀

    1. glorietta’s trick or treating was good before greenbelt 5’s. it was so congested there last weekend. good thing that we preferred G5 over other trick or treating events. saya talaga!

    1. salamat, midge! he has his toque and apron but we settled for his last year’s ninja costume. tina had her face-painted with ala-beijing opera mask, and gladly it worked well 😀 …as early as now, gabby’s excited for next year’s trick or treating and we have ideas in mind already of what he’ll wear the next time he collect halloween loots 😀

  5. Awesome costume! We were looking for a ninja costume too for my wife’s pamangkin Yuan but didn’t found one that fits him. Yuan eventually had a King costume but never got to used it because he got sick the night before we were supposed to go trick or treat.

    1. thanks, rico. actually it was a ‘recycled’ costume for gabby already wore it last year sans the face-painting. we bought him a toque, an apron a napkin for him to a chef last halloween’s trick or treating but eventually settled for his old ninja costume… as early as now, we’re discussing his next year’s halloween costume since he got too excited and happy wearing such… 😀

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