This is my 6th and last post in this series.


Few meters and a tricycle ride from Boat Station 1, we found ourselves out of the beach and into another fascinating place where Mother Nature still reigns supreme…


On one of our days in the island, my wife, Tina, our son, Gabby and I visited the small but interesting butterfly farm at Fairways and Bluewater in Boracay.  It only took us PhP 30 of tricycle ride, PhP 60 per adult entrance fee (Gabby’s free!) and a few minutes to appreciate these lovely winged creatures… 

IMG_4606 We kept our silence while in the vicinity so as not to disturbed the butterflies and…


more butterflies and surprisingly, these nocturnals…IMG_4609

Who would have thought that those delicate butterflies can exist symbiotically in this farm with an owl and a few number of bats ?


It was our first encounter with bats and man, the smell was not good!  But at least they remained  in deep sleep while we’re in their midst.

It was a sort of an impromptu educational field trip for our son 😀


Our Boracay break may have been too short but we enjoyed it, definitely. 😀 IMG_4645

Gabby got some shells, cut corals and a handful of powdery sand from the shore.  And before we left the island paradise, we spent our last morning at the beach as early as 6.  We had another dip and took a stroll once more.  


It’s difficult not to miss Boracay, particularly Boat Station One where sand is finest and everything is surreal. 


We can’t be thankful enough for the opportunity to visit one of the best beaches in the world.  We’re so glad that the weather was best  all throughout our days in Boracay and our flights went smoothly.   


Life cannot be better than this. 😀


    1. as a family, we enjoy travel and dining the most (who doesn’t?) 😀
      we’d like our son, gabby to grow learned not only from books but from life itself.
      thanks for frequenting my site, witsandnuts. i’ve included you in my blogroll for easy follow. salamat 😀

    1. salamat, rico. i’ve surfed the site of boracay tropics and it’s a nice place too. the resort looks fantastic. i wish i can bring again my family to boracay in the near future. we’re missing it already and we just envy the people who live near its beaches, don’t you?

  1. I went through your whole Boracay series and I am more convinced than ever that it is a must see place for me. I’m glad you and your family thoroughly enjoyed your vacation. I’m surprised at the staggering number of hotels there!

    1. wow, thanks, bert! you really have to include boracay in your travel plans whenever possible. i am so definite that you’ll enjoy it there; plus, the philippines must have been missing you, 😀

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