This is my 5th post in a series…


As I walked several meters away from Willy’s Rock at Boat Station 1 in Boracay; I left my wife, Tina and our 5-year-old son, Gabby shortly while they were busy playing on the powdery sand,  I came across this exquisitely themed beach front restaurant and bar at the far end of the white beach on our second day in island last week.


With wooden tables and large cushioned couches in vibrant and attractive hues,  I didn’t pass the chance to sneak in and inquired about their lunch and dinner. 


At half hour past 9 in the morning, I found myself too early for KASBAH, an amazing Moroccan food place located at few meters from the shores of one of the greatest beaches in the globe.


The gemstone colors of tables and seats and Moroccan lamps all over the place are so fascinating that one may experience a slice of Northern Africa.  With priceless ambiance and authentic interiors, I can only expect nothing but the best cuisine.  

The moment I entered Kasbah, I asked a staff for their menu. I became interested with some tangine and couscous in a heart beat. 


I was too early to spot Kasbah; I was told they usually open 11AM onwards.  The chef and his staff were not yet around when I came.

I could have tasted Seafood Tagine and Saffron, Couscous Lamb Tagine and perhaps Baklava for dessert…

No worries…

No regrets…

There’s always a next time .. 🙂

Have you experienced Morocco in Boracay?



  1. Reading your post reminds me of what I’ve eaten in Morocco last year: Couscous and Tagine. In Kasbah Ait Benhaddou, we saw how these two dishes were prepared and cooked, really a laborious work in the kitchen but once served, it’s really worth the wait. We had these dishes reappearing in our meals for much of our stay.

  2. Wow Morrocco in Bora! I wonder if they also have the Casablanca which is the favorite hang-out of Humprey Bogart! The pictures are awesome, doc! Sarap talaga mamasyal. Will definitely go to this place when I go to Bora. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. thanks for frequenting my blog, dennis. it’s always a pleasure receiving comments from bloggers i follow. 😀 kasbah in boracay is indeed a fascinating food place.

  3. Hi Docgelo, had the pleasure of stumbling across your blog & post. I’m the owner of Kasbah & I find it such a shame that you’ve missed having a meal with us. I do hope we’ll be able to rectify this the next time you visit the island. Rest assured, our food won’t disappoint. Amazing photos. Thanks for blogging and sharing.All the best. Madonna

    1. hello, ms. madonna! thank you so much for visiting and commenting my post. kasbah’s interiors and outdoor ambiance are so relaxing and inviting. browsing your menu gave me idea of how enticing your dishes are. i and my family will surely give it a try the next time we travel to boracay. more power on your restaurant and bar. see you in the near future. 😀

    1. i didn’t know kasbah has rooms to offer. wow, that is another reason to go back to their place. thanks for the info… as the owner ms. madonna english just commented on this same post, i certainly will bring my family to kasbah the next time we’ll be in the island. 😀

  4. salam for everybody 🙂 im Rachid from the kingdom of morocco, really i had fun in the philippines last year but the only thing that i was lookin for was a moroccan restaurant hehe but i could not find any. but when i went to boracay i found Kasbah really it was amazing restaunrant and i can feel comfortable but but is the meats HALAL even it was for UK owner as they told me there ? thx Miss Madona for interestin about our culture 🙂
    Rachid. Agadir, Morocco

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