This is my 3rd post in a series.

Boracay has its unique Filipino charm. It has the glorious sunrise and the most magnificent sunset.  And who can resist its turquoise crystal waters and sublime powdery sands?  My family and I are missing it already 😀

Our first morning in this island paradise was truly unforgettable.  After a restful night, my wife, Tina, our 5-year-old son, Gabby and I made an effort to rise from our bed few minutes after 5AM to freshen up and hit the waters as early as 6AM.

Mother Nature has this scene to offer every sunny morning during off season at Boat Station 1…1Boracay beaches is divided into three boat stations – Boat Station 1 has the finest, pristine white sands comparable to talc.  As Boracay first-timers, we can’t help but to get few samples to bring home as a priceless souvenir 😀

3finest sand in my hand

Since the area isn’t as busy and is less crowded than Station 2 and 3, the hotels here are too pricey than others but with best amenities and services.

We stayed at ESCONDIDO BEACH RESORT in Station 1; since it’s not a beach front hotel,  it’s budget-friendlier but nonetheless, relaxing, safe and with the warmest service too 😀  Few steps from Escondido and after crossing the main street and passing through a sidewalk in between 2 beach front hotels, we’ve an access to the waters already…

2That second rectangular hole from the left served as our path to the beach.

Willy’s Rock, named after a beach front resort near it,  is one of the attractions in Boat Station 1.  It has impressive rock formation near the shores and a grotto of Our Lady.  4

It’s so amazing to see it on both high tide and low tide. 5

Breathtaking views of the white beach of Boracay can be best appreciated from the uppermost area of Willy’s Rock, all 360 degrees of it! 😀7

I guess anyone can enjoy Boracay at its most quiet moments during off seasons and every sunrise when most tourists and backpackers are still asleep or intoxicated with alcohol from a nightout.

Here’s another view from the top most area of Willy’s Rock …8

For people like us who lives in urban areas, this rock formation is a sight to behold… 9

We just can’t hide the fact that we’re enjoying Willy’s Rock that morning…Wala kasing ganito sa Greenbelt o TriNoma, LOL…


I found this signage very important that I wish everyone in Boracay, tourists or not, should always take into action. 6

When Tina and Gabby sat on the sand and played with it, I left them for a while to take a short walk from Willy’s Rock to the northern part of Boat Station 1…

Next are  my “NOT OUR HOTEL”  photos…LOL…

Seriously, you might be interested and consider these beach front hotels on your visit to the island.  But then again, you know now what I recommend. 😀IMG_4502Sea Wind Boracay Island Resort

15Sur Boracay Resort

16Ambassador Hotel…

17Pearl of the Pacific Boracay

18Residencia Boracay

Other than those in my photos, the other notable upscale resorts in Boat Station 1  are Discovery Shores, Fridays and the newest addition to them – Shangri La Boracay 😀  If you have the budget to splurge, go ahead, by all means indulge!  It’s your vacation anyway! 😀

As I went back to Willy’s Rock, I noticed my family became too busy making sand patterns…IMG_4492

I tried making one, but I just left it with Tina and Gabby 😀


We ate breakfast at the hotel, took showers and headed again to the beach.  We walked and walked and walked from Boat Station 1 to 2 where most restaurants, establishments including ATM machines are located (I’ll post about D’mall and our eat outs next on this series).

In the afternoon, Boat station 2 has these sights to boast…19

PARAW or sail boats with two outrigger canoes (or for us Pinoys, katig) predominate the shores of Boat Station 2 when winds are present every afternoon… Paraw with boat men are all for rent with price starts from PhP 600 per hour.  Did we try it? No. Gabby, Tina (and I) preferred to pig out rather than to sail 😀  20

Actually, my wife has vertigo making her too anxious of an attack during airplane and boat rides.  So we rather dip into the water, eat, savor the wind, sand, and sun than sail or take island hopping… Island hopping which usually takes more than 4 hours going to Puka Beach and Crystal Cove and other isles near Boracay costs about PhP 1,500 and up; some offer snorkeling gears and free snacks and buffet lunch too.

IMG_4346IMG_4351Seeing all these made me realize why Boracay is considered one of the best beaches in the world.  Tourism is alive regardless of season in this island. 😀


Other than riding the paraw or sail boats, island hopping or taking glass-bottom boat rides, parasailing and scuba-diving can also be enjoyed.  Most people we saw also have henna tattoos on their bodies which are so affordable from PhP 50 up and stays temporarily on the skin for 2 weeks.  We never tried it for 2 reasons – we fear of paying damages when sheets at the hotel are stained and it’s not just us to have tattoos, permanent or otherwise.   You can also ask and pay some women to braid your hair or get some relaxing massage by the beach or inside their facilities.  Other attractions or must-do in Boracay is riding an ATV/all terrain vehicles which costs roughly thousands of pesos depending on the duration of driving. We saw some of these on the main road with the local tricycles and other vehicles.  Since ATVs don’t have its own trail,  driving it puts anyone to an accident-prone area especially with reckless drivers.  For some, it’s part of the thrill.  To each his own. IMG_4345


Fantastic is an understatement.  Despite the commercialism, we wish Boracay could be maintained as serene and as clean as this so more local and foreign tourists can enjoy Boracay for many years.


It’s a common thing during weekends to spot marvelous sand castles  along the shores and in front of those beach front hotels.  Pictures may be taken for a voluntary donation of any amount.   Before dusk, these sand castles are illuminated by lighted bottles.IMG_4378


Indeed, Boracay is such a fascinating island to explore.  It’s so gorgeous that one can easily be lured and seduced by its beauty. It’s too enticing to people who long to leave the busy life even temporarily.

We’re just glad to finally enjoyed it 😀


What’s your best memory of the beaches in Boracay?


Up next : our Boracay food trip!



  1. The water was realy diffrent. Kahit sobrang init yung water malamig. Basta refreshing sya. When we get tired of the beach we would dip sa hotel pool naman. hehe
    I’m thoroughly enjoying this Bora series.

  2. memories in bora??? sunset! paraw sailing! food trip!!! 🙂 di ko alam kung paano ako nasama sa paraw sailing ng mga friends ko eh. imagine super takot talaga ako sa bangka! haha!

    1. wow, dyanie, i envy you for having tried paraw sailing in boracay. how was it? food trip and the sunset in the island are truly worth the trip. i’ll post our pig-out sessions soon 😀

  3. .. no memories, gelo. never been there. lol. probably will visit next year for i get so many of my american co-workers asking about boracay and me acting brain dead about it. hehe.

    1. thanks, anne for sharing your flickr photos in boracay 😀
      you’re right, we’re too lucky to enjoy the island on its off peak.

      yes, there will more posts on boracay, so stay tuned, hehehe. thanks 🙂

  4. What a lovely place! Hindi pa ako nakarating doon sa Boracay.

    God has been always good; He spared Boracay Island from the wrath of Ondoy and Pepeng! Is it because of the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in Willy’s ROck? What do you think, Doc Gelo?

    1. i think so too, doc rj. we really cannot thank Him enough for giving as a chance to enjoy the island… thanks for swinging by again to my site.
      how’s your place in australia? do visit boracay in the future. i know you’ll like it too.

  5. Memories in Boracay. Let me see…
    *6 glorious days of beautiful sand, sea, sunrises and incredible sunsets.
    *6am walks on the shore
    *party like there’s no tomorrow.
    *star gazing with friends

    So many fab memories! I’ve been to Boracay several times and every time, I get to bring home amazing memories.

    Ayan, namiss ko talaga tuloy.

  6. Wonderful pics, Doc! Thanks for taking us there, especially me who has not been there. Everyone I know has been there except for me ha-ha! It’s nice that the weather was pleasant somehow.

  7. Hi Doc,

    Can i ask cnong ngprovide ng package nyo?Im planning a bora trip kasi, e i want something like yours na budget friendly. just in case, it will be my first time there..waaahhh..thanks in advance!

    1. hello mark. welcome to my blog! and thanks for asking.
      if you have read my entire boracay series here, i think i have posted a link with escondido resort. just click the link and surf their site.
      it’s cheaper but comfy hotel/villa off station 1; meaning it’s not beach front which we preferred anyway, it would only take you less than a minute of walk or a few steps to the beach. they have office at scout castor near roces avenue; the contact details are in their website.

      i only paid P2K for deposit via their qc office after i have availed plane tickets from cebu pacific. escondido, like other hotels there also offers packages like island hopping, glass bottom boat rides etc..
      you have a lot of choices of hotels there in the island. scout, surf, canvass then select what suits you best.

      have fun in boracay! it’s one of the most gorgeous place on earth. 😀

  8. Wow it’s beautiful. so what i can i say. the boracay is the one of the famous resort in the world. I loved boracay, and your blogs too. Nice shot, i loved it.
    I hope i can go there soon and experience what did you experience too.

    Thanks for sharing

    Tanya Gemarin

  9. i enjoyed reading your Boracay series and as if I had been to boracay. Its good that i have seen your blog so that i will have ideas on what to do in Bora by Nov….Thanks much!

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