Guess where we went on an early Saturday morning…IMG_4203No, it isn’t Boracay yet 😀  A day before our flight to paradise, my wife, Tina, our 5-year-old son, Gabby and I left our place in Quezon City before 7AM and headed to Antipolo City.  

My family and I are not that religious, but we maintain personal relationship with Him.  We decided to hear mass, pray and ask the Lord to be with us and calm the weather,  not only for our trip tomorrow but moreso for the people who were afflicted by the two recent typhoons – Ondoy and Pepeng and their places that were devastated to be spared of the recent tropical storm, Ramil that already entered Philippine area of responsibility.


My 3 brothers and I were raised by our parents whose tradition include going to Antipolo Church particularly before a travel or a flight somewhere.  And so I wanted Gabby to grow up with the same belief that the Lord and the Virgin of Antipolo guide anyone who seeks their intervention prior to a trip.  Antipolo Church is devoted to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

One special thing happened just after the Holy Communion.  When the priest invited everyone to say the prayer to Our Lady, an old woman in pink standing in front of us opened her clutch bag and handed two of these novena cards to me and my wife.


We really appreciated her gesture and smilingly thanked her after the mass.   We plan to laminate these novena cards for us to keep.

After the mass, just like the way we used to do with my parents before, Tina and I brought Gabby to the back of the altar to go upstairs and kiss the mantle / veil of the image of the Virgin.  We first brought and lighted candles and said our intentions and prayers at its lobby.     



Cameras are prohibited  inside the altar and the museum of Our Lady to keep its solemnity.


Tina bought rosaries for both of us  and had them blessed at the Church’s office. 

Before going home, Gabby requested if we can have breakfast at one of his favorites; where else but Jollibee 😀 


Tina had beef tapa which is a sweet and salty spiced tender beef strips, while I enjoyed Jollibee’s creamy macaroni soup and corned beef meal. I like corned beef so much that I consider it as one of “I-can-eat-it-everyday-meals”  😀  My favorite is a local brand (Purefood’s, although Palm’s from New Zealand is also yum!)

While Gabby had his usual chickenjoy (and massive gravy) and peach mango pie.IMG_4221Of course, no visit to Antipolo is complete without sampling their food specialties.  Antipolo is known for suman and other native delicacies and roasted cashew nuts.  We only bought suman for our afternoon merienda. Suman makes a delicious pair with mangoes.


My wife likes suman fried and caramelized with sugar; I like it as is, dipped in sugar.

At home, I immediately browsed PAG-ASA‘s website and found this satellite image and diagram of typhoon Ramil’s course…tcsatpic

No public storm warning signal is raised as of this writing.

PAG-ASA’s forecast : 

Sunday morning:  700 kms East of Casiguran, Aurora
Monday morning: 470 kms East Northeast of Casiguran, Aurora or at 510 kms East of Tuguegarao City
Tuesday morning: 240 kms East of Tuguegarao City.

PAG-ASA noted, this disturbance will not affect any part of the country within the next 36 hours.

Prayers, as they say can move mountains.

Regardless of our religion, let’s unite in prayers that tomorrow and the days ahead will be brighter and storm-free for all of us. 

We had enough of the rains. It’s high time to move on and move up after the storm.

We all deserve a day or two to enjoy. 😀

16 thoughts on “ONE FINE DAY

  1. I’ve seen the Purefood and Palm brands of corned beef at Pinoy and Asian groceries here….I guess I’ll give them a try and see how they compare with the local brands I’m familiar with. Btw, have fun in Boracay.

  2. Antipolo’s a great place to pray before going on a trip. Their patroness is, after all, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

    And breakfast at Jollibee is a treat I like to have everyday! 😀

  3. Here’s hoping that the weather will be good when you get to Boracay and that Ramil would go easy on the Philippines. Prayers can really move mountains. 🙂

    1. Hello Reena! We occasionally visit Antipolo Church before any trip somewhere.
      …I also like Jollibee spaghetti better than other fastfoods’ 😀

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