gabby's beach play set

I know it’s off season.

But we all need a break.

Our son is excited.

And so are we.

It will be his first domestic plane ride. 

It will be his first travel to the beach.

It will be our first time to be there.

Weather, please behave.

You’ve been furious lately.

We had enough.

Give us a little time to relax.

Can’t wait for Sunday 😀


29 thoughts on “GOING SOMEWHERE

  1. boracaaaaay!!! woot woot!!! im sooo excited para sa inyo hehe! doc, try the buffet pag gabi ah. madami dun. try mo seafood saraaap! 🙂


    gusto mo bang mag sundance ako? haha!

  2. We’ll fix the weather for you – we’ll make sure it is on its best behavior when you are there LOL. Have a safe trip and fun vacation. Take lots of pics and share them with us.

    1. Weather will be clear for the coming days according to PAG-ASA but heck, no one is absolutely sure unless we see nothing of monsoon rains.
      Anyway, I remember your previous comment, Bert, that it’s up to us, rain or shine,
      to enjoy that well-deserved (short) vacation. So we will, definitely 😀

      Don’t worry, i’ll take tons of pictures and of course share it with the universe 😀
      But i really hope the sun will shine its brightest… hehehe… God, please 😀

    1. you know ingrid, we live quite close to that church and i’d like to offer OSTRICH EGGS to Sta. Clara Monastery if only I can afford such… seriously, we’re planning to go to Antipolo Church this weekend and to pray hard to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. It’s a small tradition in our family to visit that church before taking flights.
      thanks for wishing us well. 😀

      1. naku ostrich eggs, 100 pesos each yun! when traveling sa Pasay may church for safe voyage also i just cant remember the name of the church. 🙂 take lots of pics doc gelo ha.

    1. hello midge! thanks for those kind words.
      i guess everyone deserves (even short) vacation from daily hassles.

      i only wanted to bring my family somewhere where we can commune with nature and breathe freshest air (i wish). we owe it to ourselves 😀

    1. thanks, myepinoy!
      my wife and i will only have a short escape from reality (on sunday) with our 5-year-old son 😀 and while at it, we plan nothing but to enjoy him and savor nature and our son’s growing moments 😀

  3. Just looking at Gabby’s beach toys already tells me how ready and excited he must be (including the parents, of course). He’ll have plenty of white, talcum powder sand to play with and since this is off season in Boracay, you’ll have less crowd to contend with. We’re hoping the weather shines on you! Have fun!

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