DEFENSIVE FOODIE 🙂 My family and I love to eat veggies, fruits and drink liters of water a day (especially me, I always think I’m an marine creature on my past life if there is such, for my great love for fluid intake).  We try to balance our meals AT HOME but whenever we go out on a simple family bonding, say inside a mall or in a stone-throw away fastfood or convenient store, can’t resist when our cravings go haywire sometimes most of the time, LOL. Resistance as the say is futile… I say particularly when food is notably delicious!


I always wanted to try CAFE BRETON but only had a chance last weekend (yes, just before we had our panic buying preparedness-grocery shopping in Landmark, TriNoma, in Quezon City). 

The comment posted by one of my blog buddies, Ingrid of  Urban Mudra in my earlier entry about desserts to try this quaint food place was really compelling!  I brought my wife, Tina and our son, Gabby to have our glucose fix which was perfect before we hit the grocery shelves.

I was surprised that Cafe Breton’s menu is so reasonably priced and that we only spent less than PhP500 for everything we’ve tried.  Times like these, families have to be extra conscious of domestic budget and luckily, this homey Mediterranean-Grecian inspired resto will not make you spend too much on dining, at the same time, there’s no compromise with the quality of food they serve. 


Gabby was so delighted that he had a handful of yummies…


He and his mom shared on those tall glasses of sweet refreshments.


STRAWBERRY COBBLER, PhP 107.14 + It has generous servings of plump soft-chewy strawberries and whipped cream. Gabby, who loves strawberry-flavored anything other than chocolates, unsurprisingly liked this!


He also tried the smoothy mango shake, although I like it more than he did. In case you don’t know yet, I’m a sucker for mangoes. 😀

IMG_4039MANGO SHAKE, PhP 84.82+.  It’s near velvety consistency and taste of real ripe mangoes makes it different to other commercial shakes and smoothies.

I now believe that a visit to Cafe Breton isn’t complete without trying a plate of their heavenly crepes!

IMG_4037LA PINAY, PhP 142.86+  This perfectly thin crepe was filled with ample volume of riped mango slices, topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle. I swear, this has been the most delicious crepe I’ve ever tasted. Can’t wait to revisit Cafe Breton for another plate! 😀

While my son and wifey were enjoying their sweet moment together with their orders, I felt satiated after finishing my plate and sipping a cup of coffee…

IMG_4033CAPPUCCINO, PhP 75.89+.  Foam’s just right…a nice way to end a sweet treat.

We like it here. Definitely. 

Cafe Breton, Level 4, TriNoma Mall, North EDSA, Quezon City.


12 thoughts on “GLUCOSE FIX

  1. This is my wife’s (and now mine too) favorite resto/cafe. We used to eat a lot here when we were dating. Funny how when we got married we didn’t go out as much as we used to. Hehe We’ve been to all their branches in Manila and in Sta. Rosa and Tagaytay.

    Anyway, aside from their superb crepes (wifey’s favorite is Strawberry Short Crepe and mine’s Blueberries and Cream), they have good galettes and burgers. But since I don’t “really” eat beef, I highly rec their Chicken Run.

    Even if we’re broke we eat here, just the basic crepe with butter and sugar solve na kahit hati pa kami.

    1. perhaps that cliffhouse branch has priceless view amongst the branches of cafe breton.
      am i correct? or am i correct? LOL.

      wish we could fly fast to tagaytay now to try it too, hahaha.

  2. ay nahiya naman ako bigla. glad you finally tried this place doc gelo. 🙂 yes i agree with January re: Cafe Breton Cliffhouse. its a very peaceful quaint place pero ala nga lang view from the resto (am i spoiling the trip for you docgelo?) although the view from bourn giorno is spectacular. my hubby likes the coffee at Breton too especially Cafe Mocha (he said its better than Starbucks)

    hay iba talaga pag mahilig kumain, kahit mabutas ang bulsa eat and enjoy pa din! LoL

    1. i like your last statement here! life is short to waste on anything negative.
      kumain na lang tayo para masaya lagi pamilya! 😀

      we’ll try that cliffhouse one day. thanks again ingrid for suggesting cafe breton.
      we certainly love their crepes!
      my only problem is, it might be habit-forming! 🙂

    1. that’s great to know. even fastfoods abroad honor customers’ complaints about their food if wrongly prepared or served. sadly here, only few establishments value their clients’ opinions with the exception of cafe breton 😀 i’m beginning to sound one of their faithful patrons now, LOL.

      i’m just happy that my crepe at cafe breton was sublime. and on that note, i have it my list of favorites already. 😀

  3. OMG! That strawberry cobbler is just for Php107?! That beats Eskimo Bob’s milkshake coz of the real strawberry inclusion. Just how big or small is Gab’s face? I need to gauge how big that drink concoction is LOL! The last time I ate at Cafe Breton was a decade ago when I ordered a banana-oriented crepe.

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