Our son, Gabby officially turns FIVE today.  Happy Birthday, anak!  Your mom and I love you so much!  Thank You, Lord for giving us Your greatest blessing.  

In line with his birthday and in the spirit of sharing,  my wife and I segregated again his old clothes which we’ll donate to the children affected by typhoons.  I already brought few kilos of his clothes to my work for similar reach-out activity last week and we’ll do it again this week in response to the request of the organizers of Philippine Blog Awards.

This humble blog  is one of the finalists under Family and Living Category on this year’s PBA.  Last weekend, I received the official invitation via email to the awards night this Friday, October 09, at PETA theater in Quezon City and with it came a request for all the blogger-finalists and attendees and their guests to bring dry clothes, towels, footwears to the designated area at the venue which they will turn over to the recipients.

CONFESSION :  I’m a sentimental fool. I’m attached for a while to some things of the past that usually remind me of  remarkable memories.  Such things include our son’s baby clothes.  It’s not that we don’t like to give them away as most of them are of imported brands, but a lot of these clothes were gifts from my in-laws, relatives and friends.    

Then again, we thought of finally donating them to the needy rather than keeping them with no use in our wardrobes. So these few pieces will be brought to PBA Awards night as our little pledge. We’re happy that we’ll donate all of these with our son’s consent. 😀

His preschool, which is a few blocks away from our place, allows simple birthday celebrations during recess.  Since Gabby is a member of TGI Friday’s, TriNoma which gives him FREE KIDDIE MEALS for an entire whole year of dining with them and a free birthday package for 30 kids, we initially thought that we’re spared with the expenses for his birthday party this year.

But just like other nice things with little hassles in between, the free TGIF birthday kiddie package is only available for pick up during store hours, which we completely understand.  Problem is, our son’s school recess is at 9:30AM so it will be impossible for us to use the TGIF freebies to their class as his party food. Nevertheless, we decided to claim the freebies today and we opted to reschedule our son’s school birthday party on Wednesday, October 07.  My wife is free from work on Wednesdays this semester allowing her to cook and prepare all stuffs.  

Tina arranged details with the friendly people of TGIF  TriNoma for me to claim the birthday package today at 1PM.  Since I’m off from work the whole day, I came to the resto with my cousin earlier than expected.


One our favorite venues for our dates since we’ve met is TGIF.  We like Glorietta 3 and TriNoma branches.  We go here not only for their great food in huge American-servings but also for the ambiance of this resto-bar.  Imagine ski and skate boards, movie posters, whales and big fish, a bicycle and road signs on walls to delight you as you enjoy your plates. 


We only waited for 10 minutes for the staff to prepare these…


My cousin and I were surprised to easily lift  a tied-5-styro packs in a finger! They were so super light! I almost forgot that these are KIDDIE birthday packs! 😀 


Each packs contained fettuccini in tomato beef sauce, chicken fillets and potato chips. 

I asked my cousin to bring 10 packs to my dad and siblings and nephew and nieces at our house in Pasig City and the other 10 packs for my aunt, uncle, and cousins whose house in Karangalan Villagae in Pasig was deeply submerged in last week’s typhoon. 

We saved the 30 pieces of apple and dalandan juice cups and the packs of plastic spoons and forks for Gabby’s school party.

Tina came home with Breadtalk’s Chocolate mousse with a free little yellow candle for Gabby to blow and make his wish.


Gabby’s request is a Spongebob Squarepants themed party during their 30-minute recess on Wednesday, so despite the fact that we’re on a tight budget, we’ll grant his wish. 

Invites were already sent to his classmates.  He’ll have his Spongebob birthday cake, Spongebob-inspired loot bags and a home-cooked party meal courtesy of his mom.

Thank you TGIF TriNoma! 

Thank you Gabby for being so obedient, smart, God-fearing son.

Carry on, anak! 

Happy birthday!


21 thoughts on “GABBY TURNS 5

  1. Happy 5th Birthday to Gabby! It’s really great of you as parents to instill in him a sense of charity and doing good for others during his special day when most celebrants only think of toys and gifts that they receive.

    1. thanks, dennis. wer’e trying our best to raise him as a better person; someone with values and concern to others. and yes, he didn’t ask for toy on his birthday.

  2. Hi Gabby! Happy Bdaaay!! Continue to be a good son to your parents ha. Tska always study hard. Your parents love you so much and soo proud of you! 🙂 — ate dyanie 🙂

    Hi doc! I can’t help but comment on this post coz i know how bdays are really soo special lalo na sa mga kids eh. next time na ko mag comment sa iba mong post ah. lam mo naman medyo wasted pa ko galing lang ng hosp eh hehe 😉

    1. dyanie, you please get well real soon.
      i appreciate that you visited this site and left a comment despite the fact that you’re still on your recovery phase.
      and i like that ‘ate dyanie’ name, instead of princess.
      btw, i didn’t have any sister, much more an older one, hahaha, can i consider you as such? LOL, hehehe… i’m only kidding…you might not frequent my site anymore. smile 🙂

  3. Tell Gabby I wish him a super birthday. I hope he knows that he is a very lucky boy – he is not wanting in material things and, more importantly, he is surrounded with so much love.

    1. salamat, bert! it’s so true that he rarely asks for so many material things.

      on ordinary days when he craves for mcdonald’s happy meal – specifically mcdo fried chicken, and when he likes the toy that comes with the meal more than the food itself, he easily grasps my advice that he should limit his want with toys and other dust collectors. he’s such an obedient boy.

    1. hi ms. bing! welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving a comment on this post. thanks too, for the invite in fb! it’s really us parents, who are blessed with a son like Gabby.

    1. hi kaye and welcome to my blog!
      my wife and i enlisted our son Gabby to TGIF TriNoma Little League Membership early this year. Here are the benefits of becoming a Little Leaguer :

      1. Free Kiddie Meal & drink every visit for 1 year (wow!!!)
      2. Free Birthday Package good for 30 KIDS with PhP 1,000 accumulated receipts within 1 month after card issuance.
      3. to attend a KICK-OFF PARTY with other members as an official launching of the league; ID will be issued.
      4. Restrictions : Only valid at TGIF Trinoma, Non-transferrable, must be presented upon dine-in.

      BTW, here’s the link to my post about their Kick-off party that my son enjoyed :

    1. hey, rob! of course you don’t have a choice but to love my son! LOL.
      now we wait for 8 more weeks till your next vacation here for you to EXPRESS that LOVE to him, 😀 (ano ba gift mo? LOL).

  4. Hello Gabby, Maligayang Bati sa’yo. You’re a bright, kind boy and I know for a fact that your mom and dad loves you very much. Thank you for the wonderful clothes that you gave to other children who are in dire need right now. Your generosity is wholeheartedly appreciated. Study well, love your parents and love God. Take care always!

    ~Ate B’ley 🙂

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