I don’t know about you, but my family and I give our thumbs up to one of our favorites : FAZOLI’s in Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City.  Since the day it opened in the Philippines more than a decade ago, we have been frequenting  this fastfood for their combo meals, mostly pastas and chicken and their eat-all-you-want soft garlic BREAD STICKS 😀  Our 5-year-old son, Gabby can eat more than 3 of these bread sticks in one sitting! 

Yes, there’s nothing special about their beverage line of  usual sodas, orange juice (which I usually have) and (the not-so-good) iced tea but they also come in drink-all-you-can for only PhP 50+ and diners are free to self-serve to their hearts content!

Italian food has never been this affordable!  A true value for money; good-tasting too!  And did I say the ambiance isn’t that bad? There’s a mini-bridge between a koi pond at its facade.   The pay-as-you-order counters are manned  by friendly staff.  The wrought iron and tiled stairs will take you to its second floor which has a walkway connecting the dining areas.  Lighting is subdued; entire place is apt for family dining and chit chat with friends although it can also get packed especially on pay days. Fazoli’s is just a best alternative to noisy fastfoods.  

After we heard mass at St. Pio Chapel near Eastwood City (view earlier post below), on a Sunday afternoon following 2 typhoons that badly hit the Metro and the Northern parts of the country; not to forget it’s a day before our son turns 5 years old; I became excited again to eat at Fazoli’s; thanks to my wife’s suggestion.  

Where else can you find a delicious combo meal of PESTO and 2-PIECE-ITALIAN CHICKEN for only PhP 165+?


The pasta was just right for me, not too moist, not too dry.  I LIKE PESTO so much and Fazoli’s version is one of my favorites for its simplicity and for being budget-friendly.  The Italian chicken also doesn’t disappoint.  One can easily appreciate the herbs and flavor well infused to its bones.

My wife, Tina and Gabby shared this plate…

IMG_4079BAKED ZITI, PhP 150+.  Simply flavorful. I always like melted cheese on tomato sauce.  Our son even dipped his bread sticks on this serving.

Then the three of us also shared…

IMG_4085PEPERRONI STROMBOLI, PhP 110+  It comes with a dip of stewed tomatoes and herbs.

So much for our late Sunday lunch!

Fazoli’s also serve other pastas, salads, submarino sandwiches, pizza of course, minestone soup, Italian rice.

Fazoli’s is located at Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, Metro Manila and also available across America, check  HERE.



9 thoughts on “FAST FRESH ITALIAN

  1. wow has it been a decade now since they opened? good golly i’m old! this place was one of the first establishments in Eastwood. a sister’s friend of mine was the food consultant for fazoli’s and we were the taste testers. me and john like their ziti, pepperoni pizza and of course the bread sticks. we even ask the server to just leave the basket full of goodies at our table. heheheh sayang nga lang wala na yung italian subs at lemonade slush with strawberry. 😦

    1. i agree with you that years of existence of an establishment reminds us of our age as well, ingrid!

      nice to know you were one of the lucky food tasters before fazoli’s was launched.
      indeed, you have good tastes!

  2. Fazoli’s was the first resto that me and friends ate out in at Eastwood when the whole gimik place opened years ago. YOu are right in stating that their pasta versions are simple-looking and simple in preparation but unforgettable. The last word is mine haha!

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