After the country has been devastated by 2 typhoons – Ondoy (Ketsana) and Pepeng (Parma)  in a week, we sincerely hope  for the affected Pinoys to thrive and rise above the crisis.  Because of this, going to church on the day we appreciated sunshine more than ever, became more purposeful.  Our family joins the nation in praying for continuous blessings.

Early Sunday morning, my wife, Tina and I went to a private hospital near our place to visit a newly admitted distant relative suspicious of having nasopharyngeal carcinoma.  Upon discussing with the ENT specialist the diagnosis and his plan to perform punch biopsy tomorrow to determine whether the mass is benign or malignant, in order for their management to be guided, we hurried home immediately. 

We found our son, Gabby, savoring his last day of week-loooong (pre)school vacation after the rains, by watching his favorite cartoons. In a snap, we decided to hear mass at this chapel we long to visit.  IMG_4070It’s St. Pio’s Chapel in Libis, Quezon City (near Eastwood City).  

It was our first time to hear mass in that chapel built in honor of the blessed Italian priest who had stigmata and known for being miraculous. Padre Pio was declared a saint by Pope John Paul II on June 16, 2002.  We were glad to see so many devotees from all walks of life; even wheelchair-borne geriatric individuals were present to venerate.  

(note : photos were discreetly taken before and after the Holy Mass)

Tina spotted a sign at the door of a room in the chapel alotted for parents with children below age 7.  IMG_4071CALANDRA ROOM, named after the person who helped established the chapel, is an enclosed airconditioned room with sliding glass doors alocated especially for families with babies and kids.  There are built-in speakers and Holy Communion is also given.

IMG_4072There’s also a room called BISHOP JESUS SISON MEMORIAL HALL which can be access by taking this stairs inside the Calandra room.  We didn’t go up to view it for it was already packed.  The door shown in this photo will lead you to this..


This area is called REV. FR. ALESSIO PARENTE PATIO, an open-air area where faithfuls can light candles and write their petitions. The patio has the life-sized statue of Padre Pio and the Holy Cross.

Solemnity reigns inside the chapel. 

After the mass, we witnessed and participated in the veneration of St. Pio’s relic.


After being there for more than an hour, we felt so blessed; not only because our family and home were spared by the typhoons but we’re so thankful after hearing mass a day just before Gabby turns FIVE! 😀

Honestly, we’re not religious; but one thing is sure, my family and I maintain our personal relationship with our Lord. We try our very best to live life according to His will.

We ate late lunch after the mass; i’ll post it separately.  

How was your Sunday?


St. Pio Chapel / E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C-5), Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City

For schedule of masses and other details about the chapel, click THIS.


7 thoughts on “BLESSED SUNDAY

  1. We almost always go to church with my wife’s family on Sundays, and then we treat them to lunch. Most days it’s on the nearby McDo. On some days where there’s limited budget, we just buy Andok’s or Sr. Pedro. On some good days, we eat out at fancier restos.

    Daming tao last Sunday. And the our pastor gave such an inspiring sermon. You can’t help but be thankful and help.

    1. i guess it’s natural for every Pinoy family to enjoy Sunday and start a new week right by asking grace from the good Lord.

      regardless of religion, faith and hope keep us together.

      God bless your family too, rico.

  2. my sunday was tiring and a little depressing doc. after the 10am mass my friend and i went home to rizal to check on family and relatives. nag commute ako from 4 towns away from our house… hay… the travel all the way to our house is sad and depressing…

    but im glad to be home… and im happy my family is safe.

    1. it must have been so sad to see people really devastated by the typhoons.
      on the bright side, glad to know that your relatives in rizal remained safe amidst the storm.

  3. wow!!!
    you said that your not religious?
    sa nakikita ko relihiyoso kyong lahat ah?
    mahal na mahal ninyo ang mga tao at gus2 nyo na gumaling ang maysakit,nagbibigay kyo information,higit sa lahat dapat mas mahalny0 si LORD JESUS!

  4. I’ve been to this chapel once, and the experience was GREAT! the place was so solemn, you will feel you’re so lucky once you visit this place.

    I promise to go back again, with my auntie who got lung cancer, for her to have more courage & inspiration to fight her life.

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