1Dearest Gabby,

You know that there was never a day that I failed to tell you that I and your mom love you so much and we are so blessed to have you as our son. 

You’ve grown so fast that I barely notice that it has been more than half a decade since your first photo was taken in utero via ultrasound (UTZ).  

When I brought your mom to the hospital for her 4D-UTZ for us to have a more defined glimpse of you,  you’re covering your cute little face then, so we opted for the usual 2D.  Nonetheless, seeing you for the first time through this black and white print and hearing your heart beat were truly awesome. It verified the start of our parenthood. 😀

Our days since then became more meaningful. 😀 We began to live not only for ourselves but for you. 



We’re happy when we brought you home from the hospital because we became complete.  Your smiles and giggles were enough reasons to hurry home from work.


We’re happy when we brought you to Auckland, New Zealand where you had your first crawl.  You were still in your stroller when we toured the city of Bendar Seri Begawan in Brunei.  And when you turned 2, you’ve seen Disney’s royalties in Hong Kong. You’ve became a traveler at such an early age! 😀



We’re happy when we enrolled you to preschool. Your mom Tina and I recalled our basics as you entered Nursery last year. 


We’re happy when you did well on your first year in preschool; you’re so interested not only on academics but with extracurricular activities as well.

We’re happy when you  bagged the 3rd place in your 2-stanza declamation contest with other 51 batchmates. Even your Lolo and Lola were thrilled watching you with your winning piece.


We’re happy when you graduated from Nursery and promoted to Kindergarten 😀


We’re happy when you made friends…just be easy on the girls, Gab! 😀


As we celebrate your 5th year of life next week, we’ll grant your request of having a simple birthday party with your classmates and teachers during your recess in school.   We wanted you to learn the value of sharing of whatever we have to others too.

And so prior to your birthday party, your mom and I have donated a few kilos of your old clothes to those afflicted by the tropical storm Ondoy that hit the country last week.  Helping others particularly in times of stressful situations would make us better persons, anak.  It’s good for our soul.

I know you’ll grow up smarter, God-fearing and better man. Pursue your dreams of becoming a chef /restaurateur someday and we’ll be there to guide you all the way.  Advance Happy birthday, Gabby!



Tatay-doc 😀


13 thoughts on “DADDY’S BOY

  1. Happy birthday to your son !
    He is indeed a big boy now! You can be proud of him !
    Enjoy every moment of it… I still remember the moment I held my son in my arms… it seems like yesterday… and now he is almost as tall as I am…

    1. thanks, sidney.
      i know you’ll agree that parenthood is so rewarding.
      i have a ton of things to learn as a father and am trying my best to be the part.
      my wife and i are grateful to God for giving us Gabby; we’re savoring every moment of his childhood.

  2. there are some who would say, “your child is so lucky because …” but if you really think about it, it’s really the parents who are blessed. Our kids give us so much joy that’s so hard to express … until they are in their teen-age years! lol

    1. that’s so true, ms. nance. that’s why we savor every moment of gabby’s childhood.
      a child’s embrace and kisses are perhaps different and would be less when they’re grown up.

  3. Advance Happy Birthday Gabby! You are so lucky to have your mommy and daddy to nourish you to become a God-fearing man. Your mommy and daddy love you so much that they are doing everything for you and bring the best in you. 🙂

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