Today, I rose early from bed to check the clouds. As I opened our door, it’s still a bit dusky but  it’s so comforting to see a bloom after an incessant downpour.


I woke up yesterday with nothing unusual on my weekend mornings. Everything was fine until after lunch time.  I’m just glad my wife chose not to attend to her work. She advised her students the night before that she’ll be absent for the reason that they’re supposed to have only one surgical operation for their entire 8-hour shift and the doctor on duty is noted for being strict on not allowing clinical instructors to have their nursing students observe and/or assist on cases.  And man, her decision came out to be her wisest to date and served as a blessing in disguise for her and her class to avoid the rampage of typhoon ONDOY.

My wife, Tina, our son Gabby and I were planning to go on another family bonding somewhere in the Metro but we noticed that Mr. Sun hasn’t shown his might.  Heavy rains  kept us curling up in bed. We thought it was an ordinary rainy day.  We just enjoyed steaming hot mugs of coffee, hot chocolate for our 5-year-old and Goldilocks’  plain puto (rice cakes) while watching TV and facebooking.

We honestly didn’t expect that typhoon Ondoy will soak the entire Metro Manila in heavy floods. We caught early news on TV and saw its effects on stranded individuals on streets and on the roofs of their homes. Floods were heaviest more than chest-deep at most areas of the city.

It was very depressing to watch on news a wheelchair-borne man wearing raincoat who was trying to cross a flooded main street amidst the traffic.  Watching children and elderlies who were still left unrescued wasn’t easy;  much more seeing those who were unfortunate to succumb to death.

Phone calls and messages via YM and SMS kept me busy as my relatives verified our safety. My mom who’s in UAE texted me to inquire if we’re OK; my aunt in the US  also called my dad in Pasig City to check them. The compound where my paternal grandmother and other relatives in Marikina live and the house of my uncle and cousins in Karangalan Village in Pasig-Cainta were all devastated by the floods.  

My family and I with our household help were most blessed to have chicken adobo and rice for dinner. Although we had it with candle lights, as power was only restored around 9PM in our place in Quezon City, I still feel so lucky and grateful we had something on our plate and that we’re kept dry, and we’re intact.  I and my family are so thankful that we decided to be home and remained safe without floods on our streets.  My wife and I encouraged our son to pray and to thank the good Lord for so much blessings.

I wish authorities would do more to extend help to afflicted families.

Bravo to those multinational companies, Filipinos here and abroad and all people who are pledging their monetary and in-kind help via NGOs and TV stations that are putting in fund raising drives.  May God bless you a thousand fold.

Let us continue to pray for all those who are impaired by typhoon Ondoy.

How are you and your families? 

I hope you’re safe too.


24 thoughts on “AFTER THE RAIN

  1. Glad you and your family are safe docgelo. As of me, we had to evacuate our house because the raging flood was at our doorstep. we live in filinvest 2 where alot of the houses were flood down up to their roof tops. Thank God that our house was safe and dry but my in-laws’ house are chest deep with silt. around 3pm electricity was up and telephone but no cable. we are all okay and restoration of the house has started this afternoon. i’ll be dropping some of my son’s old baby clothes here at dswd to be give to those poor babies much in need of them. 😦

  2. We’re all safe here in Muntinlupa, though we did have some serious flooding in Barangays Putatan and Tunasan. Some of the creeks and natural catchbasins overflowed around midday; luckily, the waters subsided in the afternoon. Power went down around one, but was mercifully restored before seven.

    Thank goodness you and your family are okay.

    1. one of my best friends of 16 years live near your place – sto niño, muntinlupa where railroad runs, right? he’s one of the medical health officers in your area.
      anyway, at least you & your love ones are safe too; we just hope & pray that everything will gradually return to the way it should be.

  3. I’m glad that you and your family are safe and did not suffer as much as the others whose houses were inundated almost to the rooftop. What can they salvage from such a calamity? Wala na yatang katapusan ang paghihirap ng ating mga kababayan.

    1. we filipinos can withstand any trials.
      although it will be difficult, i know our kababayans who are afflicted with this calamity will survive and thrive through it all.
      with the aid of people who can reach out to them; the so called bayanihan spirit is burning lively in these times; and with their own will power plus the fact that we are a very prayerful nation, moving on and rising above would be possible.

  4. i like the way you captured beauty amidst this terrible event. i’m so heart broken and i feel helpless i have no means to go and personally help those in need. i can not even go home to my hometown rizal to help because the roads are un-passable. i dont want to rant anymore… im just thankful my family is safe, so are msot of my friends. i was even able to attend my nephew’s baptism today.

    my friends and i went to the grocery to buy food to be sent to those in need. we dropped them off at lasalle greenhills where volunteers took a station. they take donations of any kind. they are open from 9am to 9pm.

    glad your safe too and let’s continue to pray for those in need now.

    1. in as much as i want to directly reach out too, i cannot risk my family’s security.
      like you, i haven’t been to our house in pasig which, thank God, was mildly affected. the roads are still inaccessible but at least they’re safe.
      God knows how we’re deeply sorry for those people devastated by the typhoon and would continuously extend help in prayers.

  5. I am very thankful there was no flooding or loss of power in our area-near Ayala Heights-hard to believe but even Sky Cable internet stayed up-my wife and I were trapped at Mariam College Family day for about 5 hours and the ride home was very tense but we at least had food and drinks at the school-

  6. We were dry except that our street is still flooded. I hope the entire week will by sunny so everything will dry soon and people can start cleaning the aftermath of this catastrophe.

    1. good to know you’re safe too. it remains an unbearable sight watching the scenes of the the typhoon aftermath on tv news and youtube. may the good Lord bless us not only of enough sunshine but moreso courage and determination to the afflicted for them to be able to rise above from all of these.

  7. I’m glad you’re safe Doc, di ko pa rin macontact mga kapatid ko sa Marikina. I hope they’re all ok. I miss Hawaii when I saw that gumamela hehehe marami niyan sa Hawaii and that’s their national flower yata, hibiscus

    1. hi missy. let’s just pray people like your relatives are safe and warm. phone lines, watery and power supplies are all bugged down in some areas of marikina, cainta and pasig because of the tragedy.

      on a lighter note, it was that hibiscus bloom that i first saw last sunday and i immediately thought of making it as a humble symbol of hope amidst what’s happening in our country.

      please join us in praying for those people affected with the wrath of nature. pinoys abroad like you would help a lot especially in prayers. thanks!

    1. thanks, dennis.
      it’s so depressing to look at photos of the wrath much more to be in the actual state.
      i can’t imagine how devastated the affected pinoys are. God have mercy.
      i wanted to express HOPE with the photo on this post.

    1. i agree,rico. and rehabilitation of the people and the entire community affected will take time. let’s all pray and do our own share even in littlest way.

  8. hi doc. im glad you’re safe too. our family and properties were thankfully spared from Ondoy’s wrath. like you, we thought it as an ordinary storm. we were surprised too when we started receiving calls for help by our relatives who live in cainta and marikina. their houses were totally flooded. thankfully, none of them were hurt. they’re okay now though their houses are still badly damaged. another storm is on the way. stay safe doc!

    1. all of us, i guess were caught unaware of Ondoy. i wish we already learn our lessons. nature is speaking directly at us big time.
      remember that it wasn’t raining when noah built his ark.

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