I am so glad to be one of the eight finalists of  2009 Philippine Blog Awards under the Family & Living Category. Congratulations to my co-bloggers who also made it to the list but I give my hats off too, to my team mates on this blog, none other than my wife, Tina and our son, Gabby!  They really inspire me more than anyone else 😀 

I’d also like to thank my readers, whom I deeply considered as my BLOG BUDDIES;  those who frequent this site; those who appreciate my family’s activities – you just don’t know how HAPPY I am whenever you leave comments on my posts. MARAMING SALAMAT PO!   MABUHAY PO KAYO!


Although most of my posts revolve on food and dining which we, as a family enjoy best, I put up this blog with the sole reason : to document our family’s adventures not only on various tables, but wherever our feet lead us to. I certainly hope that when my preschooler son learns to read fluently, he will find time to reminisce the days we spent with each other by browsing again the posts in this blog.  

Some collect photographs, I and my family collect MEMORIES 😀  And most of them are kept intact here.



Other than my blog nomination under Family and Living category, I have also submitted 4 blog post-entries for the TOP 10 BEST POSTS of the YEAR award.

I wish to win of course,  but if luck won’t be on my side, I’ll be happy to meet the winner/s and my co-bloggers at the awards night!  See you on October 09, 2009! God bless.




27 thoughts on “FINALIST

  1. Congrats! Great you made it to the finals !
    I wish you luck for the last stretch… you deserve to be a winner.
    You have not only a nice blog… you have a wonderful family !

    1. thanks, sidney for being so generous with words!
      it really feels great when someone appreciates your humble effort.
      good luck too, on your category. i know you’ll win!
      i wish to meet you at the awards night. i am such a fan of your photo-series!

    1. salamat, doc rj. PBA awards night will be on 09 october 2009 at PETA Theater, Quezon City. the list of judges hasn’t been disclosed. you may click the PBA post on my sidebar that will lead you to its website.
      …i’m just thrilled to meet other pinoy bloggers as this is my first time to join. 😀

  2. Big time na ah! Though I’ve only read a few of your posts, I can say that you’re very much in the running for the award. Very deserving. Best of luck to you. Congratulations!

    1. rico, you should join next year if you want. your blog also deserves recognition. 😀
      there are few piinoy blogs written from the point of view of a husband/dad.
      thank you for the kind words.

    1. bert, honestly, the excitement is killing me 😀
      who doesn’t want to win a race?
      but if it won’t happen, i am still lucky to have you and the other blogger-friends who tirelessly swing into this site. and for that i’m so grateful 😀

    1. salamat, dennis. you may want to join also next year under travel category.
      your blog has a great chance of making it too.
      you’re so right, making it to the finals is already a great honor and winning is just an icing on the cake!

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