Our munch plan for my birthday : 

               Friday late afternoon snack/early dinner + Sunday hotel buffet = family bonding 😀 

This is the first of two celebrations I had with my wife, Tina and our son, Gabby…

It took us seven months before we revisited this quaint Italian restaurant tucked in the low-key area of Cubao (our first can be viewed  here ). I like  its interiors and ambiance more than their food.  OK, their menu may be authentic, as the owners are a former paparazzo who married a Filipina; but I guess my palate has been biased with other restaurants that serve similar cuisine.  Nevertheless, I always  find BELLINI’s  pleasing… 

1  2
These aren’t paintings on the walls but murals on the ceilings. 

Check out how enticing  the interiors is…

IMG_3688  4

5  IMG_3705

Bellini’s, owned by Roberto and Ma. Luisa Bellini, has been a location of a local movie  because of its romantic appeal…


It’s like a small piece of Italy in the heart of Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao, Quezon City… 

Bellini’s delightful atmosphere is artistically beautiful but I just wish the service will be friendlier. The two wait staffs who attended to us were discreet and courteous; but smiles were inapparent. I like food servers who always flash their best smiles while at work. For me, smiles mean that they love and enjoy what they do.  It lessens my appetite if the servers are apathetic.  

I always expect waiters and waitresses to be acquainted with the menu. I usually ask something like the serving size and the restaurant’s bestsellers; and I admire staffs who are familiar with the food they serve.  Yesterday was not my lucky day at Bellini’s; for the querries I addressed to our waitress were all thrown to her colleague.

I ordered one of my favorite breads, focaccia; even asked the waitress the dip that comes with it, but got no reply from her but from other waiter.  And when I checked the bill before paying, the focaccia bread was charged but it wasn’t served.  To be fair, I’d say the waiter was apologetic and did the necessary changes on our bill; but there’s no room for mistakes to render remarkable dining experience.

Poor me, I just thought that the waitress was new and still untrained, and I just swallowed my temper and remembered that it’s my birthday.

Enough, and on with the food… 😀 

IMG_3690BREADSTICKS, Complimentary 😀    House Iced tea, PhP 50+; it tasted like Peach flavored Sola Iced tea, not bad for me; i love peach!

Last February, we ordered a pasta that won our hearts, so we had another plate for my birthday!

IMG_3702BUCATINI AMATRICIANA, PhP 250+ (bacon, tomato and onion sauce).

We love its thick strands of pasta and its simplicity made it so tasteful.

What’s an Italian dining without pizza?

IMG_3712QUATTRO FORMAGGI, PhP 250+ (mozzarrella plus 3 different kinds of cheese; tomato based).

All of Bellini’s pizzas are mozzarrella and tomato based. We had Bellini’s special pizza seven months ago.  It was fine combination of most toppings in super thin crust.

Yesterday, we chose this 4-cheese-pizza because we considered our son’s preference. He doesn’t like any toppings on his pizza but cheese.  We all liked its flavorful thin crust;  but we all thought that Amici’s version is far better.  

IMG_3710POLLO ALLA DIAVOLA , 1/2  PhP 280+(grilled chicken breast with herbs and chili).

I ordered this grilled chicken breast with herbs and chili just to taste how different it is from other chicken recipes I’ve sampled from other restos. I like its well-marinated meat that was so tender that once you dunk your fork into it, it easily shreds off from its bones. I like it but not to point it’ll become my favorite.  Unfortunately, my wife gave this dish her thumbs down.  She was probably not in the mood for some spice.  


Gabby immediately recognized that it’s a combined mocha and coffee ice cream cake. For a barely five-year-older, we’re proud to raise Gabby as a food enthusiast too (with the hope that he’ll pursue his early dreams of becoming a chef one day).  But to my wife Tina, this gelato cake is a dissapointment; not of its taste, but of its price.  I have to agree with her that it’s pricey for its serving. C’mmon, with its price more expensive than a pint of ice cream, the cost is just too steep! Look how fancy the layers are but its tiny size of slightly bigger than a teaspoon drowned all its glory…

IMG_3724  IMG_3722

Although we’re full after that meal, I felt something’s missing.  I never experienced the excitement of dining I had during our first visit.  Perhaps because of the gloomy weather, or can I attribute it to the service and some dishes that can still be improved? 

Anyway, there’s still tomorrow for another day of gastronomic adventure. 

Abangan! 😀


Bellini’s Italian Fast Food and Restaurant / Stall 68-69 Marikina Shoe Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City/Tel #s (63-2) 913-2550.



  1. Looks like an Italian resto I’d like to go to, even if I am not too fond of Italian food except for spaghetti, lasagna and pizza.

    Maybe it is just me, I usually do not let server shortcomings ruin my meal. I just let everything slide through but I let my tip, lack of it, or an insulting penny under my plate speaks for me. The only thing that really upsets me are rude servers, in which case, I usually walk out of the resto without making a scene. Bad food ticks me off but I usually just don’t eat it, I pay up and go. I usually leave a small tip to the server…it is not his/her fault.

    1. just like you, i do not make a scene in any resto whenever something’s wrong unless, probably a major disaster happens (which thank heavens, i haven’t encountered). it’s hard to mess up with food servers; i don’t want to imagine what they can do to our plate…i’m always polite to them but sometimes, i get cynical, lol.

      i give less tip if there’s service charge already other than VAT/city tax etc on the bill.

  2. its been 2 years since I ate there! waaah! i wanna revisit soon! kaso effort. ang layo sakin haha! i know the movie coz its john lloyd haha! one more chance yung movie 😉

    1. wow, thanks for reminding me the title of that movie shot in bellini’s. we just saw it on cable tv -cinema one; actually i haven’t seen the entire movie yet, only portions of it, lol…you really are a jlc fanatic! amazing… have you read my trivia/reply to you on your comment on my in my life post? …thanks pd for frequenting my blog. i also swing by regularly at yours. 😀

  3. Oh, dear; it’s kind of sad when the service at a really good place like Bellini’s isn’t so friendly or well-versed.

    Still, the food looked really good. (Pity about dessert, though.)

    Belated happy birthday, Doc!

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