Dearest Gabby,

For the past few weeks, I’ ve been thinking of a charity work that could be feasible as my thanksgiving, as I celebrate with you and your mom my 33rd birthday tomorrow.  Because I cannot do medical mission alone, I thought of donating few pieces of my not-so-old-still-wearable shirts to someone  but then, I opted to give it to your Lolo Ben and your uncle instead.  I also considered bringing your used baby clothes to an orphanage, or visit and do some feedings at a care home for the aged to no avail. 

I  practically chose to do this today….


 At exactly 7AM, I was at the Blood Donors’ Center of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City.

Since I’m off from work until few days, I have taken the chance to donate 450 mL of my blood. I became a walk-in-volunteer blood donor again! This is my fourth time to do such activity and it feels good to have helped anonymous patient live his/her life longer.  


I wish when you grow up smarter and healthy, you can also do the same to reach out to needy hospital clients. Don’t worry anak,   it’s medically beneficial for us to donate almost half a liter of blood (50ml is the anticoagulant per bag) once in a while because as we do so, our bone marrow is stimulated to replenish what is lost.  Blood donation refreshes our circulation at the same time, prolonging the life of someone.

The venipuncture using a large bore needle didn’t hurt too much; I just thought of my goal during the process.  The friendly professional staff allowed me to take photos of the bag and generously offered this snack for free after the donation to keep me from fainting or being dizzy. Their token included a black headcap with the hospital’s logo and the phrase “I am a Blood Donor” at its back, isn’t it sweet?


 The center was expectedly clean and orderly. The staff who did the extraction was very polite, professional and friendly. (Thanks, Ms. Joan!)

IMG_3660  IMG_3658

After the procedure, she handed me a note of Pre & Post Blood Donation Instructions and advised me to claim my Donor’s ID a week after.

I wish when you grow older, you can also find in yourself a stimulus to reach out to others as the rewards will always be greater in Heaven.


Tatay-doc 😀

PS : I’m excited to enjoy another hotel buffet dining experience with you and your Mommy Tina this Sunday!


Pre and Post Blood Donation Instructions :

1. The blood sample extracted from you will be initially screened to determine your hematocrit level and blood type.

2. You may take a light, low-fat snack/meal. Avoid eating heartily before blood donation.

3. Leave dressing over venipuncture site/s for at least 3 hours but not more than 12 hours.

4. Drink at least a full cup of water or juice before leaving the Donor Room. Increase your fluid intake over the next 48 hours.

5. Do not smoke for at least 2 hours and do not take alcoholic drinks for the next 12 hours.

6. If you feel faint, dizzy, cold or suddenly weak, put your head between your knees.

7. Avoid lifting heavy objects to prevent bruising or discoloration around the extraction site. This will disappear in a few days. Should a bruise appear, apply a cold compress for the first 24 hours to prevent swelling and a hot compress after 24 hours for the resolution of clot. If severe pain or discomfort develops, call the Donor Room at (63-2) 723-0101 local 4110 to consult with the nurse on duty.

8. Male donors may give blood again after 3 months while female donors may give after 6 months. We will be glad to see you again for your next donation.

Thank you for your blood donation – St. Luke’s Medical Center


20 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY GIFT

  1. Happy Birthday Doc!!! Happy Happy BeerDay! hehehe And I’m very proud of you at nakapag donate ka pa ng dugo. Sana ako rin makapagtry, inuunahan ako ng nerbyos pag nakikita ko kung gaano karami yun dugo na kukunin sa kin hehehe. Wish you good wealth and health….sa birthday mo.

    1. hey, missy, thanks for the greetings! cheers!
      .. about the blood donation, don’t do it if you’re not fond of looking at blood or worse the sight of seeing blood taken from you; you might faint.
      …btw,i like your wishes : good wealth & health!!! salamat talaga 😀

  2. bloghoppin’

    happy bday sir, im sure your son and the rest of your family is very proud of you for having done such a noble deed.

    btw, care to exchange links? let me know. thanks!

    1. hi erlyn, thanks for the greetings and welcome to my blog. salamat for swinging by.
      notice my sidebar that i’ve granted your request. now it’s up to you to reciprocate, thanks! you’re welcome to frequent my site; please do so! glad to have new blog buddy.. 😀

  3. hmmm, maybe thats why i have this good vibe & light feeling for you doc is because like my dad, you were born on the same date. you love your family so much that i see him in you. but i cant be with him anymore..

    and, i also want to do things for other people even if some people find it insignificant. basta ako masaya sa ginagawa ko! nakakaiyak naman, wish to chat with you in person. always keep a good heart & keep the fire of love for your family & blogging burning. keep inspiring us.

    thanks doc, always..

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