Yes,  I watch Tagalog movies too.

Yesterday, as my wife, Tina and I were off from work, we took the chance of seeing the movie In My Life, that stars Batangas Governor Vilma Santos, John Lloyd Cruz, and Luis Manzano on its first screening day at Gateway Mall.  We brought along our kid, Gabby; anyway, it’s a PG13-film and we (all) wanted him to see New York where most scenes were shot.

We had to-go- orders of venti cups of White Choco Mocha, Java Chip frappuccinos and a Bacon and Cheese bagel from Starbucks, while Gabby had his favorite Auntie Anne’s Original pretzel with chocolate dip.

Good movie + great snacks = family bonding! 😀


The movie isn’t about homosexuality, but it’s about the physiology of being a parent. I won’t  disclose any spoiler but I must say that I haven’t seen a Pinoy drama +comedy done in its highest sensibility and sensitivity until this movie. A lot of scenes exploded with emotions that are so effectively executed by the actors. Yes, it’s a cry-movie and I am not embarassed to claim that In My Life moved me to tears. As a young father who has tons of lessons to learn as a parent, I can relate to the story. What’s so unique with it was the intelligent humor incorporated to the roller-coaster of emotions that revolved around a separated-mother who believed she has fully lived her life until her children’s experiences awaken her to the fact that there’s more to be learned and explored.

I give my two thumbs up to this movie.  Hands down to the cast, director and crew! Bravo!

Everything’s at its best except for the line “Cancer, stage one…malignant” -ouch!  The writer and the director could have done more research about the big C.  Nevertheless, In My Life is well-crafted; has great story, impeccable acting.  I honestly never thought the works of John Llyod Cruz to be at par with Vilma’s but he surpassed our expectations. My wife Tina even found herself clapping for these two actors while she was also crying during their remarkable funeral scene.  Luis also surprisingly delivered.  Go see the movie with your children. Bring your wife and your daughters tons of Kleenex.

After watching the film, I have grown my LOVE and gratitude to my mom (and dad) more. I miss my mom who’s working in UAE. I wish I could THANK HER and SAY MY SORRIES to her everyday.

Meanwhile, here’s the trailer…


12 thoughts on “CONFESSIONS

  1. yey!!! you watched na! ang ganda noh! actually i’ve watched twice na haha! i was there nung premiere night tapos yesterday, sa 1st day, we watched ulit. define fan ni lloydie. hahaha! 🙂 tapos doc sa weekend, kasama ko naman family. so bale pang 3rd ko na. hahah! so fan! hahahha! 😛

    glad to know you liked it. o dba parang promoter lang ako hahaha! 🙂

    1. wow, JLC must be proud to have you as one of his followers.
      fyi : we went to the same elementary school BUT of course, i am way ahead of his batch.. batchmate nya pinsan ko sa Marikina Catholic School.. i don’t know him personally, but my cousin does… malayong kamag-anak daw ng clan namin sa marikina.. i don’t know with my dad, i’ve got no time to trace our huge family tree.

    1. yes, jp.. isn’t it itchy whenever we see something wrong with whatever we’re watching, especially when it comes to medical aspects..
      ..they could have gotten me as a consultant, for less PF, lol. 😀

  2. hey doc, i watched this last weekend with my brother. one good film for filipinos for this year. vilma and john lloyd deliver! i cried of course especially when they were talking about na bumalik yung cancer. how sad… i remembered how broken hearted we were when we found out my dad was with cancer again and that he had to go through chemo again…

    1. it should be an original dvd if i’ll send you one, otherwise dhl/fedex might screw up. bawal, no to piracy gina… or just wait when you come home again here. but wait, i remember the casts are in the US now for premiere in new york & jersey and other cities there. meron kaya sa yakima? or are you still in hawaii?

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