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Take your pick …

I like breast  (no pun intended). 😀   My wife’s choice cut is usually wings while our son Gabby likes anything fried less the skin.

Regardless of how it was cooked,  chicken has been a favorite in Pinoy dining tables… The warm broth of  Tinolang Manok  is always delicious especially on a rainy day.  Who doesn’t eat Chicken Adobo?  Perhaps only those who have allergies and those unfamiliar to it.  Fried chicken is definitely a winner sans ketchup or gravy.  There’s just so many ways on how we enjoy this product of poultry.  

In no particular order (of  yumminess),   here’s my simple ode to that finger-lickin’ goodness…


This is one of my favorite dish in Cafe Adriatico. It’s just so sinful that once you dip your fork into it, it bursts its secret filling – butter!!! 😀    It’s one of those I consider  “I-can-eat-this-everyday” meals… LOL


I’m craving now….

tgi'f jack daniel's chickenTGIF’s JACK DANIEL’S CHICKEN.   I like that it’s grilled to perfection and that Jack Daniel sauce is unforgettable.


PEPPER LUNCH’S  CHICKEN PEPPER RICE.  Although I am bias with PL’s Beef Pepper Rice,  this tender chicken strips + only outer shell of peppercorn + PL’s (to-die-for) honey brown sauce + do-it-yourself-cooking = delicious meal 😀

2PANCAKE HOUSE’S  PAN FRIED CHICKEN.  What’s unique with Pancake House’s version of fried chicken?  Nothing but the crunchiness of its skin (which is God-forbid, cholesterol-rich!) and perfect frying of the meat plus  that smokey flavored gravy.

IMG_2810SAVORY’S  FRIED CHICKEN CLASSIC.   That oriental-tasting gravy separates Savory’s from the rest.


I just love this combo from World Chicken! 😀

IMG_2946BALIWAG’S  LECHON MANOK + ATCHARA/PICKLED PAPAYA.   = emergency food !  This has been a part of our home meals whenever we ran out of time to go to the grocery or my wife or our house help failed to cook for whatever reason.  I like it with pickled papaya on plain rice, garlic, or java plus extra gravy please… 😀 

chicken ballotine, conti'sCONTI’S CHICKEN BALLOTINE.  Conti’s menu consists of  simple dishes with extraordinary tastes.  And this Chicken Ballotine is no exception.  It’s similar to Chicken Cordon Bleu with fillings & stuffings rolled with the chicken and served with cream sauce. Yummy! 😀

chicken cheese roll kimono kenKIMONO KEN’S CHICKEN CHEESE ROLL.   One of the must-try in their menu.

The last few are the common favorites in fastfoods that greatly influenced our palate…




What’s your favorite fastfood fried chicken?  

Honestly, I equally like them.  😀

But our son Gabby makes his own choice…


This post lacks our other favorites – Max’s fried chicken (which I don’t have a photo yet to upload) Superbowl of China’s Crispy Lemon Chicken, and the chicken yummies that we still have to taste :  the new Jollibee Chicken barbecue and some Oriental restaurant’s Hainanese Chicken. 

Life is short to savor all of those chicken dishes! 😦

What chicken meal do you like best?


26 thoughts on “PRIDE CHICKEN

  1. darn im craving for chicken right now. chicken joy and KFC’s original recipe is my fave fastfood fried chicken (try saying this ten times! LoL) I also like Alex III’s boneless chicken bbq and boneless chicken adobo with salted egg, Chocolate Kiss’ Chicken Cordon Bleu(instead of butter they put cream cheese good Lord!) Popeye’s chicken with biscuits, and Max’s. This comment is making me hungry. 🙂

    1. i’ve read your post about osonho’s peri peri chicken; i guess that portugese resto is
      one of the reasons why jupiter street in makati is always packed during meal times.

      1. i don’t smoke; haven’t puff a single cigarette yet and no plans, whatsoever;
        i don’t drink alcohol…well, on very very rare social occasions, yes, but i’m far from being dependent… so dining from turo-turo to high-end upscale hotel buffets (whenever domestic budget allows) is all i am guilty of, lol
        (defensive, ha ha ha!!!) 😀

  2. Taga Baliwag ang mga parents ko pero hindi pa ako nakakakain ng Baliwag’s lechon manok + atsara, I’ve got to have a taste of this! Wala pa siguro nito duong nandodoon ako.

    1. then you’re right that you have to include it in your “must-try” list on your next vacation here. 😀 the other lechon manok stalls in almost every streets here in manila are andok’s (equally delicious, for me) and senior pedro (which i haven’t sampled).

  3. I gotta say DocGelo you are quick LOL. You beat me again. I was supposed to make a chicken post, but yours, I guess, is more authoritative coz of the vast choices you’ve covered here. I love WOrld’s Chicken for being affordable. And I also order their POtato side dish. I wish you could’ve included one of the best chicken for me — Max’s.

  4. i love chicken too.. those in my list are Max’s fried chicken, Jollibee chickenjoy, Bugong’s roast chicken, JT’s chicken inasal, Aristocrat’s chicken bbq, Kenny Rogers roast chicken and my mom’s chicken adobo & salpicao! 🙂 i always prefer mine roasted/ grilled though than fried.

  5. yay!!! i love love jollibee chicken joy!!! tapos eto na yung mga sunod: andoks!!, max’s, kenny rogers, mang inasal, JT inasal! yummy din ang tsoko nut cordon bleu!

  6. I love lemon chicken! (north park, Zhong) oh and the salted egg fried chicken of Zhong YUM

    and Iberian chicken but that tastes best when i make it myself hehe

    Thanks for mentioning PL 🙂

    1. thanks for dropping a comment, jeroen!
      of course we LOVE pepper lunch! after you’ve invaded ATC, i guess you have to consider branching out to quezon city areas too; say gateway mall or in triNoma. but i’ll find time to bring my family again real soon to PL shangri la or power plant mall…
      your beef pepper rice + honey brown sauce is a favorite combo!
      more power to you & ms. cecile & to PL! 😀

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