Have you ever made desserts as your appetizers ? LOL. 😀

I consider myself as someone who can be  flexible to a lot of things especially when it comes to eating.  I can chow down desserts first before the main course,  I call it pure talent, LOL 😀   Some, like my wife, Tina just can’t; or at least, finds it difficult to reverse the scheme of dining. She believes everything should be done in proper order. I am not contesting.  I am also systematic  but when opportunity presents itself, I can easily adapt.  Last Monday afternoon was an exception to my wife’s as we had sweets first prior to dinner.

As we’re strolling around Megamall as typical mall rats while waiting for our friend, Rob to attend to his early dinner invitation, we decided to fill in our tummies with light snack or merienda.  After several minutes of roaming at the Atrium choosing what food to munch,  we found ourselves seated at a table inside a familiar ice cream place :  ICEBERG’s ESKIMO BOB.    

Irregardless of the weather, ice cream and halo-halo for me are always a winner.  So I was so sure when I ordered this…

12CARAMEL FLAN, PhP 108 +.

With its cheap price, I was expecting a small bowl but the serving was good enough to be shared by two or even 3.  I was glad to let my wife and our kid enjoy it too. 😀


I always prefer super thin crushed ice when it comes to halo-halo or its variation. I hate one local fastfood chain that previously served pebble-sized ice on their halo-halo for the longest time until they recently innovate and changed for the better.   This Caramel Flan from Iceberg doesn’t disappoint. Over the ice shaving were toppings of chewy macapuno balls, sweetened  plantain (saging na saba), a scoop of ice cream and a cherry,  with two of my favorites riped mango cubes and generous amounts of leche flan slices. To complete the halo-halo experience, milk could never be absent.


 While I was enjoying my bowl of sweet treats, our son Gabby was also busy with his…


At a young age of nearly five, Gabby is gradually developing his own preference toward food. He knows what he wants and his choices are not bad.  Just like this SWISS CHOCO ICE CREAM, PhP 68+, that delighted his taste buds 😀


Tina was craving for a crepe so she readily ordered this…


STRAWBERRY CREPE, PhP 168+.   The price was again, never intimidating.  However, it only looked better than its taste.  This was the disaster of the three desserts we sampled from Eskimo Bob.  It fell flat to our standards! 😦

Both Tina and I love crepes particularly with blueberries, straweberries or with mangoes of course, wrapped in almost paper-thin pancake. This version did not live up to our expectations.  The scanty little strawberries were chilled and never fresh, the pancake was nearly bland and to make the plate worse, the strawberry and chocolate drizzles were far from being sublime. The only saving grace was the ice cream topping and some whipped cream… Sayang!  my wife didn’t finish it at all… 😦


Despite the fact that Tina was disheartened with her plate, we still enjoyed the moment that was sweeter than our desserts! 😀


ICEBERG’S  ESKIMO BOB, Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.


14 thoughts on “DESSERTS BEFORE MEAL

    1. i also love ice cream, who doesn’t? i pity those with lactose intolerance or allergy to dairy products for they’ve been missing the world!
      whether as dessert or just a snack, ice cream is always a favorite!

  1. nice post docgelo. i was assuming that the eskimo bob of icebergs would have a somewhat different menu from icebergs. yes i like the caramel flan too, its up there with razon’s halohalo. speaking of crepes, have you tried cafe breton? naku if you like your crepes paper thin with generous fillings of your choice cafe breton is the place. i would suggest you try out the funtastic crepe for you and your wife and the nutella or the la pinay for gabby.

    1. thanks, ingrid.:D
      i also like razon’s halo-halo. some find it bland for the lack of other basics with only 3 ingredients plus those thin-ice shavings; but heck, it makes it uniquely razon’s…and at least people like us who appreciate it know our palate well! lol.
      we’ll try cafe breton whenever possible and post the crepe-licious experience here.
      i’m craving now, lol 😀

  2. I usually go with the flow when I am dining with a group: appetizer, soup or salad, main course, dessert, coffee or tea and/or brandy. However, when I am dining solo, I do as my stomach dictates with no regard to the social norm.

    1. the first two look and taste delicious, dennis. but the crepe from that dessert store is yelling for much-needed improvement.

      …sabi ko na nga ba, special talent ko ang pagkain ng minatamis muna bago ang main course, lol.. 😀
      …hindi naman po lagi *defensive*

    1. give me high five, dyanie!!! lol.
      it’s a relief to know you and another blog buddy, bert can eat desserts before main course like me. although i don’t practice it often, you’re true that some find it weird. my wife too, finds it abnormal! hehehe, perhaps they’re not maarte but only find it hard to break the norms of dining.

      1. btw doc, what’s the diff between icebergs and icebergs eskimo bob? i can still remember eating in icebergs in glorietta (outside mall) but im not sure if it still exist.

  3. Desserts can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. LOL! Whether eating desserts as my first or last course, I don’t mind at all. What I mind is the taste of my food. Lately, I’ve been eating fro-yo with fruits first before consuming my main course. 🙂

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