My wife, Tina our son, Gabby and I have made grocery shopping once a week a part of our family bonding.  We like buying our stuffs from toiletries to laundry and kitchen supplies including bottled and canned goods, fresh meat, poultry and fish from huge stores like Landmark in TriNoma, Shopwise and Rustan’s and SM Supermarket in Araneta Center all in Quezon City.  As simple as it is, we really enjoy pushing carts from shelf to shelf getting our weekly needs from our favorite groceries. Convenience spells the difference between a wet and dry public market and airconditioned, mud-and-insect-free supermarkets. Sure you can’t haggle with vendors unlike in the market, but there are a lot of bargains and items on sale in groceries too.

On a budget, this was our cart with four bags of goodies this Wednesday afternoon… 


I’m not sure when did SM supermarket start this eco-friendly idea of avoiding the use of plastic bags every Wednesdays but I definitely appreciate it.  Even on a once- a-week scheme, everyone is encourage to bring their green bags available at SM for PhP 35 buy-one-take-one.  Each bag has printed tag line of  “Save a Bag. Save the World.”   It also entitles the bearer of SM Advantage (rewards) card to earn 2 points every shopping with those reusable bags.  Otherwise, any customer who’ll deny its use, he/she has an option to carry his/her grocery items on carton boxes and paper bags similar to what is being practiced abroad for the longest time.

Other than those green bags from SM, we also have canvass grocery bags from Shopwise which can also be use at all Rustan’s branches. 

At work, I never forget to bring my Starbucks tumbler to fill & refill it with water and I avoid using plastic cups which are not biodegradable when crushed, or will take years to decay at least.  

Our little cooperation as a family to use these reusable tumblers and grocery bags and segregating garbage will contribute a lot in prolonging the life of our one and only planet.   Imagine if all families in all cities within the country will learn to practice this, there will still be trees and fresh air that our children’s childern can enjoy in perpetuity. 😀 

Recycle, reduce, reuse. Be environment friendly! 😀



  1. I saw those green bags nga sa SM when we were there last June, even here sa Japan and sa US din may mga recycle bags na rin, sa loob ng US base dito, nasa $1 to $2 ang isang green bag pero sa labas I mean sa Japan grocery nasa 400 yen o $4 grabe ang mahal, then pag nalimutan mo ang green bag mo you have to buy the plastic bags for 3 yen which is mga 3cents sa dollar pero sa loob ng base libre pa rin hehehe. Sana pala bumili na lang ako sa SM hahaha. Nice post doc.

    1. they should sell this eco-friendly bags at a cheaper price to induce more support from consumers. lahat naman ata ng bagay dyan sa japan mahal 😀
      thanks, missy.

  2. hurray! the Philippines is finally getting eco friendlier 🙂 it’s not an immediate change but slow steps are better than none. hopefully a lot of grocery stores can start practicing this, and perhaps SM can be eco friendly everyday, and not just Wednesdays.
    hehe I was gonna post something here about Japan grocery stores too but I read the first commenter and she talked about it na pala haha.. only, in my area, the plastic bags cost 6 yen 😛

    1. yup, we’re all glad that little changes are done to make our country a better and greener place to live in. and yes, you’re my second blog buddy from Japan who generously comment on my posts, and thanks lainee for that. really appreciate it! 😀

    1. Shopwise & Rustan’s have the same shopping bags and like you dyanie, i wish all groceries will follow. 😀 thanks for dropping by; will swing to your site later.

  3. Getting your own shopping bag for groceries is a worthwhile investment these days – and I agree with you on bringing your own travel mug for coffee (or, in my case, chai).

  4. this is a good practice doc! i’m glad more and more people are into this 🙂 i started this practice moer than a year ago — April 22, 2008 (earth day) and everytime it has always been a conscious effort on my part to bring with me re-useable bags — i have a foldable lightweight one that’s always in my everyday bag just in case i have a quick purchase and some bags in the car as well. i started to collect them na nga! excuses… excuses… hehehe…

    even with bottled drinks, i choose to buy those in recyclable cans rather than the plastic bottles. but then i am still a work in progress… my carbon footprint is still not impressive 😦 but with the small efforts… collectively i know we have done a lot! 🙂

  5. Hi doc! thanks for the very med comment hehe.. actually normal po ako kaya lang since papaligate na, my OB suggested epidural para right after giving birth diretso na sa ligation and no need to use another anesthesia.. I hope the catheter won’t bother me that much LOL

    Make or Break

  6. Big business is the main culprit in polluting our planet earth. They make us feel guilty while they count their profits in the luxury of their opulent business suites. Those idiots do not know that we all live in the same planet.

  7. suportado namin ang paggamit nyan.. minsan nga namili kami sa SAVE MORE.. SUPOT as in papel ang gamit nila.. every wednesday daw nilang schedule un.. practice na rin cguro.. ok din un pero buti nalang kpnti nalng pinamili ko.. heehe kasi umulan muntik na mabutas ung pinamili ko.. pero ang eco friendly gaya nyan eh maganda talaga.. iwas iyan sa mga pagtatapos sa kalsada ng kung sino man.. kaya bumabaha barado mga drainage.. tapos ang makikita PLASTIC.. tsk tsk tsk.. hay … buti nalang nabwasan na.. meron ng eco friendly bags..

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