We still have a day before September kicks in but my excitement to a lot of things is killing me! 😀 

1. I’ll be turning a year older on the 18th and will be celebrating my 33rd year of existence.

2. September reminds us Pinoys of the upcoming Christmas as we’re known to enjoy it the looooongest.  We will soon hear Christmas carols on the airwaves and see decors and lights everywhere cheering up the happiest holiday of the year.

3. Last weekend, I received an email-invitation from Class 4H4 of College of Tourism & Hospitality Management of UST to be one of their foodie judges in their M.E.T.Ro Awards (Manila’s Exquisite and Trendy Resto Awards): A Moment of Glitz and Flavor at Le Pavilion, Pasay City on September 24, 2009.   The UST student-organizers found my blog amusing so they invited me for their event. Wow! I really appreciate this as I will grace the event with the fellow bloggers I religiously follow!  The fan and the foodie in me is extremely excited 😀

4. This morning as I checked my inbox, Philippine Blog Awards notified me that this humble blog is now an official nominee for their contest.   I just wish I can make it as a finalist to be invited to their awarding event on October 09, 2009 in Meralco Tent, Ortigas. But if lady luck won’t be on my side, the fact of having blog buddies from most parts of the globe who frequent this site and constantly leave comments to my posts is more than enough for me to experience being a winner.

5.  My wife’s office dean decided to send her to BORACAY to attend the Philippine Nursing Association Convention from October 19 to 22.  Gabby and I can’t resist to tag along with Tina;  actually, we do have ticket reservations and I have arranged my work schedule already hehehe 😀  however, until such time that Tina’s office issues her allowance for all of her expenses (I will pay for my own and Gabby’s of course) everything is still ON HOLD (Read: Tentative thrill).

6.  As the last quarter of the year begins tomorrow, I anticipate more blessings to share, more work load, more jobs, more bonding time with family!

Aren’t you excited too?


16 thoughts on “QUICK POST

  1. wow docgelo congrats on the nomination! yes –ber months are around the corner na at excited na ang lahat sa pasko. i hope your bora trip will push through and visit local buffet spread. hehehe again congrats.

    1. hi ingrid! everyone is so excited for Christmas!
      i just hope we can push through with the bora trip, my subconscious is screaming for much-needed vacation… imagine- resting on a hammok, feeling the sea breeze, powdery white sands and yes, grilled and buttered seafood galore, wow! but we’re just having high hopes with that plan, as i’ve stated, tentative pa. i’ll share it here of course if it pushes thru. thanks for the greetings! your blog next year may qualify as an entry 😀

  2. Don’t keep your trip to Boracay on hold. Gabby and you already have your reservations and you are going to foot the bill for the both of you, so if Tina doesn’t get her expense allowance on time…just go and take her along with you at your expense. Kayang-kaya mo naman iyan. You can’t leave her behind or you will spend the rest of your life sleeping in the garage LOL. Blog about Boracay when you come back, I’ve heard so much about the place but I’ve never been there yet. Btw, advance happy 33rd birthday.

    1. hahaha, actually it’s Tina’s decision that we’ll wait until her admin releases her the allowance for her convention. as for me, i am dying to experience bora with them (with or without convention) because like you, i haven’t been there yet too! LOL. this will be my first time if it’ll push through. so i know you feel my excitement too.
      i badly need a break and breathe freshest sea breeze sans pollutants…
      i’ll let you know and blog here of course if my feet will experience that famous powdery white sands of bora on the third week of october. till then, hahaha… 😀

  3. woot woot!!! nominated ang blog mo! yey! how to vote for that?
    oo nga lapit na ang Christmas! BER na sa wed hehe 😉
    Boracay!!!! yahoo!! go go go! 🙂
    and of course,
    advance Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

    1. hi dyanie. thank you so much, but you don’t need to vote for my blog for the philippine blog awards as they have undisclosed (yet) official list of judges who do the screening and final selection of entries. with valued readers like you, i feel like a winner already, naks!!! hehehe…
      nothing is definite with the boracay trip but you’ll know the status in the next few weeks… thanks for the greetings! 😀

  4. congrats on the nomination docgelo! you deserve one 🙂

    hmmmmnnn…the thought of “ber” months excites me as always. the thought of christmas and a whole lot of celebration & vacation of course. i can’t wait for the fat bonuses too, who doesn’t anyway 🙂

    1. thanks january! i also enjoy reading your posts.
      and just like you, i am deeply excited with the perks that ‘ber’ months bring.
      can’t wait for santa, ho ho ho ho 😀

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