Last weekend, I was craving for an oriental dish but did not afford to go out and dine Chinese because of time restraint. I have been busy preparing for work-related things to meet its deadline. Anyway, I was lucky that my wife Tina found time and decided to prepare the food I’ve been wanting to eat few days back. 

She herself took photos of the ingredients and the result of her efforts.  Her gesture was sweet because she doesn’t cook on a daily basis because of her schedule at work.   And so I am sharing with you her recipe and procedure of cooking BEEF and TOFU with BROCCOLI in OYSTER SAUCE with the wish that you may try it too and let me know if it passes your discriminating taste.

Ingredients :  makes 5 to 6 servings

😀 1/2 kilo beef, thinly sliced

😀 broccoli

😀 2 medium-sized square tofu cut into cubes

😀 1 can of button mushroom

😀 garlic

😀 flour

😀 oyster sauce

😀 carrots

😀 ginger

😀 onions

😀 salt and pepper to taste

😀 cooking oil



Procedure :

1.  Boil beef until tender.  Set aside broth.

2. Saute ginger and onions, add garlic until golden brown. Add beef, broth, simmer.

3. Add oyster sauce.

4. Add mushroom and carrots, simmer for 2 minutes.

5. Add broccoli, simmer for 1  1/2 minutes. 

6. Add dissolved flour, continue mixing until thick.

7. Coat tofu with mixture of flour and powdered seasoning; the fry.

8. Add fried tofu then salt and pepper to taste.

9. Serve it with your sweetest smile 😀


It’s more delicious than it looks on pictures. Try to prepare it and your comments will be valued.

PS :  I and my preschooler son wanted to become chefs one day.  As of now, I only have time to dine and taste whatever pleases my palate and still busy with something else and presently got nothing to be in front of a stove or an oven, neither read cook books. Yeah, lame excuse! Perhaps my son and I can be classmates in a culinary school in the future.  That would be a great bonding experience I bet. 😀


2 thoughts on “OUR PLATE LAST WEEK

  1. okay im stopping myself from drooling haha! looks yummy! i loove chinese dishes! u can also try shitake mushrooms pero medyo mahal nga lang from the regular. 🙂

    ps: so pag naging chef ka na, anu na tawag namin sayo, docchef or chefdoc hehe! 🙂 kudos to tina (feeling close? haha) 😉

    1. thanks dyanie. matutuwa si tina at may nagcomment sa photos at luto nya, hehehe 😀
      …sa restaurant city sa facebook, i named my virtual food place ‘chef docgelo’ for lack of insights that time.. i so wish it would happen in the future, hehehe..

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