My family and I have been enjoying frozen yogurt and gelato, other than the usual ice cream these days.  We’ve tried some of them and the latest we tasted were few flavors of gelato from Cara Mia Gelateria which is also owned by people of Amici.

I’ve been wanting to bring Tina and Gabby to Amici and Cara Mia since I read good reviews of this Italian casual food places located under one roof from the blogs I follow;  the most recent post was from a foodie-blog buddy, mrs. lavendula .  Finally, we got to enjoy yummies from both of these two establishments 2 days ago.

Good thing we live 10-minute-away from Tomas Morato area where restaurants and fastfoods have grown like mushrooms. 

Since my wife Tina was planning to prepare pasta for dinner last Friday, we just ordered pizza and gelato as our afternoon snack.


AI QUATTRO FORMAGGI, PhP 290.  This is Amici’s four cheeses pizza.  Our preschooler son, Gabby wanted no toppings in pizza so this one was easy to choose from the menu. Despite its simplicity, this pizza rocks! 😀 It’s so flavorful until the last bite of its crust.  It’s so hard to resist that we finished its entirety in a flash and got no leftovers. 


If you’ve been frequenting my blog, you’ve known that I am partial to anything with shrimps and riped mangoes. I never missed to try a slice of a cake called MANGO TANGO from Cara Mia; it was so affordable at PhP 55/slice that I’d wish even carinderia or little foodstalls at sidewalks would sell this reasonably priced delectable dessert, lol 😀


And of course, we’ve tasted Cara Mia’s gelato. The only hard part was choosing the flavor from the wide variety.


The first photo on this post was my strawberry flavored gelato.  It’s PhP 50 per order and additional PhP 10 if you want in waffle cone or waffle bowl.  I never eaten an italian ice cream in a sugar waffle bowl yet in my 33 years of existence, lol, so the kid-at-heart in me kicked in again, lol. 😀


According to the flyer we got from Amici and Cara Mia,  Italian ice cream called gelato has more advantage than the ordinary ice cream.  As to fat content, gelato is made with more milk, and lesser fat, resulting to a richer and creamier taste not to mention its health advantage. With regards to air content, gelato compared to the usual ice cream contains 10% air resulting to denser volume and velvety texture.  We swear, gelato from Cara Mia took several minutes before it began to melt;  a proof  that it’s so dense compared to others.  As to temperature, gelato is kept in a warmer temperature of -14’C (ice cream at -23’C), making it perfectly soft but firm so it can melt in your mouth and its full flavor is enjoyed.  And with regards to quantity of production, ice cream is made in large batches and kept  frozen for long periods of time while gelato is produce daily in small batches ensuring its freshness.

Tina and Gabby chose to have their gelato in cups, she had sansrival flavored; it was also delicious!


And Gabby  had Cookies and Cream gelato 😀


After that wonderful afternoon merienda, we have officially included Amici and Cara Mia in our family’s list of favorites 😀


Amici Pizza Pasta Gelato / Cara Mia Gelateria – Bellagio Square, Tomas Morato corner Scout Fuentebella, Quezon City other branches : Don Bosco Compound, A. Arnaiz cor Chino Roces Ave., Makati City and Level 3 Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.  Cara Mia Gelateria also has a branch in 101 Missouri Square cor Connecticut Streets, Greenhills, San Juan.


14 thoughts on “PIZZA + GELATO

  1. My mother likes her pizza plain so I think the Quattro Formaggi will be a serious option when we head for Amici. And goodness me: is that Black Forest gelato I spy in the freezer?!

    1. go try that pizza from amici, midge and i’m sure your mom will be delighted. 😀
      and yes, there’s black forest gelato in cara mia.
      enjoy! have a great week ahead.

    1. you’re welcome, mrs. lavendula. and thanks too! as i’ve stated, i’ve noticed amici’s existence long before but if not for your site i may not have brought my family to amici and caramia. your blog is that compelling 😀

  2. In the midst of a summer heat here in NY, a scoop of gelato is just what I need, or even more than a scoop, the whole gallon he-he-he! I remember eating gelato in Rome even if it was already fall season – just because I couldn’t resist the temptation.

    1. hi mari, thanks again for the visit. you probably know by now that my family and i have a HUGE appetite, so a snack for us maybe a complete meal already to you or to others, lol. 😀

    1. Hi Maam, thanks for the visit here 😀
      I attribute the improvement of traffic to my blog to people like you who frequent my site, 😀 really appreciate it.

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