Yesterday, we had another remarkable afternoon dining at Conti’s in TriNoma.  Tina, Gabby and I like their food so much that it has become one of our favorite restaurants.  The ambiance is simple, never intimidating;   their patrons- mostly family-oriented; the service is always fair;  prices of dishes-value for money, and the food itself -impeccably delicious!

We first asked Gabby of what he’d like to order and quickly browsing the menu, he pointed out to a cake and a tall glass of iced beverage.

 IMG_3202  IMG_3209

 Our preschooler son opted to only have desserts. And just like his father, ehem, I guess he has good taste! 😀 He is sure of what he want, and he’s not “takaw-mata”.  He makes sure that whatever he orders whenever we dine out, he’ll eat it.  Yesterday at Conti’s he ordered for a glass of MOCHA FRAPPE PhP 110 and had a slice of a heavenly cake called BANANALICIOUS, PhP 80. 

Its crust is made of fine graham powder topped with soft cake and cream with slices of chilled bananas in between.  It’s simply hard to resist.

Since I’ve described what our son had for his sweet tooth, might as well continue with what Tina and I shared for dessert….it’s  a slice of my favorite cake from Conti’s…


In my opinion, it’s a mortal sin to dine in Conti’s without having a slice of MANGO BRAVO, PhP 105. lol. 😀  IT’S MY FAVORITE CAKE for few months now. And nothing had replaced its place in my heart palate, lol.  😀

Look how gorgeous those layers of lady fingers a.k.a. broas are! Perfectly fused with just the right sweetness of that cream and chilled slices of mango with minimal drizzle of chocolate. It’s just sublime!


Prior to being hyperglycemic with those divine cakes from Conti’s, Tina and I enjoyed these plates…


For our starter, we had RUSSIAN POTATO SALAD, PhP 115.  The plate was served with chilled cubes of potatoes, carrots and red beets that made it pink, sarap!

Tina had this CHICKEN BALLOTINE, PhP 195.  It’s a dish of chicken rolls with ham and cheese stuffing topped with white creamy sauce served with freshly blanched veggies. 


What is BEST with Conti’s isn’t only the tastes of the dishes and of course their cakes and pastries but moreso, I like the fact that they don’t use commercially available packed corn and carrots.  Don’t get me wrong, we also buy it from groceries once in a while, but I believe that all restaurants should served freshly cut and blanched vegetables as sidings to their entree for the benefit of their clients of course.


What I HATE about eating at Conti’s is the difficulty of deciding what to order.  It’s not our first time to dine there but  I still had a hard time again in choosing what to chow down.  😀  After several seconds of staring at their menu, pondering, lol.. I finally told the waiter of what I’d like and if the experience yesterday was a lottery, I think I hit the jackpot with this dish…


ROAST BEEF in MUSHROOM SAUCE, PhP 270.  The beef slices were so tender; the mushroom sauce was flavorful and creamy, even the sidings as I’ve told you, were so pleasant not only to palate; it was just delightful.


I wouldn’t mind eating at Conti’s on a weekly basis. 😀

CONTI’S TRINOMA, P1 Level, TriNoma EDSA corner North Avenue, Quezon City, Tel # (63-2) 900-5013.

They also have branches at BF Homes, Parañaque, Connecticut Street in Greenhills and in Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  Conti’s also have catering and food order services : tel # (63-2) 842-5265.

note :  Just the same whenever I feature other food places we enjoy, this post isn’t paid by Conti’s.  


14 thoughts on “IT’S BEEN A FAVORITE

  1. great pics

    my wife and I have also visited the Conti at Trinoma

    we had the mushroom and chicken risotto which was very good-great for a rainy day. We also had the garden salads which were very fresh. The Russian Potato salad looks great.

  2. now i’m craving for the cake. conti’s trinoma is our go-to place for something sweet and when our other faves resto is jam packed na. but i have one bad experience sa conti’s trinoma. we had a half eaten soup to go pero tinapon nila. super sayang coz my son loved the soup – seafood soup. my husband always orders mango bravo and the choco overload.

    1. sayang nga yung soup! i love seafood!!! we also bring home our leftovers but with our last eat-out at conti’s, we got none, for everything was eaten until the last bite, lol.

      i love anything with seafood and riped mangoes. so mango bravo tops my list. 😀

  3. aloha! just bloghopping and i must say na nagutom ako while reading your posts. Yay, i love Conti’s too. Mango Bravo is definitely a must!!! woot woot! saraaap!!! 🙂 btw, i noticed na tumaas na price ng mango bravo.

  4. Conti’s!! I live near one of the branches. i enjoy their mango bravo too. 🙂 i like their chicken empanadas. i can’t get enough of them. hehe..

  5. I have tried Conti’s at Trinoma before and I can say that they’ve got a lot of customers ah. Its my first time there and you’ll have to wait because its fully-packed almost every time. Have tried their Oreo cheesecake and Mango Bravo. Dont like the Oreo much. But the Mango is so Bravo! 🙂 Hope to bump on you at the mall!

  6. hey doc!
    i love conti’s too! i love mango bravo and their steak is simple but sooooo good!

    thanks for visiting my blog! i’m your “suki” as well 🙂

  7. Mango Bravo is one of the best. I’m bringing along a friend at their newly opened Greenbelt 2 Branch tonight for a dinner. It’s about time to have a taste of their dishes… (Jennie)

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