For the past few weeks since school started this year, our 4-year-old son Gabby has been consistently performing well in his kindergarten class. Proof to this are those stamp-pad-marks of “excellent”, “well-done”, “good work”; sometimes he brings home papers marked with “fast worker”.  I’m sorry but you cannot fully relate to my joy whenever he comes home after his 8AM-11AM class with these remarks unless you’re a parent too.  “Tanggal ang pagod ko sa trabaho sa maghapon kung ganito ang salubong ng anak ko.”   These mushy petty things for some, commonly serve as an inspiration to parents like me to do more and aspire more for the good of our kid/s.  


We’re so blessed to have him as our son. He’s not only smart and fast-learner but he’s kind-hearted too. I know all kids are angels but my wife and I are just glad to have Gabby as our own. 

At such an early age, he already showed talent in declamation when he won 3rd place over fifty-one Nursery students from their preschool last February with his 2-stanza-winning piece, “For My Country.”  Click this to review the post about it with title—–>ONE PROUD DADDY  and I really am until now, and probably until I breathe my last.  I guess it’s innate with us parents to always LOVE their child/ren UNCONDITIONALLY.  


Tina and I understand that as young parents, we have lots of things to learn and we’re so ready to absorb what needs to be imbibed. Isn’t it that living is always a long learning process?  As for now, what we pray for is to continue raising Gabby as God-fearing individual, healthy and happy kid.

We love Gabby so much not only because he’s an obedient and intelligent kid, but simply because we are a dear part of him. 

Whether his name will be included in the quarterly list of topnotchers of their class or not, in my heart, he’ll forever be my number one! 😀


5 thoughts on “OUR LITTLE ACHIEVER

  1. My wife and I have 3 daughters 11, 13, and 16. We have found parenthood a continual learning experience. We always tell each other to be patient. Each daughter has a unique personality and we do have issues of sibling conflict to deal with. In the long run we gain much more than we give to this project.

    1. welcome back to my site mel, glad you left a comment. thank you so much. i envy you for having daughters, hehehe, well, my wife and i are still young and still have our time to have our own little girl if God wills it soon. i also would like to congratulate you for raising those 3 teenagers; i can just imagine how hard but at the same time happy it is to raise more than one kid. i believe parental support, love, physical and emotional presence should always be fairly divided among children to avoid domestic conflicts. i am with you that life and family living is a work in progress. 😀

      thanks for sharing. i really appreciate it.

    1. hi wilfred. thanks for the nice words.
      as for your querry, my wife and i allow gabby to pursue what he wanted in the future.
      we’ll only guide him on what he will decide later on.
      but at his early age, he already professed that he wanted to become an IRON CHEF, perhaps it’s a result of some sort of exposure to dining out and enjoying good food together and watching a cable tv show, iron chef america. we wouldn’t mind having a chef in the family. we will be his best food critics, lol 😀

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