IMG_3111This was my tray of Japanese baked goodies that I brought and paid at the counter of Dezaato Pan located at the corner of Tomas Morato and Roces Avenues in Quezon City.  I had them to-go as pasalubong for my son & his mom.  

Dezaato Pan provides free wi-fi access to dining clients. Breads are on display at a glass-topped wooden shelves that somehow prevents contamination of microscopic and air-borne pathogens. 

IMG_3115This is their edge over Breadtalk that has their breads exposed to air.  Another Dezaato Pan advantage is their price; the cost of each bread is  a lot cheaper than Breadtalk’s.  But we love Breadtalk.  We like their bread called FLOSS especially that CHEESE FLOSS; it’s always a must-buy whenever we’re at Breadtalk.  Nonetheless, Dezaato Pan’s goodies also tasted OK but some were not.   I don’t know, probably because my wife Tina and I are too biased with Breadtalk so when we tasted Dezaato Pan’s, it suffered criticisms from my wife’s meticulous taste.

However, if there’s one reason for me to go back to Dezaato Pan, it would be this bread…. I honestly liked this soft bread topped with salty delicious KATSUBUSHI or tuna flakes. The marriage between the buttery bread and its toppings really worked for my palate. 😀  This bread is called RYOUSHI OISHI, PhP 42.  Sarap!


Our son Gabby and I also liked ICHIGO DELIGHT.  It’s like a danish bread topped with strawberry jam; reasonably delicious at PhP 39. 


I don’t know about your taste, but for me, the next two breads were not that good.  I failed to finish them, and my wife disliked them too.  The one of the left is called KING NIKU PORK NORI SESAME, PhP 45 and on the right is KANI & CORN ROLL BREAD, PhP 39.

IMG_3136   IMG_3132 

Other than breads, there were cakes too…

IMG_3113  IMG_3114

Tina, Gabby and I liked the cakes from Dezaato Pan.. I bought a slice of TRIPLE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE, PhP 95.


We also got to taste a slice of CARAMEL  GREEN CREPE, PhP 80.  It tasted and smelled like Jasmine flower; uniquely delicious.


It has layers of different textures; predominantly soft and melt-in-your-mouth consistency.


Surprisingly, Dezaato Pan also offers more than breads and cold & hot beverages. They also have gelato!!!   


Those gelato are sold at PhP 70 per 100gms. Again, it’s cheaper than the other gelato but it will  have to wait until my next visit for me taste it.

The service staffs were friendly, and the wifi-ready dining area was comfortable enough to while away time.  There were lots of baked yummies that looked probably go well with coffee; i’ll try some more on my next visit. 😀

DEZAATO PAN BREADS SWEETS CAFE, U-5 Thompson’s Square, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.


9 thoughts on “JAPANESE BREADS & MORE

  1. I want to try this kaso ang layo! I live in the South area and malayo na sa akin ang QC. Hope I can get to visit this. Natatakam ako sa mga breads! Ang the gelato too! 🙂

  2. They’re all look “oishi” hehehe it’s quite interesting that I live in Japan but I haven’t seen those kind of pastries here. The only thing I notice that Japanese pastries are not that sweet.

  3. Japanese breads and pastries are not available in my immediate vicinity. I have to go downtown LA to Little Tokyo to try them. Those pastries look very appealing. I’m now craving for some.

  4. This isn’t so far from my office so I’m really going to give this shop a try. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese-style bread, cakes, and pastries, so I think I’m going to enjoy myself. 😀

  5. Uhmn, I think it’s now the right time for Breadtalk to improve their pastry display. Mukhang masarap nga ang mga tinapay ng Dezaato Pan. U

    Nasaan ba diyan sa display ang Tiramisu cake? Teka, Japanese cake ba ‘yon Doc?

    1. hi doc rj, yes, dezaato pan has tiramisu as well, it’s the green cake on one of the 2 photos i took with the cakes on display. we still have to try their version of tiramisu. it’s usually a fusion of coffee and mocha making it uniquely oishii!

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