While most of us are busy sweating it out in our work places like carabaos in the fields, some people in the national government were spending USD 20,000 at Le Cirque in the US;  ordered the most expensive wines and munched in style.

For my blog buddies who frequent my site, you know by now that my family loves dining – from fastfood to upscale carinderias, lol.  I can relate to from the simplest food item to the most gourmet and well-prepared and plated dishes. But my eye globes popped out when I read this news item on page 6 of the New York Post dated Aug 07, 2009, Saturday.

How can these elected officials stomach to chow down almost a million pesos for a single dinner while most of their countrymen have nothing but instant noodles and or tuyo on their plates?

Here’s the link, CLICK IT NOW and read it for few seconds for yourself…—> EAT and DRINK.

Please tell me this news item isn’t factual otherwise, i’ll hum the tune of “NAPAKASAKIT, KUYA EDDIE!” 😀


8 thoughts on “SHAMELESS

  1. para lang yung nangyari kay Ruffa Gutierrez.. pero mas mahal ang nagastos ng ating MAHAL na pangulo. tsk, tsk, tsk.

    I like you blog. you dont mind if i put your link in mine?

    1. thanks wilfred for visiting my blog (for the 1st time) and salamat for leaving a comment.
      sure you may include my site in your links. feel free to hit my search engine on my side bar or view my previous posts. 😀 thanks again.

  2. Grrrr… Kasumpa-sumpa sila! I mean, marami tayong mga foodies dito sa Pilipinas, maraming upper-crust Pinoy rin ang nakakakilala sa Le Cirque – but to spend all that money on food and booze!?! At a time of national mourning pa man din para sa isang TUNAY na pangulo na namuhay ng sobrang simple! Nakakasuka…

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