A couple of days ago, we had to go to Landmark in TriNoma to buy stuffs to fill in the fridge at home.  But since it was half hour past 4 in the afternoon, we decided to munch on something as late merienda/early dinner before heading to the grocery shelves.  

I had a short list of restaurants in mind to satisfy my own craving for some delights but I became too submissive when our four-year-old son Gabby called the shots.  While walking towards the escalators, he told us that he wanted to eat a specific favorite at one of the common resto that we frequent.  Since we just weaned Gabby from bottle-feeding several weeks ago (I know it’s quite late but what can we do? we’re just parents) and is now still adjusting with the sipping cup that he uses whenever he drinks milk, Tina and I are always excited to give in to his personal food preference.

Look how he candidly expressed his excitement to order the food that he wanted…


While I was wearing a blue shirt that day, they’ve conspired to wore politically-significant-YELLOW.

I think it’s a small hint of maturity for our kid that at a young age, he begins to have personal preferences towards food and starts to distinguish fastfood yummies from restaurant’s entrees.  I also consider this as a result of our brain-washing  motivating him to become a chef one day; which Gabby already disclosed since his mom allowed him to watch Iron Chef America on cable TV and of course, as we bring him to few hotel buffets and various restaurants, he developed his good taste for good food.  We wouldn’t mind if he becomes a chef one day; we’re actually excited with just the mere thought of having a chef or a restaurateur in the family.  Isn’t it obvious that we really love eating  😀

Last Thursday, our son was craving for a pan pizza of a particular pizza place…


I like Pizza Hut’s pan pizza too.  Mahusay pumili ang anak namin!   But I was surprised with what Gabby favored. It’s 3-cheese pan pizza sans toppings!!!!  Not even a single chopped mushroom was seen covering those cheeses. 

It’s a cheese lover’s delight. A pan pizza of only cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan, family size costs PhP 429… Sarap, but my palate was looking for some toppings…


I was happy that Gabby volunteered to eat on his own plate of his own preference but I did not allow the chance to pass without trying again my own Pizza Hut favorites which I know are Tina’s favorites too…


CAESAR SALAD.   With crisp romaine lettuce, bacon crumble, parmesan cheese, and herbed croutons tossed in Pizza Hut’s own caesar dressing served in chilled plate,  how can you not start your meal right ?  The price too, was very reasonable at PhP 79 a plate.


GARLIC BREAD.  Toasted bread with garlic parsley butter, PhP 55.   Happiness is affordable at Pizza Hut! 😀


Then we ordered one of our favorite pastas from their menu….

GARLIC SHRIMPS and MUSHROOMS. Spaghetti tossed with sauteed shrimps and mushrooms, in garlic-butter sauce; PhP 119.   It’s so delicious that I can eat it everyday. 😀

Gabby also ordered his preferred drinks- Iced Mocha.  Once in a while, we allow him to sip a small dose of caffeine and his other favorites are the frappuccinos of Starbucks.  Calories, calories, calories….

    IMG_3108   IMG_3105

After that hearty meal, we burned those calories by pushing carts at the grocery….

Till our next foodtrip. 😀


5 thoughts on “GABBY’S CHOICE

  1. yeah it seems he really is a nice man, kaso wala sya nung event, naku doc you should join nuffnang din (the one made the contest possible) para sa susunod na may promo sali ka na 🙂

    kame naman dito sa bahay, wala pagdating sa dinning out, my kids prefer my ginisang sayote rather than other foods LOL

    Make or Break

  2. for some reason, doc, even my kids love just the plain cheese pizza, while i love their meat lover’s personal pan…
    Gabby looks like a very happy, contented kid! … that’s what we want our kids to be. 😉

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